ALFALIT Boss Reassures WIPNET Women of Sustainable Support

WIPNET women, Alfalit Liberia officials, Dr. Joseph Milton and Delegation at Peace Hut in Monrovia

Alfalit International president Dr. Joseph Milton, at the head of a 13 person delegation aimed at assessing and evaluating the educational, microfinance, administrative and managerial activities of Alfalit International Liberia, has reassured a sustainable support to the vital initiatives in Liberia.

Dr. Milton gave the assurance during several encounters with the program stakeholders, beneficiaries, public sector players and corporate bodies that have major investments in the country early last week.

Several Members of the Women in Peace Building Network (WIPNET) have commended Alfalit International’s President, Dr. Milton for the organization’s continuous support to them since 2008.

The women stressed that Alfalit as the one partner organization which, over the years, has always identified with them in addressing critical needs of the group.

Highlighting Alfalit Liberia’s transformational support to WIPNET, the Madam Delphine Morris, Coordinator, boasted that the majority of WIPNET’s members, who were illiterate, are now able to read and write. In addition, she noted that Alfalit offered the women micro-loans to establish and strengthen their businesses that had helped them to support their children in school. Alfalit Liberia also provided WIPNET food items and non-food items during every Christmas and Independence celebrations.

“WIPNET women in Liberia want to appreciate Alfalit International for the continuous support given us through Alfalit Liberia every year and today, most of our women can now read and write their names,” Madam Morris asserted.

“Through Alfalit, our children are in school, and twice a year, Alfalit makes sure to feed us for Independence Day and Christmas celebrations. No one has done this for us,” Madam Morris averred.

Displaying some of the soaps, beads and other materials produced by the women, Madam Morris informed the two Alfalit executives, Dr. Milton and Rev. Emmanuel Giddings, that over the last few years, the group has empowered WIPNET women with other life skills to enable them to be gainfully employed.

“We appreciate Alfalit for teaching our women to read and write, giving us small soft loans and feeding us every Christmas and July 26, but we are appealing to you to please look at the possibilities of establishing a factory or company that would employ our members,” Madam Morris stressed.

The women also appealed to Alfalit International to help them secure a plot of land and construct a new meeting place since their current peace hut, where they meet since the establishment of the group has been marked for demolition by the Ministry of Public Works.

Dr. Joe Milton, president of Alfalit International Speaking to women of WIPNET in Monrovia

At the welcome program, the women also presented gifts of locally made Liberian clothes and ornaments, to Dr. Milton and his team as a sign of appreciation and the unwavering support from Alfalit International.

In response to the appeals from WIPNET, Dr. Milton said since his first encounter with the women in 2008, WIPNET has always had a place in his heart and as such, coming to Liberia and meeting with him is a fulfillment of his love.

He reassured his organization’s commitment to sustainably work with WIPNET with the help and support of Alfalit Liberia’s director Rev. Giddings, whom he said shares similar love and passion for helping poor people.

Commenting on the proposals advanced by the women, Dr. Milton said Alfalit head office will work with the Liberia’s team to renovate the current peace hut the women use for meetings, located opposite the fish market, and install air conditioners, but said he would carefully review the other proposals presented to him by the women.


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