After Election, Taa Wongbe Eyes A United Nimba

Flashback: Taa Wongbe (center) leads a parade through the streets of Ganta for the One Nimba peace festival, in February, 2020.

Taa Wongbe, one of the seven candidates that contested in the senatorial election in Nimba County, has begun a new campaign — one of a less political nature — reuniting people of the county after bitter and grueling campaign, characterized by tribalism and discrimination.

“It was a hard fight, but one worth fighting, but no matter the outcome, Nimba must unite to move forward,” he said.

Even though he is yet to publicly concede defeat as the tally of results still ongoing, Wongbe said, “We took a bold step few years ago to move Nimba forward and, while we weren’t successful, we remain committed to sharing our vision and cause.”

Before the conduct of the polls on December 8, campaign in Nimba County took trends of vices; some preaching tribal politics.

Since December 8, Nimbaians with interest in the two leading candidates, Gongloe-Weh and Koung, have taken to social media lambasting one another. One post on Facebook reads: “Other counties were divided because of political marginalization. PYJ moving Nimba in this direction. Enough is enough for his tribalism and glottonalism.” On Representative Koung’s page, he said: “We don’t discriminate, (I repeat) we don’t discriminate, Nimba Unity for Nimba Development.” Still other posts have assertions such as “Gio people strong; Mano woman cannot win in Districts 4, 5, 6, and 7; We told you to create a county in Nimba and you never agreed with us.”

These discriminatory and tribal statements have overwhelmed the political space in Nimba with a high certainty that whoever wins between the two leading candidates; Edith Gongloe-Weh and Representative Jeremiah Koung, will be left with bitternes and will undermine peaceful coexistence in Nimba.

With the prevailing situation, Taa Wongbe said: “For us, we are turning our focus to uniting the county and working tirelessly to move Nimba and Liberia forward and build our country for the next generation.”

“To the young people of Nimba,” he added, “Our heads are still up high and our promise remains to ensure we uplift the young people and thank you for fighting with me.”

Taa Wongbe, who stands in the least category with Dorr Cooper in the tallying, was the youngest among the seven candidates in Nimba with a political slogan, “Moving Nimba Forward.

He ran as independent candidates after he lost the controversial CPP Primary in Sanniquellie on September 6, 2020 to Madam Edith Gongloe-Weh.

Latest results has it that Taa Wongbe has so far accumulated 5% of the votes counted so far in the county.

The senatorial election in Nimba is tough between Madame Gongloe-Weh and Representative Koung. Both are topping in various places. Koung in his electoral district 1 struggled with Madame Gonglow-Weh, and the female candidate made significant marks in districts 2, and 3. Also in districts 8 and 9, she topped with wide margins and she and her rival, Koung, share district 7. Koung moved ahead significantly in districts 4, 5, 6, but battled with former Representative Garretson Yealue who could not campaign anywhere but only in those districts.

Nimba people voted on what could be seen as three reasons; first, the unpopular status of the CDC-led government that also caused Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon to gain high political fame, Nimba women want female representation in the Legislature and therefore they put their weight behind Madame Gongloe-Weh, and still others voted considered the influence of Senator Prince Johnson and the fact that Representative Koung has enough money and materials to distribute among voters.

Regardless of the tough race that giving ground to supporters of Koung to celebrate now, some supporters of Madam Edith Gongloe-Weh remain optimistic of victory.


  1. We will lobby with some lawmakers to ensure that the Mano people are properly represented. Prince Johnson doesn’t own Nimba County. We don’t trust him. He will control his Gio kinsmen to continue to enrich himself at their expense.

  2. Taa whosoever, go sit in the corner and hide yourself. Prince Johnson told you that you are a small boy for Nimba politics. You do not understand Liberian politics. Go hide yourself.

  3. This person posing as I True Nationalist is IMPERSONATING! He or she impersonating and commenting against Taa Wongbe is not I True Nationalist.

  4. So-called True Nationalist, Stop duplicating my name. You want to take away the sparks out of my comments against Taa.

  5. Look you impersonator, everyone on this site is aware I DO NOT write my idenity in block letters. So the very fact that someone (you an impersonator) have come impersonating my identity By writing or making such impersonation in block letters proves your impersonation.

