Agriculture Minister-designate May Be Confirmed Today

Agriculture Minister Jeanine Milly Cooper.

— Senate sources hint 

Moments following a moving and what was seen as a splendid performance, Senate sources have confided in this paper’s Legislative reporter that Madam Jeanine M. Cooper may be recommended by the Senate Committee on Agriculture for confirmation today.  The confirmation is to be done by the Senate Plenary.

Appearing before the Agriculture Committee, chaired by Senator Victor Varney Watson yesterday, Madam Cooper assured that if confirmed, the Agriculture Ministry will cease to be used as an institution for workshops and training centers, but one that will serve as a repository for farmers seeking assistance to acquire agriculture seedlings and other agriculture-related information.

“When confirmed, I will look forward to making sure that the funding that is coming, that is available now, is properly coordinated and steered in the direction that will benefit Liberia, Liberian agriculture and Liberia’s economic development,” Madam Cooper assured the Senators.

She observed that part of the problem in past administrations had been the lack of proper screening to ensure whether what is allocated to the sector is the actual need. “Sometimes you go to some towns and see signboards of about ten NGOs, and the people are still living as they were living in the last century, and you wonder what that is. I don’t believe that I have the magic wand, but I believe that I have the magic touch that I will bring to the table.”

Continuing, Madam Cooper emphasized that: “I will most definitely be looking and scrutinizing very keenly any funding that is coming into the sector, to make sure that it is prospering Liberians; I am not saying sustaining Liberians or developing Liberians, but prospering Liberians; that will be some of the things I will like to do.”

She asserted that one of the first priorities of her term at the Ministry is to measure “what we have now, because I don’t think we have a good idea, all the studies and other reports that are out there have not given us a good idea of what we have.”

“My vision is of a thriving and a prosperous Agriculture sector that brands Liberia as a source of high quality, ethically produced, environmentally friendly food and agricultural products. When they say it comes from Liberia it must mean quality, vision of prosperity and wealth, not hard work and hard labor and subsistence, we have to move beyond that; this is the 21st Century.”

With respect to whether her assignments as Minister of Agriculture will not conflict with her current ownership of the rice-producing company she founded in 2009, Madam Cooper disclosed that her team of lawyers is already doing the necessary paperwork that will give her the right to transfer her share to another person within the company known as FABRAR Liberia.

Yesterday’s hearing was attended by a high-power team of employees from the Ministry of Agriculture, her current rice-producing firm, her mother, former Superintendent of Grand Bassa County Madam Etweeda”Sugars” Cooper, and a host of friends and other supporters.


  1. Dear CDCians,

    You see book? She studied! Had it not been for book, she couldn’t have been convincing like that. With CDC, she knows what she must do first and foremost:
    She asserted that one of the first priorities of her term at the Ministry is to measure “what we have now, because I don’t think we have a good idea, all the studies and other reports that are out there have not given us a good idea of what we have.”
    Sad, isn’t it?

    By the way, you guys need to wake up in everything and in every way. The lady is presenting her vision, not the president’s.
    The reason is simple; the president has no vision, no plans but a mission. His mission is to rule Liberia and now he is ruling Liberia. Liberia doesn’t need rulers, but people with bright ideas to lead the Liberian people to prosperity.

    During such hearings in other countries, the minister designate will put forward the president vision for a given sector and how she can proceed in reaching the president’s goal. Madam Cooper is going to devise her own plans with her former colleagues, of course in consultation with experts, and come up with something that may be considered “good” for the country.

    What is the CDC policy on agriculture for Liberia? I know you guys want for the sector to be vibrant, simple as a recital, but how? Nothing on it, as far as I have been perusing all your publications, manifestos and propaganda.

    To all internauts, all is not doomed. Liberia will rise again!

    Congratulations Madam Cooper. You will surely be confirmed. Please ensure our hardworking poor parents in remote areas receive the donations humanitarian organizations and friendly governments are sending them. Please ensure they are better organized to professionally produce crops for better living. Please ensure they have the rightful market (don’t depend on our old, rotten and corrupt politicians at the commerce ministry to find them the markets oh, please!).

    Long live Liberia!

    • Mr. Dolo,

      CDC would have never come this far if it had not been for the efforts of the “book people” of the party who supported and backed up George Weah for thirteen (13) to fourteen (14) unbroken years of the party’s existence before winning the seat for the presidency in 2017. The problem came after the party won the presidency, president-elect George Weah decided to unilaterally appoint all types of people as his immediate advisors, and others, into important positions of his cabinet. A good number of these appointees have never been in the trenches of the CDC Party going back 13-14 years!

      Consequently, the problem in this Weah administration is not of the making of the CDC Party but the making of its standard bearer immediately after he became president-elect. Most of his appointees have no obligation to the CDC Party, not to speak of being loyal to the party or adherents its long-standing political platform and philosophy. You may have heard the frustrations of party chairman Morlu and Rep. Acarous Gray not long ago.

