Ailing Liberian Journalist Appeals for Help

Ailing Journalist John David in studio at Radio Gbarnga, explaining his condition to Journalists

An ailing Liberian journalist, John David, who works with Radio Gbarnga in Gbarnga City, Bong County, has sent out an SOS call to President George Manneh Weah, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, the American Embassy and other Embassies near Monrovia and others.  John David says he needs urgent help to save his life.  He is suffering  from an unusually severe pain in his chest, believed to be what is widely considered ‘African science’.

In an interview with the Daily Observer on Thursday February 13 in Gbarnga, Journalist David said he has been battling with the chest pain since August 2018.

With a sad countenance, Journalist David told this reporter that all efforts by his family to treat the illness have  yielded no positive result, as doctors at some of Liberia’s renowned hospitals, including the Phebe Hospital in Suakoko and the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, are yet to diagnose the cause of the pain,  despite many x-rays taken.

“I have gone under medical tests at several hospitals with negative results and the pain is getting severe by the day and my condition is deteriorating.  Don’t see me sitting and looking healthy; I tell you, I am catching hell because I don’t sleep with the pain despite taking pain killers as prescribed by doctors,” David narrated with tears streaming down his cheeks.

John David, 24, a student of the Bong County Technical College studying civil engineering, said the sickness has stalled his quest of pursuing his desired goal of becoming an engineer, adding, even friends that used to come around me to study together, they don’t come any more.

“I am appealing to the goodwill of individuals as well as well-meaning Liberians and philanthropists to help me seek medical treatment in advanced hospitals that will diagnose my case and find solution.  I am really suffering,”  David explained.

“Some of us who grew up in the village and unexpectedly stepped on a chunk of fire, that’s how the pain is like,” David cried.

When asked how much it would cost him and family for any treatment, David said since doctors at these hospitals could not diagnose the sickness, there is no specific amount spelt out for treatment.  My concern is to have the sickness diagnosed, and then a solution can be found.

David, in a low-spirited mood, informed this newspaper that the pain in his chest has now extended to his left arm, something he said is worrisome.

“I eat and defecate well but the pain is so unbearable that no man can withstand it,” David lamented.

David’s father is a subsistence farmer and his mother sells potato greens for living. Neither of them are able to sponsor his treatment anywhere.  It is for this reason that he is appealing to all for the needed help to save his life.

John David told our reporter that anyone wishing to help him can do so through Mr. Marcus Malayea, Director of News at Radio Gbarnga with mobile numbers +231886440322, +231777329885 or email: [email protected]


  1. Brother John David might be experiencing heart problem. In many cases persistent chest pains can lead to cardiac arrest . This means the heart will stop working abruptly. Perhaps you need to seek treatment to Ghana where hospitals there are more equipped.In most developed countries like the USA, anyone who complains about pains in the chest is immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.


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