Ahead of Rep. Lawrence’s Funeral, Constituents Offer Prayers for Ailing Rep. Youngblood

"Prayer warriors" are making supplications on behalf of Rep. Munah E. Youngblood, while she seeks medical treatment in the U.S.

Ahead of the committal of the late Montserrado County District #15 Representative Adolph Akwe Lawrence on Friday, April 26, 2019, dozens of constituents in Montserrado County District #9 have begun offering prayers for the improvement in health of their district representative, Munah E. Pelham Youngblood.

Rep. Youngblood is currently in the U.S. seeking advanced medical treatment for her ailment.

Accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Pelham, Rep. Youngblood departed Liberia in early March with other women as part of the delegation of the Women Legislative Caucus to attend the attend the 63rd UN Commission on Status of Women (CSW), held in New York, “but she became so sick again, a situation that required her seek medical treatment.”

Rep. Youngblood was expected to attend the 2019 Global Parliamentary Conference from April 8- 9, 2019 in Washington D.C., jointly organized by the Parliamentary Network and the World Bank Group, as well as the International Monetary Fund 2019 Spring Meetings, held April 12-14.

Since that time, there has not been any information from her or her office as to whether or not she did attend the conferences as scheduled.

On her absence, Simeon S. Seianee posted on facebook, “Please help to pray along with Munah E. Pelham Youngblood; let us not sit down before she died; she needs our prayer right now!!!! — feeling concerned.”

Seianee’s post attracted 470 likes and over 500 comments, mostly offering prayers, including the one from Madam Juanita Hoff, who wrote: “May God Almighty heal you (Rep. Youngblood.” “O Merciful God, giver of life and health; bless, I pray you, your servant, [N.], and those who administer to [him] with your healing gifts; that [she] may be restored to health of body and of mind; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.”

Among other posters, Ms. Anna Nyumah Walker wrote: “My prayer with you.”

While on her treatment in the USA, social media was abuzz for a bout a week with rumors that Rep. Youngblood had died, which compelled clarity from her offices in Monrovia.

Her office has reacted to the fake news of her death.”

It may be recalled that on July 18, 2018, upon her return from seeking treatment in India, a special “Thanksgiving Service in honor of the return of Rep. Youngblood” was held at the Christ Pavilion Ministries International (Wonders of Praise Chapel) in Larkpazee. The prayers were led by Pastor Emmanuel K. Nyumah and Pastor Alvin S. Dahn, who gave the exhortation.

At the time, hundreds of supporters of Youngblood thronged the Roberts International Airport in white T-shirts, inscribed with “Welcome Home; the Devil is a Liar,” and a thanksgiving song in their mouths “Lord, You are too much”.

Emerging from the airport terminal in a white gown apparel, Rep. Youngblood was greeted by hundreds of supporters with placards: “Welcome Home, the Devil is a Liar.” She burst into tears upon her return on July 18, 2018, before departing for the U.S.

At age 28, Youngblood was elected as Representative of Montserrado County District #9 in the 2011 general elections; in 2017, at age 34, she was re-elected. She is currently the Chairperson on House Executive Committee. She earned a Bachelor degree in Mass Communication, and a Master’s degree in International Relations, both from the University of Liberia. She is married to Dr. Raymond Youngblood; a union now blessed with a daughter, Sarafina Youngblood.


  1. May she recover from her illness……..also upon her return to the Capital Building, let her push for better health care plan for the Liberian people. TOWN TRAP IS NOT FOR RAT ALONE. People in the corridor of power have the will to make a change. We are using billions to build mansions, individuals are using millions to built villas, and other personal infrastructures. Wealth and other assets accumulations are only worth to the individual accumulating them when he/she is still alive and healthy to enjoy them. Otherwise, they are useless. A sick person fighting for his life do not care what happen to his bank account(s), buildings,cars etc..what he wants to know, at that moment,is the best doctor that will stabilize his health. Other have the luxury to flay away for treatment, to the average Liberian, it is a death sentence.

    When ever I talk about the Cuban Model along with China and other countries health care plan, people jump on me and say I m a socialist, or communist sympathizer. In my entire life, I have not seen or heard that a Cuban was flown out of Havana, or Chinese went abroad for health related issue. The Cuban have only Rum and Cigar, as their primary export. We have Gold, Diamond, Timber ,Rubber, Iron Ore, etc… the list goes on. However, we cannot even train a fitting Para medics which will check our citizen blood glucose level, and blood pressure adequately.

