Akon Launches ‘Light to Learn’


International music icon Akon has officially launched the ‘light to learn’ initiative geared towards tackling sustainable energy and education in Africa.

Akon said the coming of the ‘Light to Learn’ project in Liberia will bring about investment in sustainable energy and education to prepare the nation for a brighter future.

“The lack of sustainable power and the poor state of education in Africa affects everybody but with this new initiative we intend to help solve that crisis,” he said during a press conference in Monrovia. “‘Light to Learn’ will bring about the use of clean and affordable solar energy that will in return make school use modern technology that will support teacher and students.

“We believe that through the use of affordable solar energy, schools, teachers and students in Liberia will have easy access to digital libraries which contain hundreds of books.”

The singer further said that as part of his commitment to the project known as ‘Akon Lighting Africa,’ Solektra International will be the one providing all the solar energy needed for the initiative.

“Africa’s future hangs around the youthful generation, but without quality education, which is the center for development, the future will not be prosperous,” Akon said.

He explained that it is impossible for a country to have a quality educational system without reliable energy supply, adding, “this is the reason Akon Lighting Africa is working with Bridge International Academies to close the gap.”

“Every child deserves a better future with a good learning environment; and ‘Light to Learn’ is here to make that happen. And it is our prayer to continue operating in Liberia right after the pilot phase,” Akon said.

‘Light to Learn’ is a new movement formed by Bridge International Academies. Along with ‘Akon Lighting Africa,’ it aims to highlight and tackle the energy and education crises in Africa through innovative solutions and powering communities around Bridge Schools.

In a brief remark, Shannon May, co-founder of Bridge International Academies, said ‘Light to Learn’ will help solve Liberia’s energy and educational crises by bringing solar energy and creating suitable learning environments for learning.

She added, “We want to change the daily lives of family and children through ‘Light to Learn’ by making solar energy available and accessible in communities we work.

“In order to have a powerful society and a good learning environment that will foster development and innovation, light, sustainable energy and education should be prioritized – and this is exactly what Bridge is doing.”

She noted that Bridge International Academies believe in gender equality, therefore they are encouraging parents to prioritize educating girls.

Speaking at the dedication of the first solar light at J. W Pearson Campus, Education Minister George Werner appreciated Akon and partners for the initiative.

“For sure this project will help solve some of Liberia’s energy and education crises. A nation cannot be better without having a reliable energy and a better educational sector. With your involvement in these two sectors, Liberia will be getting better,” Mr. Werner said.

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