    That after I have caught you in your tracks and exposed you, you would extend your impersonation to writing “Original True Nationalist” further proves with overwhelming evidence and proof beyond all reasonable doubts that the one who initially identified himself in BLOCK LETTERS (while commenting against Taa Wongbe ) IS AN IMPERSONATOR.

    Do I ever identify myself as “Original True Nationalist”??? HELL NO! Again, your impersonating INSANITY is exposed. You better go and find some other idle and INSANE engagement. For this impersonating INSANITY on your part is certainly SILLY AND POINTLESS.

  6. Dear Brother Wongbe,

    In life, we learn history to avoid the mistakes of the past. Also, as a leader, you must learn to always anticipate more and react less in solving problems.

    You had been the torchbearer of the ANC, a progressive platform, in Nimba county. You were held in high esteem by the standard bearer (Alexander B. Cummings) of the party. You were indeed climbing the political ladder in the giant county of Nimba. Why did you allow yourself to stumble at the least bait?

    A successful politician is first and foremost a person who PLAYS BY THE RULE. There were established regulations concerning the primary. If such regulations were footed on by the others, you should have forwarded your grievances to the hierarchy of the party for decision, and you must have adhered to the verdict therefrom.

    Why did you decide to part way so soon, even indulging in tribalism, nepotism and other trifling societal divides?
    The unity we (ANC) aim to forge among Liberians has been footed on by your political immaturity and gluttony in Nimba. You have made the job of bringing the people of Nimba and Liberia together a herculean task. What unity do you embody at present?

    Your actions have cost Mama GONGLOE-WEH the election in Nimba. Will she and her supporters align behind your lip service peace parade? This is hypocrisy, brother. It was an easy task to unite and win the seat in Nimba under the CPP.
    Frankly, I was taken aback by your political juvenility at this crucial time when we have to unite more people under the development cause and mission of Liberia.

    Do not count on me to join your hypocritical train of cynical unity in Nimba County! You are now disqualified to lead such train.

  7. There’s no reason to panic. Yes, Nimba is a big strategic county. Politicians ought to be careful according to how they go about business in the county.

    The ballots are still being counted. Gongloe-Weh is not yet the winner or the loser. As it stands, no one knows whether Gongloe-Weh will win or lose. If she loses, it should be understood as a fact of life. On the other hand, she could win, but I am not too sure.

    At one time, a female politician received something like an honorarium from an employee of the mining company in Nimba. That gift may have caused problems in the minds of some Nimbaians. A politician should not beg for furniture.

    Taa Wongbe is a fighter. Like every politician, Wongbe wanted to pull strings for himself. At the present time, Wongbe is trying to unite the Nimbaians. Unity is good and therefore, Wongbe should not be repudiated for what he did or did not do. That’s life. Let’s move on.

    There’s one unmanned politician who has a big headache. He is not as popular as he and his supporters think he is. There seems to be a problem for him. The problem is 2023! In the Southeast region, the unnamed politician didn’t fair well. Maybe his candidate is groping for political survival (just a simple win) because the Nimbaians took note of how poorly he did in the Southeast.

    The unnamed politician claims to have been born somewhere in the Southeast region. His version of his geneaology is blotchy. Okay, let’s say he’s from that region. But why didn’t his anointed candidates do well in the Southeast? That again is a problem! I’m sorry to say it, but I will say it because it’s the right thing to do…
    That guy is loosing his streak.

  8. ” . . .Nimba women want female representation in the Legislature and therefore they put their weight behind Madame Gongloe-Weh. . .” What does this mean? People of Nimba County do not care what elections are about, but gender representation in the government? We have had all kinds of representations, including tribal, but look where we are today after 173 years. Take emotions and personal interests out of elections, and put in love of a country based on tangible results, I am talking about show and tell. First, show me what you done in life before you tell me about your qualifications in big, big words.

  9. Petarus Dolo, did your demi god Alex Cummings ”anticipate more and react less in solving problems” when OUT OF SPITE AGAINST Benoni Urey, he Cummings dictated to his ANC voters not to vote for Benoni Urey’s daughter Telia Urey?