    During our Ebola Crisis, it was that Island nation, Cuba, the size of Benin, which has been under America sanction for 61 years, that sent us Doctors, and other medical practitioners. We have not experience what these guys have been through, however, they are better than us. The life expectancy of and average Cuban is 71 years old. There is one doctor for every 30 Cubans, the greatest ratio per proportion for any country in the Western Hemisphere. In South Saharan Africa, if there is a doctor he might be taken care of almost entire constituent (500-2000) individuals.

    Let us begin to think right people. Let us get in the habit of thinking for ourselves, doing things that will benefit us, not in the habit of appeasing friends. Those ‘friends/ allies’, do not really care what happen to you. They care about their foreign policy, what it dictates, INTEREST FIRST. Our policy makers do not read between the line , they are so entrenched in massing wealth, than setting up mandate that will help the average citizen.

    • Liberian are mostly not educated.

      Those countries you mentioned are very educated in the engineering, sciences, medical, etc.
      We do not know how to process any of our resources. We do not have any KnowHow. Don’t you know that?
      Do you know of any qualify Liberian in those area? Just name only one? Ofcourse qualify only if he/she is able to get a job in those areas from those countries including the US.

      Note: All countries in the world are now capitalists.

      God bless Liberia.

  2. Mr. Curran, we can educate ourselves. It takes resources (finance, human ability), to achieve education. We have those resources, sir. Our weakness is our inability to make decision, and stick to it. When we sell our gold, diamond, rubber, timbers, iron ore, etc…what do we do with the money? Some of those countries don’t even have a quater of what we have, and they make good use of the little they have.

    We can take 0.9 billion dollar loan to build roads. We can take 0.25 of that 225 million and build 6 good science and engineering institutions around the cointry. Sent for Chinese, Indian or Cuban to train our student for 10 years. Let’s just start with that and see where it will lead us.

    Not only Liberia lacking the will power, the entire Sub-Saharan Africa. We are lacking the WILL to start, and too relax and COZY with begging mentality. It is like you ( Mr. Curran), you making a salary of $85,000.00 per year, another man making $35,000.00 per year. But everytime, you are at the man door step begging him to help you with your problem. Something is not right about you. Your priority are not in order of importance, your wife, children and family suffer because of your decision. Then you are running a house hold with no vision. This line of hard ship is passed on to unborn generations to come. We inherit it, and feel like it is the norm. This is what happened to us, not only Liberia, but mainly Sub-Saharan Africa.

    How do you think Cuba, China and other countries did it? Engineers, Doctors and Scientists never fell from the sky. Their policy makers set priorities, and vision for long term, and work to achieve them for the benifit of their citizens. Not for only those in power or foreign ‘friends or allies’. Do not worry about what name people will call you, when are working toward goals. At the end, it is for the benefit of those you serving.

    Let’s think as policy makers to set goal and visions for our people.

  3. By the way sir, capitalism is not a bad system. But it is not benefiting us. You claim: most country are now practicing capitalist economy. Well, if it is Western, developed country, that’s fine. Because there where the profit of capitalism go. On the contrary, if it is Sub-Saharan African countries, or developing country, it is not working for us. Because we are poorer today than we were back in the early days of the 50s,60s ,70s, and 80s….getting poorer by succeeding decades. Our currencies are devalue per the Dollar, Euros CFP franc etc, now than by gone years. We do not have a production environment, we are a consuming nations.

    If you and I have the luxury to live for 150 years, by the year 2169, we will be the same way or worse. My issue was not comparing capitalism with socialism, however, since you mentioned capitalism, that’s the reason I just highlighted these points. The point I was making was, our policy makers do not make any concrete decision with vision that will benefit our people in coming years.

    You are an independent candidate, as mentioned, I hope God bless you win, get there and make a change. If you get there and speak it out, you will be fighting an uphill battle, but at least you spoke about it.

    Scientists, engineers, doctors do not fall from the sky. They did not fall from the sky in America, China, Cuba etc…they were trained in institutions built in these countries. I m not anti America or anti Western nations, I m only telling the Liberian people and other black nations how other countries got to where they are.

    God blessed us all….as we are praying let’s be practical in our prayers. Because prayers without practility, is making mockery of God’s word. We can be praying and working toward visions.
    Thank you sir.
    My love to all Liberian.

    • With your thinking, let us all work together.
      Thank you. God bless us all.


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