Alfalit, LGM Ebola Staff Storm Johnsonville Community


Phase 2 of Alfalit-Liberia and Liberia/Ghana Missions Ebola virus outreach drive support kicked off last week, leading staff and officials of the entities to storm the Johnsonville community with sensitization and awareness messages.

In an emotional encounter with the weary Ebola news residents and officials last Thursday, the group donated 300 bags of safe drinking water and awareness T-shirts as initial assistance.

The LGM and Alfalit-Liberia’s officials were quick to disclose that following intensive discussions among members of the leadership, the entities decided to construct a solid structure to memorialize the Ebola virus dead bodies.

Besides, the officials also promised to make available 1000 bags of pure drinking water to residents and citizens of Johnsonville Community up to December 31, 2014 due to the bad nature of well water in the area.

On top of that, the LGM/Liberia also assured the citizens and residents of Johnsonville of Ebola training and awareness skills that would in turn empower them to enhance and sustain the spread of Ebola virus messages in the area.

Speaking at the 55-minute indoor program held at a community church in Johnsonville, Alfalit-Liberia’s Executive Director and founder of LGM, Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings said the group has identified the area as one of the gravest affected Ebola areas.

Rev. Giddings also pointed out that Alfalit-Liberia is rendering services in adult literacy and small business skills in the 15 counties of Liberia.

But the LGM/Alfalit-Liberia boss indicated that the adult literacy learners are residing in the various affected communities throughout the country.

Rev. Giddings explained that the Ebola virus epidemic has a bigger picture and challenge that requires concerted efforts of all Liberians in order to kick the virus out of Liberia.

“It our moral duty and obligation as organizations to find some ways not only to identify with our students, but to also identify with the community to demonstrate how we feel your pains, sorrow and grief inflicted by the deadly Ebola virus in our country,” Director Giddings asserted.

Director Giddings reminded the citizens and residents of Johnsonville that Alfalit International is a grass root literacy entity working with Liberians to empower them with literary skills that would enable them read and write English.

He also intimated that all Liberians must join the bandwagon to stop the deadly disease from spreading and taking over the country.

Director Giddings further noted that such are reasons the LGM/Alfalit-Liberia has decided to identify communities and persons that are not yet affected by the deadly Ebola virus in the rural parts of the country.

The LGM/Alfalit-Liberia boss urged citizens and residents of lower Johnsonville to always go by messages of health workers and other service providers in order to fight the deadly Ebola virus plaguing the nation and its people.

Director Giddings further indicated that the deadly Ebola virus potential targets are common, low income, poverty stricken and illiterate Liberians that live in impoverished communities in the country.

In an emotional response to the request of the citizens and residents for assistance, Director Giddings promised to construct a community hand washing reservoir that when the deadly Ebola virus is kicked out of Liberia, the structure would tell a living story of Alfalit-Liberia.

“We have listened, heard and understood your challenges, constraints and problems that continue to plague the various communities in several parts of rural Liberia year in and year out,” Director Giddings concluded.

Earlier, representatives of the Johnsonville Community sounded urgent appeals to the Liberian Government, health partners and other Liberians for sanitation materials, training skills and food during these critical times in Liberia.

The representatives also recalled that a few weeks ago the Ministry of Health guided by the officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) dumped several suspected Ebola dead bodies in a vital stream that has posed a grave environmental and health hazards.

As a result, the citizens and residents pointed out that bulk of the water wells have been contaminated  by multiple air and water borne diseases to the detriment of the Ebola virus weary Liberians in Johnsonville, outside Monrovia.

The Johnsonville leaders thanked Alfalit-Liberia and LGM heads for the provision of the safe drinking water and promises made to sustain the health messages and awareness initiatives.

The Johnsonville leaders noted that despite the stiff resistance by youth groups of the area to stop the dumping of bodies along the waterway,  officers of the Liberian National Police allegedly arrested, brutalized and imprisoned some of them a few weeks ago in Monrovia.


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