      So far, we applaud the pronouncements of Ms. Cooper since her appointment (pending confirmation by the Legislature). I just want to remind her that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Liberia is a cabinet Ministry and, thereby, a political entity. her immediate boss is the president, whose position is political in nature with an oversight duty carry out by the Legislative Branch of Government, also a political institution, indeed.

      It is therefore incumbent upon her to wear both her political cap and professional cap in order to navigate the Agro Ministry through uncharted waters, since apparently, this is her first stint in government. She may be used to running her own small business in the private sector, but the Ministry of Agriculture “ain’t”! She will have to use her mettle to work with the politicians, the private sector, and the international community: foreign governments, U.N. Agencies, and business corporations.

  2. The agricultural sector is the sector that is going to save the world in the not too distance future, so every wellmeaning needs to put head on the desk when it comes to agriculture!
    As for madam Cooper I think she was brilliant and she brings a lots to the sector as it relates toher experience, qualification couple with her competence.
    Bravo madam Cooper, I wish you well in your ministerial sojourn!

  3. The Liberian army can help to advance agriculture thru out the country. Maybe they do. But the army needs an agricultural unit that specialized in mechanized farming. And they, thru the MOA, can help teach the civilians how to farm. The arm can also have great farms as well. Amen.

    • The above message is for the minister designate. The army’s agricultural unit can help supervise the rice projects you mentioned.

  4. Poor old, illiterate Liberia. You have red palm oil everywhere in your copy book. You must repeat all the classes.
    For 175 years, what can you do?

  5. Honorable Peter Curran,
    What is your campaign slogan? Also, you talk about illiteracy in Liberia all the time. What are your plans for educational improvement in Liberia?

    • Mr. Hney et All,
      1. I am not campaigning now.
      2. My education plans are stated in my 2017 platform with very details pictures, focusing (Know-Hows, Industries, Steel Factories, Rubber Factory, Rice Production, Health, Education, Skillsets).
      3. Focusing on schools: All or most schools will have to make use of the digital tech to speed up the process of quality education. In this area, we may not need more than 300 well educated to be the lead teachers and the others will be co-teachers.
      4. Rice production: I believe, I have solved our rice production issues which should have billions of dollars potential. I did not say agriculture, its the native production methods. I am still researching and the details will come up soon or later. I am still building the machine (models) to do the work. it will NOT be for FREE Liberian!
      Again, they are all still on the research footings. How many Liberian have you found that have such dreams?
      On Rice production, I come the Farm. Therefore I know what I am saying Liberian. With my very high education, I still know how to go back and work on the farm.

      So you see we think differently on issues? I did not complete my education in the USA. It looks like my focus and world views are completely different from lots of Liberian including those graduating from the USA?
      I have many times said that I have NOT seen the resumes in other groups.

      Again, Only the best of our educated with the needed Know-Hows can move Liberia forward.

      God bless.

  6. Honorable Pete Curran,
    Your response to my questions asked was read. But I believe more has to be done by you in order to convince the Liberian people about your “know-hows and skill-set” strategy. Proper planning makes sense.

    Let me give you an update on what’s at stake in the US. The Democratic presidential campaign is in full swing. Some presidential contestants have dropped out of the game already. Why did they drop out? Poor planning and poor messaging.

    Some dropouts will say that they didn’t have enough money to pay their canvassers or advertise, that’s true. But the real truth is that those who dropped out so quickly in the game didn’t plan properly. During my youthful days, I was a campaign worker for a well-known African-American politician. The gentleman I am talking about did his planning well. He ran and won re-election several times before his death. I am speaking from an irrefutable point of experience.

    A Word To The Wise……..
    Honorable Curran, I am not your campaign adviser. But I have to let you know that if you wish to run an effective presidential campaign in 2023, you have to begin planning now. So far, you have a CoP campaign rival named Alexander Cummings. Of course, Weah hasn’t announced his intentions yet, but it’s a sure bet that he will run for re-election. As I have indicated above, some American presidential candidates dropped out of the contest because they didn’t strategize properly. Given that scenario, it would be advantageous for you to map out a comprehensive strategy at this time.

    You have the proclivity to talk about “skill-set and know-hows” all the time. That’s not a nefarious idea. But don’t lose track of this…there are six senses, not too many people know this. The sixth sense is what we call “common sense”. You or anyone can have the “know-how and skill-set”, but if the “sixth sense is missing, nothing can be accomplished. In other words, your common sense should dictate to you that the Liberian electorate would like to be fully briefed about your true intentions.

    How do you wish to improve education in Liberia? For example, I strongly believe that some teachers in Liberia need to be re-trained in the classroom. So what do you intend to do in order to change the “business as usual” culture that currently exists in Liberia?

    Subsistence farming is and has been a way of life in Liberia for a very long time! To me, subsistence farming is similar to the concept of “hunter-gatherer”. All in all, subsistence farming is a “business as usual” concept. What plans do you have for agriculture in Liberia? I could go on and on. It won’t help because I know you’ve got my drift.

    We await your response Dr. Curran!
    As always, peace.


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