    To be perfectly honest, one has always entertained it as a humor or a mere conversational joke to equate your support for Alex Cummings to the relationship between a demi god and his minion.

    But now that you are in expressed and implied terms making manifest that fundamental to ”playing by the rule in the ANC” and or been a ”successful politician” in the ANC is ALL MEMBERS OR STALWARTS OF OF THE ANC (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ALEX CUMMINGS) SUBSUMING THEIR INDIVIDUAL POLITICAL AMBITION FOR THE CPP, we are compelled to have a second thought abut that intellectual jest around here.

    In other words, according to you Petarus Dolo, while Alex Cummings has vowed to put his personal presidential ambition before the collective interest of the ANC AND THE CPP (by vehemently rejecting any idea about Boakai been Number One and he been under Boakai), Taa Wongbe should have cheered such selfishness on the part of Alex Cummings and deprive himself and his home state Nimba of their political conviction in order to ”remain held in high esteem by the standard bearer (Alexander B. Cummings) of the party”.

    Well, Petarus, you do injustice to yourself to believe that because your adoration for Alex Cummings blinds you to the power dynamics of party politics on the national stage, highly AMBITIOUS politicians as Ambassador Sulunteh and Taa Wongbe,(and even Alex Cummings) would also have your mentality about politics!

    Look Petarus, at a time when some politicians are advancing such reckless and selfish idea about dividing our politically and economically powerful county (Nimba) into two, all sons and daughters of Mother Nimba should..

    (1) rally around Taa Wongbe in advocating and championing the cause of A ONE AND UNITED NIMBA, and not badmouth him because of Edith Weh who used her official position as Superintendent to furnish her stay in government residence, and while leaving tore down everything and carried them with her,, nor

    (2) should anyone badmouth Taa for an Alex Cummings who ”anticipated LESS and reacted IN EXCESS ” when OUT OF SPITE AGAINST Benoni Urey, he Cummings dictated to his ANC voters not to vote for Benoni Urey’s daughter Telia Urey! Not to talk about him..

    (3) Cummings having long vowed to put his personal presidential ambition before the collective interest of the ANC AND THE CPP (by vehemently rejecting any idea about Boakai been Number One and he been under Boakai!

  10. Mr. False Nationalist,

    To succeed in any capacity in the civilized world, you need to be disciplined.
    To advance in the barbaric world, you need to bully your way through; it could be by being roisterous (the person with the loudest or fiercest voice or war cry) and demonically commandeering.

    We must learn to prevent instead of curing. If Wongbe has decided to unite the children of Nimba, it means there has been friction/s among the children of Nimba. Where did the friction/s arise? Probably Taa Wongbe knows better. Who is responsible for such friction/s? Maybe the same so-called unifier or peacemaker.

    Let’s stop repeating the same mistakes of the past. “You cannot continue to do the same thing all the time and expect to get a different result/s at different times”.
    Sorry to say but until Taa Wongbe can come back on planet earth, submit a letter of apology and be ready to undergo the disciplinary action/s commensurate to his forfeiture, he is dead politically for his political juvenility.
    Beware, the political landscape of Liberia is changing positively. Jungle democracies are eroding, giving way to selflessness, qualification, integrity, consistency in ideology and humility

    Mr. False Nationalist, you like verbosity. You pride yourself in saying rhetoric to please your intellectualism. I would love to admonish you to be objective in your trend of thoughts.
    I am not going to comment on Cummings’ refusal or acceptance to support Telia Urey but in politics, the will of the majority supersedes personal friendship and family ties.
    Madam Rawlings of Ghana has run on 2 (I think) occasions as an independent presidential candidate in Ghana without the support of her political families. Why? Do a research.

    The mission of the ANC is purely altruistic. We (ANC) want to improve the lives of all those living on the Liberian soil. In so doing, our natural instinct of a search for a better livelihood in a capitalist society develops based on our personal ambition/s for the pursuit of happiness.
    We need to STOP running after the wind. You can NEVER catch up with the wind. We (Liberians) need to keep a cool head and work towards achieving the fundamentals. Liberia is rich, let’s get a team that will make Liberians benefit from their natural resources instead of the West.

