“Agent Provocateurs,” President Calls Protesting Parties

Piah said President Sirleaf (pictured) remains confident in the ability of the NEC to carry out professional, credible and transparent elections

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, through her press secretary Jerolimmek Piah, has termed the ruling Unity Party(UP),  as well as the oppositions Liberty Party (LP) and the All Liberian Party (ALP), as “agent provocateurs to undermine Liberia’s democratic process,” following their joint statement alleging “widespread, systematic elections fraud” at the hands of the National Elections Commission (NEC), and with the President’s interference.

Piah said the allegations are completely baseless, and are an unfortunate attempt by the parties to undermine Liberia’s democratic process.

“These allegations fall in the category of ‘hate speech,’ and ‘inciting language,’ which should be condemned and disavowed by all peace-loving Liberians. Therefore, we like to specifically clear that at no time has President Sirleaf interfered in the process, the outcome or the results of the October 10, 2017 presidential and representative elections,” Piah said in a statement released yesterday.

He said that all the meetings, interactions or exchanges between the Office of the President and the NEC were consistent with her constitutional role to ensure that the process was supported, and that such interactions were initiated at the request of the Commission, and were never held secretly, but in the presence of others even on occasion in the presence of international representatives, who are concerned about Liberia’s progress.

Piah said the President has met with the numerous domestic and international observation missions, as well as the various technical advisors working to support the NEC, reminding all parties that they are signatories to the Farmington River Declaration, which obliges all political parties to pursue a peaceful judicial resolution to electoral disputes.

The President, Piah said, has therefore called on all parties to refrain from utterances and actions that have the propensity to incite people and undermine the peace and stability of the country before, during and after the conclusion of the 2017 electoral process.

“We encourage any and all political parties with evidence of any issue relating to the elections to present said evidence through the appropriate legal channels so that those concerns may be adjudicated and, where necessary, our elections process can be improved,” Piah said.

He said in the wake of the development, President Sirleaf remains confident in the ability of the NEC to carry out professional, credible and transparent elections that accurately reflect the will of the Liberian people; and for Liberia’s Judicial Branch to adequately, transparently, fairly and impartially adjudicate any dispute arising thereof.

Piah said the facts must speak for themselves, and not be obscured by rumors, innuendoes, fake news and false narratives.

The Office of the President, meanwhile, reminded all Liberians of the appeal made to them by President Sirleaf on the eve of the October 10 elections and asked that the citizens take it to the heart as the presidential run-off approaches.

Piah added: “Go to the November 7 poll peacefully, respecting every Liberian’s right to vote with dignity and pride. Embrace your neighbor, regardless of their political choice. The peace is for you to protect and preserve. Remember that you are an empowered people; the future of the country is in your hands. No one is entitled to your vote — not because of party, ethnicity, religion or tribal affiliation; and all must respect the outcome of the election.”

The UP, ALP and LP on Sunday said in a joint press statement drew attention to “widespread and systematic fraud, incompetence, inefficiencies and deliberate actions and/or inactions on the part of the NEC that prevented thousands of Liberians from voting” in the October 10 elections.


