Alexander Cummings Commits L$5.2M to NCCC

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings addresses a gathering of locals in Nimba County.

… To construct Science College

On Friday, October 18, 2019, the political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, donated L$5.2 million to the administration of the Nimba County Community College (NCCC) as part of his contribution to the construction of the Science College.

Mr. Cummings, who made the donation in Sanniquellie, the county’s political capital, said he donated the money to educate young people, whose population constitutes about 65 percent of the country’s total population of 4.5 million people as recorded by the 2008 national census and housing population.

“We believe in education, because one of the key things that will transform Liberia is to educate the young people,” he said.

Mr. Cummings said as the world becomes more technologically-driven, science and technology are also good and very important for the future of Liberia, something which the Cummings Foundation wants to focus on, particularly with regard to science and technology.

He praised the administration of the school, classifying the school as one of the best community colleges in Liberia.

Mr. Cummings lauded members of his traveling entourage, who NCCC students and faculty highly received with songs and political battle cries upon their arrival on campus.

Prior to their visit on the NCCC campus, they earlier toured the Gboa Chiefdom, an eight-mile catchment community west of Sanniquelle, and other communities, identifying women’s organizations and potential farmers.

He told locals that his visit was to meet other stakeholders as a means of pushing the Taa Wongbe agenda in his senatorial bid for the county.

Taa Wongbe is one of many Nimbaians who have expressed interest to contest the up-coming 2020 senatorial election.

Mr. Cummings had earlier embarked on investing several million United States dollars to empower local farmers and farming cooperatives across Nimba.

Mr. Cummings has also talked with the Sanniquellie Women, headed by Madam Yah Belleh, urging them to consider Mr. Wongbe as their first choice in the pending special 2020 senatorial election.


  1. Thank you my president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Excellency, you are already our next president.
    We will campaign for you to see Liberia through a different future, one full of optimism where merit is rewarded and hailed, and folly reprimanded
    This dark day standing over Liberia will pass away, and very soon!

  2. When given peanuts, cup of rice, beers, etc, they are ready to sell their country.
    You should learn and become educated to do for yourself.
    Liberia will never move forward if you are constantly looking out for someone to give to you.
    “It was said George Weah will develop the country when he becomes President; because George Weah is nice, he gave money, rice, beers, etc”.
    You, your Parent went to school like Mr. Cummings. Why are you helpless?
    He has given that amount but it is NOT free. I hope you are thinking?

    God bless all.

    • He’s not giving rice and has NEVER done so to earn votes, or else he could have been elected.
      He is the ONLY Liberian (public) technocrat who understands the situation the country is faced with better, made the most brilliant proposal to get people to work and forget the past, and position the country to lead black Africa again.
      He’s not giving out bait. He doesn’t need to do that. In fact, he doesn’t need money from Liberia. He’s moved by real and pure patriotism.
      Look at where he is donating, to a very wealthy cause. To make Liberia get out of the mess we are in, education is the key.
      By the way, as a former presidential aspirant, you should have participated in the debates to make your platform known. You were rather hiding behind people to slip underhand to rip Liberia like what we are seeing, laughable!
      What are you proposing? Stop the same old Liberian behavior. I know who I support and why.
      Cummings is the first presidential candidate I have supported since the brutal death of Dr. Tolbert.

      • Mr. Dolo:
        1) I work as an Engineer; do not need handout from anybody. I will never work for President Weah, Cummings, Ellen or any of those people who wants to be president. They do NOT have the Know-Hows, SkillSets or the education that the country needs to move forward.

        2) We were not invited to the first debates; Cummings was. I presented my platform on the Ecowas/UN radio in 2017 and during the Dukor debates. My platform was and is the best because of it industrial contents. Additionally I have experiences with all the items listed in it.

        3) Mr Cumming said he would create 100,000 Jobs within 90 days after becoming president? He said that during the debates. Didn’t you hear that?
        4) I also believe in most of things Tolbert said.
        5) Do you know what technocrat is? Mr. Cummings and the others are not technocrats.
        God bless Liberia.