    Given the past political climate created by the war in Liberia, some of you don’t understand what is meant by discipline. I pray and hope that we will begin by voting in the right people with corporate culture or discipline.

    I like the Cummings-Boakai’s tandem and would even love to see it in 2023. But the inverse of such tandem would still not be productive for Liberia. We need to start something different from what we have seen in the past. There is no time for snail-pace development in Liberia. The country is lagging!

    Greetings, brother False Nationalist!

    • Dolo, you must have been one of those Charles Taylor’s child rebel soldiers in the early nineties who would call an elder “Papay“. And in the next breadth, they are yelling at that very elder…“Papay bring your Ass here.“ We physically and personally met most of them and observed this mentality of yours we are pointing at here!!!! At the time we were with the UN Africa Bureau.

      What we mean is this… While you are referring to True Nationalist as “ Greetings brother“, you are intentionally insulting him by referring to him as Mr. “False Nationalist“.

      And to worsen matters, instead of you defending, or at least, justifying your idiotic, naive, and ignoramus, thoughts against Taa’s tactical disposition following the election, you want to disparage him.

      And why? Because he Taa has demonstrated being yes, another tactical politician, but indeed, “HIS OWN MAN“ as opposed to you disgracing yourself here to prove your loyalty or in fact your reverence to Alex Cummings who in his political ignorance, deludes himself that despite his notorious character trait of been a gay rapist and a butt boy, he or anyone can just jump from abroad and have the 15 political sub divisions of a country vote him to power.

      And according to him Cummings, such delusion is possible because he is able to rant out lies about jobs, and he Alex Cummings, becoming one of the highest bidders for the media, who doles out huge sums of money to politicians who have never seen huge sums of money.

      You have even extended this obsequious and unreasonable reverence or loyalty to a racist Donald Trump who strangely (as is the case with Alex Cummings) believes management is synonymous to governance.

      You better desist from this attitude and obsession of yours of trusting politicians, and insulting people because they share Benoni Urey’s stance against Cummings that “ Cummings is not fit to be President”.

  11. To whom It May Concern

    The electors sealed the deal on the 14th of December, 2020.

    The original numbers for Biden didn’t change one bit! Biden….302!!

    Meanwhile, his Attorney General, Williamm Barr resigned yesterday. Because of him, Barr’s reputation has been tarnished forever. To add insult to injury, the pundits have identified Barr as the worst AG this great country has had. Not to be outperformed by Barr, he too is now being labeled as the worst president.

    State and Federal courts have dismissed every bit of his frivolous suits. At the apogee of his fight to change the numbers for him (instead of the guy who actually won), the Supreme Court of the land refused to hear or listen to the mouths of his legal team. If that’s not a snub of unimaginable proportions, I don’t know what is.

    As the Coronavirus worsens, he is nowhere to be found. Rather, he is preoccupied with himself.

    Reality….he should never have been elected to the presidency.

    Like Covid-19, hunger is getting to be out of control in America. Food lines are increasing. Every American of every stripe is experiencing
    some form of head winds..

    During the beginning of December, 2020, over 850,000 Americans applied for federal assistance.

    Because of his insensitivity and intransigence, vigilantism is slowly creeping up. For instance, elected state employees in Michigan were threatened by his hoodlums yesterday.

    ………. Attention………
    Talking about him, how many elected lawmakers can he brag about in the Lower and Upper Houses of Liberia?

    The fact that someone has had a private sector background experience does not mean it’s a badge of honor into the presidency. Look at the other guy we’re having problems with.

    Liberia, please wake up.

  12. The best leader for Liberia now is someone from the private sector with proven record and moral probity to put Liberians to work.
    Let the artist go to the studio to make music, we will promote them to raise money. They have never successfully run a bitter bulbs business in their live time, how can you give them an entire country? People have always managed things for them, even their private lives. You can take any of our mamas from the market to do a better job than what they are doing.

    Let them sing about themselves (Mr. LIAR MAN!).
    Ooooooooh, so they know they are LIAR? I did not know that they knew they have failed their own people.
    Any way God there! HE (God) can’t sleep ooooh!

