‘Albinos Facing Unbearable Conditions’


The Executive Director of the Liberia Albinos Society (LAS) has alarmed at, what she termed as “unbearable conditions”, that Albinos living across the country continue to live in on a daily basis. Madam Patricia Logan said Albinos are denied some basic fundamental rights and privileges that every citizen is supposed to enjoy.

Speaking at the occasion marking the official celebration of World Albinism Day on May 5, 2014 in the Port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Madam Logan said Albinos have been neglected and abandoned by family and society.

Mrs. Logan noted that hundreds of Albinos’ children are deprived education and other basic social services because of people’s perception that they have poor sight. But she quickly pointed out that these children, too, also have a future and stakeholders must give them needed attention.

The LAS boss, on behalf of her colleagues, launched a passionate plea to government to grant them access to free education for the development of their human capacities.

“Some parents are denying their albino children the right to education and other basic social services in the name of poor sightedness and poverty and this is detrimental to the future of the children,” Mrs. Logan said.

She also added that survey conducted by the LAS especially in rural Liberia has shown that majority men are abandoning their albino children with their suffering mothers because of fear of stigma and belief that albinos are nothing.

She pointed out that the future of these innocent children are uncertain amidst the wrong perceptions and therefore wants government’s urgent intervention to give them a future befitting.

She stressed the need for government to grant the albinos the opportunity to free vocational and academic education to develop their skills and equally contribute to the overall growth and development of Liberia like any other Liberians.

The Buchanan celebration was held under the theme “Albinos, Too Have Right to Education”. The celebration was the first since the launching of the World Albinism Day in Liberia last December.

A huge number of Albinos turned out for the celebration carrying out clean up campaign on the streets of Buchanan. Free medical first aid treatment was also carried out on fellow albinos and people with visual impairment.

Despite the limited budgetary allocation from Government, the LAS offers scholarship to 30 students from elementary to university level.


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