AGC Donates to Orphanage Home


In an effort to support orphaned children in Liberia, the All God’s Children School System-Liberia Charity Outreach (AGC), has donated assortments of food and non-food items to the Susie Guenter’s Children’s Welfare and Rehabilitation Center to help in caring for the orphanage home children.

Making the donations over the weekend to the home, situated on the Robertsfield Highway,  Deacon James G. Guanue, principal and acting country director of All God’s Children School System-Liberia, said his institution was established to meet the needs of children.  His organization thought it wise to provide for the Susie’s family this time.

According to him, the AGC is not focusing on big name institutions but rather on institutions and Liberian children that need such an initiative to ensure their livelihood and educational progress.  

“Our institution was established in 1997 to provide free education and counseling for child soldiers, abandoned children and orphans and so, AGC sees the need to continue helping  underprivileged children. We are committed to the vision of supporting  Liberian children.”

He continued, “We hope  that this donation will meet the needs of the little ones that are here and we pray that other humanitarian groups will follow the same process in supporting the children and making sure that they are properly cared for,” he said.

He explained that despite the closure of all his three institutions, due to the Ebola virus across Liberia, his institution is serving the Liberia public through providing tuition-free education and counseling to the younger generation with support from Save the Children (USA).

Mr. Guanue expressed thanks and appreciation to Save the Children, which continues to provide salaries and relief items for staff,  students and parents, families of Ebola victims,  including orphans.

In remarks, the directress of the Susie Guenter’s Children’s Welfare and Rehabilitation Center, Edwina Z. Kamara, hailed the All God’s Children School System-Liberia Charity Outreach (AGC) for reaching out to the Susie family.

“We are very thankful for what God’s children have  brought for us. This is a blessing for the All God’s Children. These items will us for sometime,” she noted.

She called on other Liberians to help support the children, stating that, “We need to support them because we do not know their future.  Many of them might be good leaders for Liberia.”

According to her, the closure of all institutions   due the disease was a serious challenge in caring for the children,

She explained that the institution does not have sponsors now but her late father had a dream of ensuring that the children will have sponsors to help in supporting these  children and the institution taking care of them. 


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