        • Hey Hney,
          First of all, know that Cummings is NOT a politician. He has NEVER been and will not be! I can assure you of this assertion, take my word for it.
          Cummings is driven by pure love for a people once highly respected and emulated in every aspect in Black Africa.
          For me, Cummings stands out for many reasons. I will list just a few:
          1) He can be listened to by every Liberian. He can travel the length and breadth of Liberia even driving his own vehicle without any need for security personnel; in a nutshell, he is morally clean without blood stains on his hands, and so he can better unite the Liberian people again.
          2) He is a man who earned is wealth through hard work and honesty. He values merit and therefore will surely reinstate merit and hardwork in the Liberian community again. Liberia is suffering from serious deprivation in every sector nowadays. We need someone examplary to incarnate such moral redress, not the contrary.
          3) He DOES NOT need the Liberian people money. He is a millionnaire. Every cent generated by the country will be used on the country, not his private homes or trabesmen or kinsmen. In fact, he may not even need his salary, like Trump, if elected president of Liberia.
          4) He has proven record in managing huge budget. I invite you to listen to his statements during the debate again. He has the economic and financial flair to jump-start the Liberia economy and put the people back to work.
          5) He has a better understanding of the current situation the country is in. He will tackle the situation from the core. DO NOT expect him to perform miracles, for now he has the best solutions and is better positioned to implement them.

          You know, Hney, I don’t understand some of you people who reason soundly like you are doing. What do you expect to get from Weah? You are telling me if he gets rid of this and that and then …….????
          What can he get rid of?
          What do you think he can do to move Liberia forward?
          Have you had the time to listen to any of his campaign speeches from start to finish?
          Can you make sense of anything he said?
          Now he is president, what is he doing? Can’t you see that he’s jeopardizing the little foundation laid by the Ellen administration?
          Can’t you see that he’s blindly groping the Liberian people into a miry depth that may take at least 20 years to recover from?
          Wake up brother. Weah is “doing his best”. He can do nothing but his best, that’s what he’s doing. That’s his limit. You want for Weah to get rid of his right hand people, how do you expect him to survive without these people? Wake up from your slumber brother!

        • Dear Mr. Curran,

          Allow me to express my admiration and respect for your title and initiative to propose solutions to the Liberian people.
          After reading your note to me, I have started creating likeness and godly love for you. My sincere greetings to you this morning.

          However, allow me to succinctly address the points you just made:

          1) I work as an Engineer; do not need handout from anybody. I will never work for President Weah, Cummings, Ellen or any of those people who wants to be president. They do NOT have the Know-Hows, SkillSets or the education that the country needs to move forward.
          DOLO: This statement has, unfortunately, saddened me brother!
          Right now, Liberia does not need such mentality.
          As much as I did not support and will never support Ellen, putting her educational capacity, and that of Cummings into question is aberrant. With your knowledge as engineer, if renowned and proven beyond doubt, you need to join hands with Cummings if you love Liberia. Let’s take control of our country and empower our people.
          Sorry to deceive you but Cummings has the best skills, knowledge and technical know-hows to rule Liberia right now. I DO NOT personally know this guy. I have NEVER met him before. He does NOT even know me. I only listened to him, made research on him, and concluded he’s the saviour for Liberia right now. He can take us somewhere in 12 years.

          2) We were not invited to the first debates; Cummings was. I presented my platform on the Ecowas/UN radio in 2017 and during the Dukor debates. My platform was and is the best because of it industrial contents. Additionally I have experiences with all the items listed in it.
          DOLO: You know, if you tell me you were not invited to the first deabte, it simply tells me one thing anyone with common sense can assume: You were not making impact!
          The people who supposed to relay your message, journalists, were not clearly getting the contents of your message. I hope you were not out there using engineering terminology to our illiterate people who will not understand you. How many people were coming at your meetings? Who were you reaching out to (target populace)?
          Try to do well next time, because even me who carefully follow-up on our presidential aspirants did not see you anywhere making any impact, neither by words nor by action. Hope you are going to re-strategize in 2023.

