ALJA Proposes Punitive Action Against Fhangon, Farley

Mr. Joe S. Mason, President, ALJA

The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA), an advocacy organization based in the USA, has described President George Weah’s first-time denunciation of violence amid the attack of Alternative National Congress political leader Alexander B. Cummings and Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah as timely, calling on the President to match his words with concrete action in addressing the Zwedru incident by taking punitive action against the superintendent of Grand Gedeh County, Kai Farley, if found guilty of masterminding the attack.

The Association is also proposing that the President takes similar administrative actions against the Deputy Minister of Information for Press and Public Affairs, Mr. Eugene Fahngon, and other public officials, who have brazenly shown support for Superintendent Kai Farley and the attack on the opposition.

ALJA says it is preposterous for the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism (MICAT) and the Liberian government to be calling for a probe into the July 30th crisis in Grand Gedeh while, at the same, time turning a blind eye to the incendiary and insensitive social media posts propagated by Deputy Minister Fahngon and other officials of government.

According to ALJA, on July 30, 2020, Deputy Minister Fahngon, being unmindful of the critical position he occupies in government, posted via Facebook a derogatory statement that made a mockery of the Zwedru situation and Representative Kolubah.

ALJA says the Deputy Minister’s Facebook post and those of some supporters of the Weah Administration insinuate that the attack on the opposition leaders and members of their entourage was done with the acquiescence of the Liberian government.

In the Press Release, signed by its Secretary-General Akai Akasu Awuletey Glidden and approved by president Joe S. Mason, ALJA said the reported attack sets a dangerous precedent that could have far-reaching consequences on Liberia’s prevailing peace and stability if the hooliganism manifested by the ill-advised alleged CDC members is not promptly addressed by President George Manneh Weah and his government.

ALJA expressed in the communication a concern that since the ascendency of the Weah administration to power more than three years ago, there appears to be a growing level of intolerance in the country and politics has become so toxic, that local officials and a handful of citizens in Grand Gedeh felt emboldened to deny their compatriots their constitutional right to travel. ALJA says all Liberians should draw upon the experiences of the country’s tragic history and learn to coexist, irrespective of political and tribal affiliations.

Mr. Mason and his members frowned on President Weah and senior officials of the Liberian government’s past indifference when acts that undermined the rule of law and Liberia’s peace and stability unfolded in the country.

Collaborating Political Parties Chairman Cummings, Representative Kolubah, and members of their entourage were attacked on Thursday, July 30th, in the county’s capital, Zwedru, by some Liberians claiming to be supporters of the ruling Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC). The CPP Chairman and members of his delegation were visiting the southeastern region of Liberia to meet with their supporters and celebrate the country’s 173rd independence anniversary.

Meanwhile, ALJA says it welcomes the President’s recent denunciation of the July 30th attack against Chairman Cummings, Representative Kolubah and members of their entourage in Grand Gedeh County.

The Association said Mr. Weah’s description of the Zwedru’s attack as unwarranted, undemocratic and unacceptable is, however, heartwarming and says it supports and welcomes the President’s vow to bring to justice the perpetrators of the Zwedru street violence.

Meanwhile, ALJA also strongly criticizes Representative Yekeh Kolubah for his inflammatory rhetoric in Zwedru and other instances where his conduct has been counterproductive. The Association described the lawmaker’s barrage of invectives regularly directed at the President as irresponsible and said they do nothing to further the country’s political discourse. ALJA called for civility from politicians and government officials alike in their utterances and urged them to help solidify peace and stability in the country.

At the same time, the Association is commending the Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus and other prominent citizens of the country for swiftly condemning the actions of their compatriots. ALJA says it is important for Liberians of goodwill to be unequivocal in their condemnations so that the perpetrators understand that no Liberian should be denied the constitutional right to freely travel in the confines of their own country because of their political affiliations or differences.


  1. ALJA, this is commendable! The actions of Yeke Kulabah are string up others to the fire of violence in the country! That’s why Eugene Fathom is drawing the line.
    There are elements interested in destabilizing the country for an interim government purpose using Yeke Kulabah!
    That will never happen!
    It is pleasing that ALJA has got sight on that. ALJA must continue to play it’s diaspora role in defense of the truth no matter which side!
    A new credible threat to peace and stability is the Islamic factor of Imam Krayee inciteful demands of Islamic holidays that’s breeding radicalization of young Muslims. Imam Krayee and others seem interested in creating terror cells to bring about jihad’s secessionism. This is a serious threat to Liberia peace and stability!