  1. We Can Reconcile and Unite

    It is the right of a political party or parties in interest to seek redress before the Supreme Court after exhausting the procedural remedies of the National Elections Commission (NEC). In this case, the Liberty Party and others have opted to contest the validity of the October Elections before the Honourable Supreme Court. The question before the court is whether the ballots tempering is sufficient to set aside the NEC’s results?
    We think it is not. We think relying on results, reports of observers and advisers, there is nothing inconsistent with the results. The Liberian people have voted and Liberians must live by the results. It is recalled that during the Presidential Election of 2011, the Congress for Democratic Change refused to partake in the 2nd round of the election. The option , CDC took at the time lead the Unity Party under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to win the unopposed election presidential election. History reveals that the CDC thought it wise not to take advantage of judicial intervention to require a re-count; even though , it was within its rights to use whatever legal means necessary. The CDC, however, swallowed its pride and rights just to put the interest of the Liberian people first and foremost.
    We are convinced that Liberians political leaders are often unable to discuss their political problems based on workable solutions. Everyone wants to lead. For example, we have neglected to jawbone issues on Health, Education, Agriculture and Road constructions, aka (HEAR) in resolving our common destiny, Liberia. We ought to reduce poverty and increase kindergarten across the country . The point here is elections issues are political in nature. Political parties must come together, work and engage others prior to seeking judicial action because at the end of the day, Liberians have to live with one another in peace, security and stability. Likewise, no party should form alliances out of civility. We have to build our institutions and hold those manning public institutions responsible for any shortfall and gain. ESJ was right when she said “…it is time for the young people” to take charge of the country. Assuming she is right, have we, the people exhausted reconciliation and reunification of the country… I think, we ought to explore our inner hearts to find why this “election business” must not be resolved by the Supreme Court of Liberia but at round table conference with the new leader. Let us think for a little, what would have happened had Senator Price Y. Johnson endorse Mr. Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party? With more than 14.8% of the total votes, Nimba County is the key to the Executive Mansion, so PYJ is the man of the hour.
    To start, there were many political parties in the representative and presidential elections. Many of these organizations should have combined forces or reconcile their differences to form coalitions with binding agreements among themselves. We know that elections are costly, whether in Liberia or elsewhere, however, for us we need to those funds to import medication and rice. For almost two months everything is going slow because by law, the presidential term of ESJ will expire this year. In the future, I will suggest that all political parties pay the minimum of US1.5 Million Dollars to contest the office of the presidency. Individuals seek to be representatives should pay the minimum of US10 thousand Dollars, with support from their through the political party or by the candidate. The downside of this policy is only the well-connected may contest. I say no because those seeking public offices need the people to vote as they have a shared platform. Money along will not get anyone elected. For those without the money, the party may pay on their behalf. These suggestions will take the Liberian election process in the right direction. Equally important is the marking of house and naming of streets. Each voter will be identified to a structure/house making it harder to commit election fraud. There will be no trucking of individuals a week prior to the election. These small things can improve the voting and electoral process in the future.
    Every Liberian including the stakeholders is tired discussing the elections in Liberia. It is time for the Liberians to move forward and learn from their mistakes, like the opposition in 2011. Again, do not get me wrong, with less political parties, the margin of “election related fraud” will decrease, as reconciliation and unity will exist. We are aware that many political leaders do not discuss national issues with each other until they are on the ballots. This too is wrong as politics is about making compromises and concessions. We must learn the ingredients of making political friends at the beginning that is when the parties are formed.
    Today, as we hope to listen to the arguments on both sides and their prayers to the Honourable Supreme Court, we anticipate that the interest of Liberians will be paramount. Political questions and election problems are resolved through reconciliation and unity. This court will not do for parties what they should do for themselves. Liberia and Liberians are behind in economic/social indicators coupled with malpractices that continue to reduce us to beggars with vast natural resources. There are no scapegoats in this theater, so let us pray that Light shines on Liberians in peacefully crossing this river in the canoe called Liberia. Thank you.

  2. Is Partisan politics becoming the new form of factional divide in Liberia?

    The amalgamation (consolidation) of some major political parties like the newly form Coalition for Democratic Change (formerly Congress for Democratic Change) and the UP are now in a tug of war for presidential power.

    Throughout this 2017 election process we have witnessed infighting, dissension, dispute, discord, strife, conflict, friction, argument, counterargument, disagreement, controversy, quarreling, wrangling, bickering, squabbling, disunity, and lately, legal complaints filed by Cllr Charles Brumskine of (LP) to the Supreme Court against NEC on charges of fraud and irregularities during the just ended Oct.10th 2017 general election.

    Is this a strategy to disrupt this coming Nov.7th run-off election by these party members (LP, ALP, UP) who are protesting just a week away from the run-off election? Is it their goal to de-legitimize this run-off election? Some of these allegations about NEC in collusion with the president could have been addressed legally before the Oct. 10th 2017 Election.

    If infighting, disunity and political wrangling among these various political parties are not addressed amiably and speedily before the run-off election, we could be treading dangerous waters toward instability? This is detrimental to the economic progress, peace and stability we now enjoy.

    These aggrieved politicians that came below 1st and 2nd place, who act as though they are more sanctimonious (holy) than Pope Francis, fail to realize that the existence of 4.5 million Liberians should not be taken for granted.

    No one party or a single individual, be it the president or vice president, is more Liberian than the Liberian old lady on her farm in Grand Kru County, or the poor Liberian school boy or girl living near Mount Wologisi, or the Liberian hunter living in the village near Pleebo, Maryland County.

    These egotistical individuals who lost in the election fail to realize that we are all Liberians. Majority of Liberians are facing the same economic struggle of the “haves vs have not”; “the rich vs poor”; “honesty vs dishonesty”. Our common enemy is not political party vs political party; nor Contry vs Congua (dissolved by virtue of intermarriages, social/religious/political integration; and the dissolution of one party state); our common enemy in Liberia is Inequality and the Lack of equal economic opportunity for all Liberians.

    We should stop this dangerous partisan divide that is now tearing the country apart. Haven’t we learned from the many years of infighting/war that destroyed this beautiful country and people of Liberia?
    For the love of Liberia, what does it matter if George Weah wins this run-off; he still loves Liberia. For peace and love of Liberia, what does it matter if Joe Boakai wins this run-off; he also still loves Liberia.

    I don’t care who wins as long as the winner is able to close the widening gap between the rich and poor, and make sure that all Liberian citizens and foreigners living in Liberia are treaty equally under the law.

    Then, this fulfillment will be a true testament of leadership! May God guide whoever wins this election and prevent Liberians from destroying Mama Liberia!!!