    American Politics
    Well, to our readers who are not well versed with the political system in the USA, the report above is somewhat misleading, beware!

    Yesterday when the electorate college met to cast their votes, the Democrats and the Republicans, as a normal trend and for formality, cast their votes in conformity with the results from the various states without legal battles. It means all the states without lawsuits were validated at stage 2 yesterday; which also means there is a stage 3 before the candidate can take the oath of office on January 20th.

    However, in the states with pending lawsuits, viz Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, there were two separate votes cast; one by the Democrats and the other called CONDITIONAL votes by the Republicans.
    A conditional vote cast means there is a pending or ongoing lawsuit. They had to vote yesterday in keeping with constitutional agenda. It does NOT in any way means Biden has won. He still does NOT have access to intelligence briefings, a key presidential privilege for a president-elect, and the senate has not voted to allow the preparation of a transition or an inauguration.

    If the lawsuits cannot be settled before January 4, Congress will elect the president of the USA. If Biden is elected then, he becomes the president of the USA. For now, he is still far from the threshold! STOP rejoicing, Trump still has his Emergency Power!

    It was evident for Bill Barr to resign. He contradicted and undermined the work of the security apparatus.
    How could he have declared he had not seen anything to undermine the election results while the FBI had unearthed 500,000 fake voters?
    How could he have made such declaration if forensic tests of the voting machines have proven beyond doubt that the Dominion machines were altered to switch votes?
    How could he have made such declaration if the number of voters in 3 counties surpassed registered number of voters (105%, 115% and 120%)?
    How could he have made such declaration if it was found that within a space of less than 5 minutes, 130,000 votes were tabulated for one candidate, vizr Biden?
    And so on, and so on, and so on…………..

    The irregularities are all around the place to the extent that even 10% of Democrats sampled believed the election was stolen.
    If the Democrats can get away with this steal, there will be no reference of democratic morality in the world to emulate. It will set a bad precedence to decency and comfort tyrant governments in rigging the constitutionality of any system in the world. It doesn’t augur well for a society of probity and sanity.

    Let’s watch on! STAGE 3 is yet to come!

  13. Mon Frere,
    Your analysis is at odds with reality.
    Biden has access to Intelligence briefings. Originally, he didn’t. Now, he does. On the 6th of January, 2021, the US Congress votes to codify the transaction that occurred yesterday by the electors. It’s a formality. The final step is the January 20th inauguration.

    Stop kidding yourself. Trump is finished. For your “stage 3”, I will sip my decaffeinated coffee, cheering profusely (but not laughing like that) for the Biden-Harris team.

    I know you are sharp-witted, but you don’t know everything. The FBI, the cybersecurity agency and all monitoring organizations have said there’s no evidence of widespread fraud. Why are you and Trump doing this? Is this a harbinger of what is to come if your bosom buddy, Alexander Benedict Cummings, loses the 2023 Presidential election? This is hypothetical. I know you will not accept a hypothetical situation when it pertains to Alexander Benedict Cummings.

    Oh, contrary to the doomsayers’ pontifications, Weah didn’t disturb the recent December 8 elections. Also, Weah’s party didn’t do exceptionally well. But so far, Weah has maintained an unflappable attitude. By the way, a motor road (paved) is slated to be constructed in a county called Nimba.

    Question: Does Weah deserve an inch of a credit?

    The majority leader, McConnell has just spoken from the well of the Senate. He congratulates Biden and Harris. Do you want to continue arguing over another done deal?

  14. Grand Frere,

    Frankly, Weah and thugs have surprised me beyond expectation this time. I hope they are NOT sending us to bed to violently steal 2023, as Biden has done.

    Cummings has NEVER been and will NEVER be associated with any electoral violence in Liberia.
    He came to build, not to destroy.
    He came to give life, not to take it.
    He came to make us happy, not to sadden us.
    He came to give us hope in our country, not to make us despair in it.

