Alfalit Liberia Donates over US$4K Items to WIPNET


Alfalit Liberia has donated several food and non- food items valued at over US$4,950 to the Women in Peace Building Network (WIPNET) as a means of identifying with the organization during the country’s 168th Independence Day celebration.
Items donated to WIPNET included 100 bags of 25kg rice, 100 gallons of vegetable oil, 50 bags of onions, 50 bags of beans, several cartons of cooking cubes and three bales of used clothes.
The turning over ceremony was held at women’s peace hut in Sinkor over the weekend.
The chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of the Liberia Ghana Mission and Alfalit Liberia, Reverend Emmanuel Giddings, told the women that the country’s independence celebration was a time for all to rejoice and as such, his organization could not allow the day go by without helping the women.
He said given the importance of the day, he could not hold back, but to do something, “because I know that this festive day is the time for all people to be happy; it is not time for one to sit and worry about what to eat or wear.
“This is what God told Alfalit-Liberia to do since the work you, the women, are doing is also serious, thereby indicating that you are in dire need of something to celebrate with. This is why Alfalit Liberia, Alfalit International, and all our partners agreed to help with the little that we have presented to you,” Rev. Giddings told the women as he presented the items.
He acknowledged the role of WIPNET in bringing peace to the country, which saw an end to the 14-year civil crisis, stating that efforts by the women will never go unnoticed and unappreciated especially when they are in desperate need of donor assistance.
He said Alfalit’s work is not to distribute food to people. However, the donation to WIPNET is part of his organization’s corporate social responsibility to help the poor and underprivileged.
Upon receiving the items, the National Coordinator of WIPNET, Madam Delphin Morris, thanked Alfalit for the gesture and said that their hearts were filled with joy for the gesture.
Madam Morris disclosed that the gesture came following a written communication from the women dated July 22, when they pleaded with the organization to assist them put food on their tables and clothe them and their children for the Independence Day celebration.
She said considering the destitution and poverty of the women, Rev. Giddings presented the amount of US$4,950 to Mother Leemu Ciapha, Head of the WIPNET Peace Hut, Montserrado County Branch.
She praised Alfalit for the kind gesture, stating that “Rev. Giddings or Alfalit is the only organization the women can run to whenever it becomes necessary, because he knew the extent to which the women have become vulnerable.”
She said majority of WIPNET members are “extremely poor” and have no source of income, but are committed to praying for Liberia in the rain and sun, seeking peace for the country when they gathered at the open air field.
Alfalit-Liberia is an international non-for-profit organization that has over the years provided free education to adults particularly women and youth; teaching them how to read and write. The organization also runs a special phase of the program where the women are given basic skills to sustain themselves through tailoring.


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