          3) Mr Cumming said he would create 100,000 Jobs within 90 days after becoming president? He said that during the debates. Didn’t you hear that?
          DOLO: Not impossible. Infact, that number is small for a pragmatic person. Personally, I think the only hindrance to this will be the skilled workforce. He may not get that many people in Liberia to employ, but it’s feasible.

          4) I also believe in most of things Tolbert said.
          DOLO: No one has done better than him, since they brutally killed him. Let’s put trabalism. nepotism and egotism behind us.
          Bring down your ego, Mr. Curran. If you claim to be a Liberian, learn to live with the people you identify with, or else be what you want to be and stop looking down on our qualified leaders. There may be differences on how you want to achieve a goal, but we all want to get somewhere.

          5) Do you know what technocrat is? Mr. Cummings and the others are not technocrats.
          DOLO: Well, you made me to look up the definition of technocrat again, since I first learnt the word in grade 9. Let me put the definition I saw:
          “an exponent or advocate of technocracy.
          a member of a technically skilled elite.
          If this definition is correct, then Cummings is a technocrat.

          God bless Liberia.
          DOLO; Amen!

          • Thank you. Mr Dolo.
            You are a wise person. I am not against Mr Cummings. But since 1980, lots of people have lied to our people; Tolbert a true Liberian was killed. I was in JallahTown that night; living as a student.
            When we see these same type of talks coming, we should be very careful. Cummings does not know the Liberrian struggle. His father and President Tubman were friends from maryland?
            Some of those who spoke against Tolbert have $millions today?
            What am I doing with my degrees now:
            We have atleast 3millions liberian plus millions in westAfrica who farm the traditional ways.
            I have now improved on the native RiceFarming method by approx 95% and am currently working on improving the tools. It has the potential of billions of dollars. Test so far is very good. Rice was planted and the dollar amount calculated; $billions potential.

            I am from JallahTown who studied in Germany. No body in Liberia knows about our struggle better than me. Again, nobody.
            I was in monrovia 1970 from country, living with people. I went to Chocolate School on broad street without shoes on my feet. At that time I carried Toilet bucket every morning to government Toilet between Benson&Center Streets.
            I know what the struggle is. I see little children still in the same struggle. I am an example for those children; they should focus on education for liberation. They should pray for encouragement.
            Government is responsible for building good schools for all those children to at least get out off high school.
            There is a good shortcut in implementing such but our rulers do not have the education and Know-How and Skills.

            God bless us.

          • Dear Mr. Curran,
            You see, you are just one of the few Liberians I want to join hands with. We can shape the destiny of Liberia, you and I, provided we have the right leadership in place. You need to get the right laws voted, target burning issues. Government will not solvesome problems, but you and I. Let’s pray to have the right people voted. Maybe you are just looking at the presidency, have you ever seen what happens in parliament? Your representatives and senators can sometimes bring tears to the eyes.
            Like you, I lost my mother, the bread winner of the family, when I was just 14 years old. You just imagine the rest of it, coupled with the civil war that saw us lingering in neighboring countries with description beyond human imagination.
            We need to set things right for our children. Let’s Leave the Liberia we knew before, and even a better place for our children. Let’s come together and eradicate these sleazy and puppetry political scammers from our country.
            I strongly believe Cummings is a good start.
            Once again, Mr. Curran, I want to partner with you for Liberia.

  3. Dolo,
    Cummings is not the Liberian political powerhouse that you and your colleagues project him to be. No way! The reason Cummings stands out is that many people cannot stand Weah. If Weah replaces the clueless people he’s got in his government and re-programs his political, social and economic agenda in a way that is consistent with the values of the Liberian people, a good body of Liberians will have second thoughts.

    Lastly Dolo, the fact that a guy served in the private sector does not lend credibility to the thinking that he or she is politically fit to be a president. Don’t sell Cummings in a way that looks as if the guy has no frailties. Yes Dolo. He’s your man. Support him. It’s all okay. But, please. Don’t oversell the guy. Overselling him is exactly what you’re doing.

