‘All is Not Lost,’ VP Boakai Assures Lofaians

The Vice President greets a weeping supporter

Ambassador Joseph Boakai, the Vice President and political leader of the defeated ruling Unity Party, has told citizens of his home county Lofa that all is not lost for the county and its people though he lost the December 26 presidential runoff election.

VP Boakai vowed to work in the interest of his county to attract investments to improve the livelihood of the citizenry as well as for the betterment of the country.

“I have come to tell you that though we were not preferred by all the Liberian people, I’m prepared to fulfill my promises to you,” he said during his appreciation tour of the county. He had gone to thank his kinsmen for standing by him during the elections.

“The purpose of my visit here is to appreciate my people for showing the high level of love and dedication…ensuring that we were successful in the process, because they did what they committed themselves to do by voting in their numbers,” he said.

The election has ended, he said, and there is a new government that will continue the work from where the Unity Party led government will stop. “I ask that we all rally around this new administration to bring the desired developments that we all want. We should all know that Liberia has won so let us support each other,” he said.

Despite his imminent absence in government, the VP said he is committed to improving the lives of the citizens by helping to construct schools and bring in investments.

He said he will shortly  establish  a foundation in his name that will cater to the less fortunate, especially women and children in the county.

“Our women and children deserve to live a better life and have access to good health, education and good road connectivity to improve agriculture and feed themselves,” he said, adding that his absence from government does not mean the end of his life, but it has given him more courage to fulfill his promises to his people in his capacity as a private citizen.

VP Boakai visited Zorzor, Voinjama, Quardu Gboni, and Salayea where he was greeted by a multitude of supporters, with many of them shouting: “You remain our president despite the result, we promise to serve you to the end for the betterment of our county and children.”

VP Boakai arrives in the county capital, Voinjama.

“Election is now behind us, but we can still improve the lives of our people outside of the government for the peace of this country. Remember that all is not lost, so let’s be committed to the new government,” he said.

The chairman of the Lofa County Peace Committee, William Howard, on behalf of the citizens, lauded the Vice President for his peaceful role in the 2017 elections. “You have demonstrated a true sense of humility, you have shown to the international community how committed and peaceful you are in building a better Liberia,” Howard said.

Howard also joined other citizens in calling on the newly elected officials of government to maintain the peace and work in the interest of the country.


  1. How sad, the outgoing VP belatedly realizes and declares: “Our women and children deserve to live a better life and have access to good health, education and good road connectivity to improve agriculture and feed themselves.”

  2. A true patriot has spoken….Thank you for your service Sir. The Liberian people has spoken and it’s time to join other Liberians to move our country forward.

  3. Hhmm..VP Boakai, hope all is well. Hope he brings development to Lofa, and continue his best support. Bong County got Cuttington University and good roads, Prince Johnson got Nimba development rising. VP Boakai? Somebody hold my foot…ooh, the VP na talkin plenty, “promise, promise, promise” and so-so besa-bolay.

  4. What a guy, folks, even in defeat he remains humble and unbowed at the same time; May God help you to do good for region and country, JNB. No wonder many of us are optimistic that national reconciliation under GMW is possible!


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