Alfalit Honors Staff


At least 49 staff members of Alfalit International, an adult literacy provider, were honored last Friday for what their director described as “the splendid job done at the entity.”

The year-end celebration which was held at the residence of Alfalit’s Executive Director, Rev. Emmanuel Giddings, in Duazon, brought together friends and family members of Alfalit-Liberia as well as members of the Board of Directors.

Rev. Giddings said the gathering was to honor the employees for their contributions that brought success to Alfalit in 2016.

“Thank God we have not come here to solve problems, answer to challenging calls, questions or fight with each other but to look back at where we have come from in 2016 and appreciate each other that by God’s grace we have made it thus far,” Rev. Giddings said. He said the employees have immensely sacrificed over the year in making sure Alfalit succeeded in getting its projects implemented in the country.

Rev. Giddings called on Alfalit-Liberia’s Board of Directors to motivate the staff that he said are striving daily to eliminate ignorance and remove darkness from the faces of the country’s population who lack literacy and skills.

He recognized the valuable services of the janitor, Mr. Peter Barchu, and promoted him to the rank of senior staff.

“Mr. Barchu started with us in 2006 as a janitor and has done very well over the years and is now promoted from janitor to senior staff member. He is welcomed to be part of all Alfalit-Liberia’s senior staff meetings as of today’s date and should count on me and the Board to equally lend him all the support to keep serving his country and people,” Rev. Giddings noted.

Mr. Barchu will, he said, as of January 2017 be his special assistant.

According to him, Liberia-Ghana Mission, a sister organization of Alfalit Liberia, is the largest private scholarship provider, with 6,000 students at various levels.

Rev. Giddings said at Alfalit people receive awards based on merit, and not on personalities or contacts. “As we started 10 years ago, our appreciation to people comes from being regular and punctual at work, hard working, honest, sincere and showing the resolve to collaborate with others in overcoming challenges and making big gains,” he pointed out.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Kenneth Y. Best, publisher and managing director of the Daily Observer newspaper, expressed appreciation to the Alfalit-Liberia staff for joining the crusade with innovative ways to transform lives greatly challenged by a poor and weak economic system.

Mr. Best expressed regret for Liberia, though 169 years, but is without acceptably visible material gains. He called on the staff not to be deterred by the negative circumstances they daily encounter.

He noted that if any government, including the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government, had capitalized on his proffered ideas, Liberia would have been a 100 percent literate nation by now.

“Our politicians are not interested in human capacity development. Therefore, we must put their feet firmly on the ground and compel them to do what is right for the country instead of our cries in the corners and fearing that engaging them directly will change anything for us,” he said.

Mr. Best said what Alfalit is doing should have received government’s fullest support not only by accreditation but financially, materially and professionally as well.


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