  4. Dolo,
    It’s probably true that Cummings is a billionaire or maybe a multi-millionaire. Let’s be realistic. I am not against Cummings’ wealth which he may have accumulated through hard work, neither am I against his education or patriotism.

    There are reports that the gentleman is not clean with some important facts. Dolo, you sound like a nice guy. So listen carefully as I share some unknown information to you about the guy you adore from East to West. It’s been reported that your man Cummings claims that his dad was born in a small Maryland county town called Gbakeh. The man he claims to be his late dad carried the name “Cummings”. The said gentleman was a native man who was raised by the larger family of Cummings in Pleebo, Maryland.

    Throughout his life and money-making years, Alexander Cummings did not visit Gbakeh, neither did he enquire about his roots from Maryland. Of course, when Cummings made the claim that he was a derivative of Gbakeh because his dad was born there, the people of that town received him royally. The townspeople slaughtered a cow or two as a way of welcoming a native son. But as time went on some “fact checkers” unearthed information that is damaging and blatantly untrue! Should the truth not be told.

    Dolo, I have a good heart. I am not anti-anyone! I want the truth. We’re going through a crisis in Liberia. I do not want things go bezerk if the truth of a particular candidate does not come out. Dolo and all commenters, you and I can have a political, economic or social difference. It’s normal. But, we are all Liberians by birth. I respect all Liberians irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds or places of origin in Liberia! If Cummings wins during the upcoming presidential elections, he wins! If I can live with Trump, shoot, I can live with Cummings. But the truth must not be trampled upon.

    Another important point that I have been trying to make is this……Liberians should not make the mistake of anointing one particular candidate prematurely.There are a lot of competent Liberians out there. Let’s give those potential competent Liberians an opportunity to get out of the woods. We need to have choices in our decision-making process. It’s very uneducational to say that Cummings is the”best” without vetting other potential candidates. Dolo, I am not asking you to abandon Cummings. All I want to see done is for us to make a decision by vetting our candidates. If not, we will be stained once again.

    • I do agree with you Hney. The people we have to give chance to should come out. We, as Liberians, are not usually bold enough to come out and stand by what we believen in, and we are also equally fast to stand on the fence and criticize others.
      I don’t know about Cummings’ background and I’m not interested in knowing. We all have some little thing hidden somewhere in our lives.
      As you said, we are going through serious crisis in Liberia. Leadership is symbolism and embodiment. Can you translate this to what we have currently? I REFUSE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
      This leadership does not portray you, Hney. It does not represent you, it even does not embody you. You are very sound from reasoning and writing.
      We are not many (population) with so many opportunities that if we manage to usher in the best leadership, we will seek manpower to come and work in Liberia like in the past. Remembered our country was the gateway for Ghanaians, Sierrra Leonians and other Africans to travel to the USA then? Do you know how these people look down on us nowadays?
      I live in the Ivory Coast, have experience about Ghana, Guinea, Senegal. We need someone to bring back our respect, not someone that will bring more shame us!

  5. Dolo,
    When you say that Liberia served as a gateway to a good number of African countries, you’re 110% correct my brother! I used to know a good number of Nigerians, Ghanaians and Sierra Leoneans who misused Liberia to get to America and elsewhere. But Liberians will rebound. We will persevere. We will make it irrespective of how bad things are.

    Let’s make sure that we don’t anoiint one particular candidate. Let’s vet them all next time.

  6. wow, Brother Hney and Brother are two of my favorite people whose work I enjoy reading and you two did not fail me again as I read your intellectual exchange. yes, the differences are there, but the common factor I saw between you two is the absolute love you have for Mama Liberia.

    People have said some nice things about Mr.Cummings and as I dont know him,, so I wont dare to talk about things/people that i dont know about. But here is what I want to say to us all, Liberians are carried away by flowery speeches and promises of handouts. that has to stop, but then again, how can such stop when the poverty rate is at its peak? The politicians know this and they take huge advantage of it. Me, personally, I dont trust politician as a whole, especially Liberian politicians I cannot stand their chicanery one bit. To me, Mr. cummings is no exception. He has to prove me wrong. giving out money does not impress me one bit at all, but that is me.

