Agencies, Ministries Prepare for Inter-Ministerial League

An NPA player during practice session yesterday at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium

The Inter-Ministerial League, organized by the Ministry of Youth & Sports begins on June 8, is gaining momentum as employees from the various ministries and agencies are being handled by the coaches for the tournament.
At a visit at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium yesterday, the kickball players from the National Housing Authority (NHA) were putting themselves in shape, under coach Waddy Kamaboakai.

Their two-day physical preparation continues today, starting at 8:30 am at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.
Coach Kamaboakai grilled her girls on a diamond-shaped diagram and placed key players at their various positions.
Serving as the pitcher, Coach Kamaboakai would send the ball to the first group of players who are to kick the ball that is intended to go beyond the reach of the second group of players.

This player kicks the ball and ready to run to the next base if the receiver fumbles

So while the ball was kicked beyond the reach of any of the opposing players, then kicker would follow and race to torch each of the bases on the diamond-shaped diagram.

As the player moved to continue to touch each of the bases, the opponent would be struggling to get the ball under and control and send it ahead of the player who had kicked the ball so that her team-mate on the base could stop the forward movement of the kicker.

This player handles a long ball and she is ready to send it to a team-mate (pitcher) who will move to halt the movement of the opponent to the next base

The excitement built as the kicker made good of her run and especially when the ball was brought under control and was thrown to a teammate with the intent to stop the progression of the kicker. The circled was begun and despite the initial inability for any of the kickers to get done properly, they eventually succeeded somehow.

As the circle continued as the first kickers made good of the race to return home, their points soared. That was the exercise that Coach Kamaboakai took her players through in preparation for the highly expected inter-ministerial league.

There is also the football category and the players are all preparing mentally and physically for the tournament that should increase cooperation and understanding among government employees. The tournament also fulfills the popular saying that “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.” It also helps provide compulsory physical exercises for employees who do not have physical exercises schedule in their activities.


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