  3. The preservation of peace in Liberia is much more important than the attempt by the political elites and their beneficiaries to hang onto power. It’s time for the establishments to accept the October 10 results and get ready for November 7 run-off instead of attempting to undermine the process, it’s not going to change the outcome, the ordinary Liberian voters are tired of you leading them. Enough is enough, the writing is clear on the WALL!

  4. Mr. Kabena Janneh ( forgive me if I misspelled your honorable name) This is the time for sound decision, decision that take the nation forward. Some political parties are already being defeated. They are not use to accepting defeat. The majority of the Liberian people are speaking loudly and clearly. Therefore please listen to them, not those so-call political parties leaders. I was not in Liberia for both 2005, and 2011 elections. I do know that the CDC, for the sake of peace and the love of one country, accepted the results and moved on. Today, it is the other way around and other are not accepting the fact that they are, or may lost. Old Man Boykai, Mr. Brumskins, and those other guys crying are not better than Liberia. Enough is enough. Mr. Janneh, beware, 1985 memory is lingering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In 2005 and 2011 according to you Weah accepted the result after children, youths went on the rampage where some even lost their lives in the name of peotesting/demonstrating, Should Brumskine do the same? My answer is no, the best place to resolved a national issue is with the court. So sad that ppl like u see it as a wrong thing, and you calling political parties with quest of justice so called just speaks of the kind of person you are.

  5. Que Sara Sara; whatever will be, will be… Let’s move on. There can be, only one President-Elect; Republic of Liberia. We are looking forward, to Nov. 7, 2017. Our next President deserves the “FULL SUPPORT” of all Liberians; in the best interest of Liberia. By the same token,we expect the President-Elect, to be a President for all Liberians; not special INTERESTS…


  7. Ellen did interfere with our elections. You can not invite the election commissioners to your house at night to discuss election matters(telling them who should be declared the winner and bribing them with state funds) and then say we had a level playing field. What were they discussing at her house at night? If this meeting was so important, why weren’t representatives of political parties invited? What did she have to hide that she had to have the secret meeting at night? Never in the history of Liberia had something like this happened. The outgoing president meeting with the election commissioners at her house at night to discuss election matters. This is unacceptable.
    The Supreme Court in Kenyan, for example, had similar case(voting fraud) brought to its attention. The Court, standing on the principle of law, ruled the election null and void. There was a lot of cheating in this election. A lot of citizens were disenfranchised, ballots were found in the bushes of Grand Gedeh, financial support given by the outgoing president to the candidate of her choice, sending $2 million dollars to Lofa to buy voter’s registration cards from supporters of Joe Boakai ($100.00 per voter’s registration card as confirm by reliable sources so that they don’t vote in the run off elections). The outgoing president is dishonest, unreliable, deceitful, and corrupt. She is very vindictive and needs to be investigated for fraud and theft and the role she played in bringing trouble in our country through the ACDL. Now to crown matters, she is attempting to leave confusion in the country as she exits from power.
    Liberia can only be saved by the Supreme Court. Like the justices of Kenyan, the Liberian Justices of the Supreme court need to stand up and tell outgoing president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that inviting the Election Commissioners to her house at night to discuss election matters was illegal and an interference in the elections which constitute declaring same null and void.

  8. Senator Grupee suggested introduction of the “Death Penalty” for ritualistic killers (17 deaths reported in first 6 months of 2016) but “death penalty” law is not enough because most cases are unreported, never investigated and even if a suspect is arrested, he is innocent until proven guilty. How about taking the incentive of excessive salaries and benefits of politicians away? Just cut off foreign aid to the countries where government is designed to enrich and empower politicians like Liberia, Sa Leone, Uganda,..etc. More Americans are joining us in our bid to cut off foreign aid to Liberia until democracy is instituted. “99 days for rogues but one day for the master.” http://www.mastersday.com The attached mutilated and murdered child is 13 years old Princess. She represents hundreds killed because of the incentives of excessive salaries and benefits of politicians. The system is broken and we as human beings must create a new system. The corrupt system was designed by human beings. We don’t need to live with the deadly system.Californian lawmakers earn US$104,118.00 annually with a US$270 billion dollars budget. Liberian lawmakers earn over US$200,000.00 with a US$550 million dollars budget. 38% of American worker/taxpayers earn US$20,000.00 or less annually. 50% of American workers earn US$30,000.00 or less annually. Our corrupt system is not desirable to most Liberians. That is why we must cut off foreign aid to Liberia and all poor countries with excessive salaries and benefits immediately.

  9. That Vice president Boakai and Senator Weah are in the run – off didn’t surprise elementary school children and petty traders nationwide; and apparently could’ve been anticipated by the major parties, hence the Ganta Declaration. We pray temperance overcomes incendiary rhetoric because, in our flammable environment, should physical harm come to either Boakai or Weah an inferno will engulf the nation.

    President Sirleaf is right to be outraged!


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