ALFALIT Delegation on Assessment Mission in Liberia

Alfalit International president Dr. Joseph Milton says his delegation is in Liberia to evaluate and assess the Adult Literacy program

A 13-person Alfalit International delegation comprising adult literacy personnel is in the country on an assessment mission to its Liberia program. The guests from the Miami, Florida headquarters in the United States are visiting Alfalit International Liberia to strengthen the educational, managerial and administrative capacities of the Liberian staffs.

At a press conference on Tuesday, October 2 in Monrovia, Alfalit International president Dr. Joseph Milton, described the Alfalit-Liberia adult literacy and skills training as one initiative that has had some impacts on the lives of adult literacy learners.

The current Alfalit International mission to Liberia, Dr. Milton said, will have some encounters with multinational corporations in-country to foster partnerships for the growth of the nation’s educational sector. He added that the group is expected to identify gaps and assess the impact and effectiveness of the new literacy materials being used at the various literacy programs in the country.

Dr. Milton said the team will also evaluate and assess the Liberia Ghana Mission’s (LGM) scholarship program and conduct refresher training in the identified gaps.

He, however, said that the previous Alfalit International Mission to Liberia has observed some managerial and administrative gaps that needed some professional capacity building for the development of its operations.

Alfalit Liberia executive director, Rev. Emmanuel Giddings and Alfalit International president, Dr. Joseph Milton

Dr. Milton said that the Alfalit Liberia Adult Literacy program has the largest operations in all 15 countries in its enrollment and impact. He said the Liberia programs have created some good results that should claim the attention of educational stakeholders and their support partners.

He expressed the hope that while the team is in the country, it would engage in private and corporate companies and expand relationships with communities where its literacy program is being held as well as schools where LGM supports students every academic year.

Dr. Milton expressed hope that the private sector and corporate entities could see the collective collaboration as some of the ways to give back to the communities where those investments are carrying out their operations in Liberia.

He said such an initiative could be possible but he was quick to note that the team would like to first assess the current program as it reaches some appreciable levels.

While Liberia has over the years become the prime target of the Alfalit International Literacy Program, Dr. Milton revealed that Liberia was the first country he visited in Africa and that Liberians have demonstrated the determination and made great strides in efforts to generate the highest enrollment of literacy learners.

Dr. Milton disclosed that in 2019, Alfalit International will be looking at different opportunities after the evaluation and planning processes currently underway by a team of Alfalit Young Professional Board and three crew members who made up the delegation.

He said in the 2019 proposed program, the organization will embark on a preschool program and job skills initiative that would strengthen the overall educational development.

Dr. Milton explained that Liberia is the only country that he continues to visit every year and his professional interpersonal relationship with the executive director of Alfalit International Liberia, Reverend Emmanuel J. Giddings, has set the pace for the kind of support Liberia continues to receive.

“Admittedly, however, Liberia has a special place in my heart and coming to Liberia every year is not my choice but, the love God has placed in my heart for Liberia and Liberians and I believe God wants to be here and the brilliant work being done in one of the poorest countries in the world,” Dr. Milton said.

Dr. Milton said the Alfalit International Liberia Program has demonstrated a sound learning pace as students are able to learn faster and continue to meet up with the quality standards set by the entity’s overseas staff over the past twelve years.


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