Akeem Smith Identifies With Several Underprivileged Liberians Back Home


Akeem Prince Smith, a young Liberian football athlete based in Egypt, has donated several bags (25kg) of rice to underprivileged Liberians back home amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

Smith, who is currently on a tryout in Egypt, said he is knowledgeable of the prevailing difficulties that families back home are faced with during this global pandemic, something that prompted his decision to identify with underprivileged.

As of Thursday, June 11, 2020, Liberia had recorded 410 confirmed cases, including 206 recoveries and 31 deaths.

The donation was made in three different communities including Jallah Town Community, GSA Community, and Mount Barclay Community.

“Our friends and loved ones in Liberia are in serious need of food and supplies as the COVID19 pandemic continues to affect every sector. Parents can either risk going out to work and pay for meals and necessities for their families or choose to stay at home, but losing out on the opportunities to make an income to feed their family,” Akeem said.

Some beneficiaries of the donation in the Jallah Town Community receiving their share of rice.

“Making this donation is to help some Liberians back home, letting them know that I have them at heart and I can’t wait to represent my country through the national team in the future,” he added.

Akeem, who is currently on a vacation in the United States, believes that the donation will assist the beneficiaries during these difficult times and looks forward to providing more assistance to Liberians back home.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries of the donation in the Jallah Town community in Sinkor, thanked the athlete for reaching out to them during this period, adding that they were touched by the donation.

“We are so happy; we are touched by this donation. It came at a time when we are in dire need of food. Not many Liberians will choose to do this, but Akeem is doing it. Thank you so much. May God richly bless you,” some of the beneficiaries said.

Akeem, a graduate of West Fargo High School, the second-largest high school in North Dakota as of the 2018–19 school year, played for the Dakota Fusion FC Algarna in Sweden, where he played every season of Fusion’s Young life. He was later offered a contract by IF Algarna in Sweden’s Division 3 Mellersta Norrland, which is Sweden’s fifth division.

Akeem has now joined the list of Liberia’s international Kpah Sherman, Sam Johnson, and Sylvanus Nimely among others that have so far made donations during the ongoing global pandemic.


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