  2. Joe S. Mayson, you and the rest of you ALJA opportunists, are very stupid and worthless. Instead of seeking your useless and unjustifiable “punitive action” against Superintendent Farley and Deputy Minister Fahngon, you should be calling on the House to expel that hooligan, hoodlum, and notorious war criminal and public nuisance Yekeh Kolubah, while condemning Ali Krayee so called Chief Imam of the Muslims in the country for his terroristic threats.

    You asses will see treasonous and seditious acts on the part of Yekeh Kolubah as “inflammatory rhetorics and criticizing” but term the criticism and protest of a population against such lawless hoodlum and hooligan Yekeh Kolubah as “violence from CDC members,” as if it is only CDC members who are affected by the hooliganism of Yekeh Kolubahś acts of treason and sedition which you hypocrites hypocritically and foolishly see as “criticism and inflammatory rhetorics.” You are being very hypocritical, useless, and extremely foolish.

  3. I see some people trying to justify the attack on Rep. Kolubah because he insults the president. I think their minds are shot and they need to be checked.
    I’m not a fan of Ellen, but when the CDC was in the opposition, we know what they said to her. The likes of Acarous Gray, some other CDC stalwarts and partisans insulted that woman openly everyday. Even Milton Teahjay at one time said they would beat her like “market dog.”-(He ended up getting a superintendent job from her).We know what they (CDCians) said and did when they carried caskets around Monrovia. I experienced some of it firsthand right before Ellen’s house at Fish Market in November 2014. Yet they had the liberty to go anywhere and at anytime. Whoever attacked or placed a siege on them?
    The thing about this George Weah is that he’s very thin skinned. So the least amount of criticism gets to him. And then he finds ways to revenge.
    For those stone-throwing youths in Zwedru, l really feel for them. What do they care If someone insults Weah? What’s about the youths in Monrovia, and Kakata and Gbarnga and Ganta and the list goes on.If they had the right mindset, they wouldn’t allow themselves to be used by power drunk politicians to attack another Liberian. But that’s how low our already struggling democracy has been dragged.

  4. Peewu, don´t be naive, stupid, prejudicial, or hypocritical! The justification of the public protest and open criticism against that hoodlum and hooligan Yekeh Kolubah is not because Yekeh Kolubah insults the President.

    The justification is because of the criminal, unruly, and public nuisance nature, character, personality, mentality, and reckless violent behavior of Yekeh Kolubah.

    You fools and hypocrite should drop this myth about “because Yekeh Kolubah insults the President.” That bastard should be expelled from the Legislature by now for his disgraceful, reckless, and violent, behavior which are unbecoming of a legislator or just even an ordinary citizen.

    • Look whoever you call yourself, you don’t come here under funny name just insult because you’re a diehard CDCian and I love how Liberia is being mismanaged under this incompetent government. I’m following the news that was reported out of Zwedru. And if you want to have a truthful and civilised conversation about what’s happening in Liberia right now, I’m open to that if you will be civil and disciplined enough. And my name spells Pewu not Peewu.

  5. Momolu W. Pewu, there is no essential difference between one furtively trying to deceive and mislead, and the other describing such as one being naive, stupid, prejudicial, or hypocritical!
    You are engaged in the former, while we are in the latter category correcting you.

    And this is another deliberate deception of most of you losers of elections and apologists of elitism and oligarchy: that anyone who debunks the distortions, disinformation, and deliberate lies, of you losers and advocates of tyrannies and and oligarchies, “is a CDCian. I am no member of any party or coalition. I am simply a very highly informed individual. PERIOD!

    • I think I wasted my time talking to you because all you know is to insult other people who have views that differ from yours. If you are even a responsible person, you won’t even be using a pseudo name on here.

      • Pewu or whatever you really are:thatś the key or epic intellectual illness of most of you lay characters and elementary mentalities in these fora! You ignorantly believe deliberate lies, wishful thinking, unreasonable hunches, blind ignorance, inaccuracies, deceptions, distortions, disinformations, etc. etc. are synonymous to “views” or are “views.” THEY ARE NOT! THEY ARE MERE BULL-CRAPS!

  6. Come up guys! the discussion should not b personal. Liberia is all we have n Liberia is for all. Our president George Weah need to play the leadership role now. Take action immediately. There is no need to justify what when on the other day. It is unacceptable in our beloved nation Mama Liberia. Together we are stronger, divided we are weaker.

  7. WHEN PEOPLE HIDE BEHIND FAKE NAMES TO BE RUDE; INSULT OTHERS COMMENTS, DAILY OBSERVER SHOULD IMMEDIATELY DELETE THOSE COMMENTS! THE RESPONSES OF “Concern World Citizen” are below what the Daily Observer stands for. At this stage, the Daily Observer ought to put in place mechanism to curtail abuses. That is among things that make a newspaper responsible.


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