Albino Society Honors Miatta Fahnbulleh

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The Liberia Albino Society (LAS) has presented a “certificate of honor” to Ms. Miatta Fahnbulleh for what they termed her “standing with them” from the inception of their organization a few years ago.

In their recognition of “Aunty Miatta’s” good deeds towards them, Ms. Ruth J. Tulay, Planning Committee head, LAS, said they decided to honor her on her birthday because of the many good things she has done and continues to do for them.

Ms. Tulay said, “This certificate of honor has been presented to Ambassador Miatta Fahnbulleh for her immense contributions towards persons living with albinism in Liberia.”

She stated that whenever the society calls upon Ms. Fahnbulleh, she (Aunty Miatta) is always willing to attend to their call and for this they had come to say “thank you.”

After the presentation, Ms. Fahnbulleh told our reporter that the society was challenged with the lack of a vehicle for easy movement. She described how on many occasions, albinos are discriminated against when they get on public vehicles.

“Most times the person sitting next to us in a taxi or a bus will try to push far from us so that his/her skin does not touch ours,” Ms. Tulay said. She told those who see them as not being humans like them that albinos are humans just like anyone else except for the pigmentation of their skin.

She presented the honor to Ms. Fahnbulleh in the kindergarten class of the OBAA’S Girls Educational Outreach, which is run by the honoree.

Receiving the certificate, Aunty Miatta, turned to the kids and said, “My darlings when you learn to do things for people, when you learn to share with people, when you learn to remember your neighbors as your friends, people will always come back to say thank you.”

She urged the little ones always to share with their classmates when they can and to do good for people whether they know them or not, adding, “One day when you least expect, somebody will come back to say thank you.”

She thanked the LAS for the recognition and promised to do more to help the society. She praised the leader of the society, Madam Patricia Logan, for her hard work in bringing the issues of people living with albinism to light in Liberia.

Aunty Miatta, who is one of Liberia’s musical icons, turned 67 yesterday. She has spent nearly 40 years of her life in advocacy, especially for the girl child.

She has influenced at least two generations of African musicians.

Aunty Miatta Fahnbulleh was born in Monrovia and educated in England, Sierra Leone, Kenya and the United States. She has lived in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.  She is the mother of two – a son and a daughter and she is also a grandmother.


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