    In Liberia, people are not held accountable for their utterances and the politicians know it and so they talk and talk with no substance.. The illiteracy rate of out country does not help the situation any, and sowe are in for a long haul.but unfortunately,

    This government is a total mess and our President needs to realize that. He needs to know that the buck stops with him and the sooner the better. He has become a laughing stock. Really!!!!!

    I could go on and on but it will be pointless because we all get the picture.

    i still waiting on Brother Hney…

  7. JM,
    You’re very interesting, believe it or not. Hope you did what I told you. You know what I mean. I may go back to Liberia in a few months. If that happens, I will check you out by the Grace of God. I am not 100% certain. Just in case I go, I will arrange to meet you.

    Hang in there young fella!

  8. Uncle Hney,

    I will be coming to the states sometimes in January for a 2 week seminar in Boston, MA and will visit friends around. Hope you will be in one the states that I will be visiting and I may see you, but we will see what happens.

    But the struggle goes on, and the conversation has to go on, and it must be elevated to another level. It seems as though we are stuck in a quagmire and we not getting out. the story is the same eveywhere in Liberia. I work with young people/teens and in my mind, they are severely feeling the pinch. I was visiting somewhere in bushrod island about two weeks ago but there was no electricity and while I was there, current came, and the jubilation from the community was so loud that one would have thought that this was the first time the community was seeing light. A sense of sadness came over me that, they thought it was a privilege for current to come in their area. The average teen or young adult has never had a regular medical checkup, he has not had any dental work done, his greatest worry is where to get his next meal from. What future will he have when he has to worry about food and place to lay his head for the night?

    These are suppose to be our next leaders and yet they are so unprepared for what lies ahead of them. Mind boggling, it is. No social services in place whatsoever. teenage pregnancy is on the rise, not mention prostitution and when you ask the young ladies why they go on the “lane”, they claim that this is the only way they know make money and take care of themselves. I am working with a 17 years old female who has a 10 months child, and her mother is 34 years old and also struggling. all of them, plus another child, share a one bedroom in a zinc shack house. The kid that I am working with is eager to learn, but the limitations are enormous.

    We have no choice but to move forward, or we will decline in a long run. the conversation has to continue.

  9. JM,
    First and foremost I am happy to hear that you are doing well. Also, coming to the US is a blessing. I sincerely hope everything goes smoothly. Good things happen to good people because of God’s grace!

    Everything you’ve stated above is correct! I know that because during my 90-day visit recently to Liberia, I took note of most of the daily issues Liberians are faced with. For instance, schools are not properly run, electricity is a scarce commodity in the Old Road area of Sinkor, marketers do their business (especially in Douala) by narrowing an already small street and inflation is on the rise.

    In the transportation business (some would say transportation industry) prices are rediculouly out of control. Example, the normal fare from Duport Road junction to the downtown area of Monrovia, is usually $130 Liberty. But some cabbies go on the binge and charge$140-150 Liberty. Maybe, I looked different. Of course, some people think I am Ethiopian, in Liberia as well as in the US. Most Ethiopians say “Salem” to me almost daily because I am light-skinned. JM, some people say am a Somalian. They’re lying to their teeth. I ain’t no Somalian or Ethiopian. I am a Liberian and that’s it. Period. In any case, prices are unregulated! It’s a cop-out!

    With regard to sexual promiscuity, young guys and gals are incredibly active. While there, I went to White Plains (near the h20 processing plant) because my brother’s wife is from that particular area. For something to chew on, I enjoyed the young coconut and its water that was offered. But the 15-16-year old girls who carried children around the place was sad. All of them had no jobs, but more importantly, the girls were uneducated. What a shame? Since 1847, no progress in the countryside.

    Ma Ellen sat in there for 12 years and decided to pay the lawmakers $175-180,000 dollars per year, but nothing else was accomplished by her. Under her, Liberians have been pushed in a semi-perennial quagmire of social degradation. Somehow, Weah is taking the heat. Well, although people have the right to express themselves, I have yet to see an outrage against the voters who made their decision.

    I wish you well.


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