    Cummings will only associate himself with positivism in Liberia. We will ensure that the arbiters of our elections are credible people. I personally think we have a good leadership doing a good job at the NEC.
    Can you remember how we cried foul when the 419 guy was appointed to lead the NEC? If the Liberian people had not vigorously kicked against it, the country could have been on fire by now, with the guy being a millionaire, probably off to Nigeria by now.

    Weah has maintained an unflappable attitude because he has understood that the Liberian people have a low opinion about him now. He has understood that all his promises were vain passion without any intellectual creativity and flair for economic planning. He has understood that the people are discouraged, in a nutshell.

    He will henceforth become a lame dog in the hands of opposition to control him at will. My prayer now is that the majority in Senate be skillful and tactful enough to swing his hands into positivism and development oriented. I hope they will not become a house of gongs to maintain the people in abject poverty while they distribute brown envelops among themselves.

    I thought Grand Frere was going to announced to me that the 4-lane coastal highway from Buchanan to Harper, promised by Weah to be done in the first two years of his presidency, was being inaugurated by now.
    What road in Nimba are you talking about? The project from Ganta to Saclapea? If you are referring to that project, it’s Ellen and not Weah’s. Tell Weah to start his first project for Liberia. We have seen none yet, maybe killing auditors, stealing our money to build his mansions, contracting unproductive debts to feed lazy partisans, sending his executives on political battlefields they can NEVER win.

    By the way, where is he going to send those who resigned to win seats in Montserrado, Bassa, etc.?
    I know he is currently confused on whether to send Sulenteh or Gbehzohngar to the UN, where to send the other people who resigned lately.

    Let me help my president. Mr. President, my proposal, if you want to earn 25% of the electorates in 2023:
    Get TWO career diplomates, irrespective of political affiliation, and send one to the UN and the other as Foreign Minister. Then use Mr. Kemayah in any public corporation or at the Finance Ministry to do a good job alongside talented Maiden Cooper, make Mr. Sulunteh your economic advisor and send Mr. Tweah to Martime Affairs, bring Mr. Lenn Nagbe to EPA and allow the don papay to rest. He is very tired, find something for him monthly, since he’s your papay, or else he will spoil your name again ooooooooooooooh.

    If you follow my advice and allow these people to work professionally and independently, something positive may happen for you in 2023.

    American Politics
    I am follow things closely. I know the USA is the greatest nation on planet earth with some of the finest brains and most patriotic citizens on planet earth.
    This election standoff will be laid to rest peacefully. On January 20, 2021, there will be a peaceful transition with Biden or Trump in attendance. No need to belabor about it with my Grand Frere.
    The truth is bad things happened during the election. Biden may be the oldest and most cheat president in the history of the USA.
    And beware, he may not even spend one year in office. He may be impeached and Kamal Harris will become the president of the USA, just imagine this scenario for the USA!

    Pray for the peace of Israel!

  15. Sorry

    I thought Grand Frere was going to announce (NOT announced) to me that the 4-lane coastal highway from Buchanan to Harper, promised by Weah to be done in the first two years of his presidency, was being inaugurated by now.

  16. Monseiur Defender,
    Make a public service announcement to you about a 4-lane paved road from Grand Bassa to the county of youth? No way. You see, it takes time for a major highway project to be undertaken. You should also keep in mind the fact that Weah’s presidency is not yet over. Finally, I would like to let you know that if Weah builds the Bassa-Maryland highway, you will never give him an ounce of a credit.

    Alexander Benedict Cummings……..
    During his run for the presidency, Cummings promised to create 100,000 jobs in three months. Cummings did not say when he would undertake the project. For instance, if he became president (never will it happen) he could start to create those 100,000 jobs after three years into his presidency. So looking at what Weah may have said about a 4-lane paved road, Weah may undertake the construction project in a few years. So far, he has served nearly three years. He’s got a few more to go.

    Furthermore, Cummings’ statements need to be scrutinized. Cummings had promised to create 100,000 jobs in a few months. That was a cheap talk! To create such a high number of jobs, one must have a competent work force.
    Sorry to say this, but there aren’t too many people in Liberia who can perform computer duties. If they are trained, yes it can be done. (This is not an insult)

    If a billionaire like Michael Bloomberg wants to establish a business entity, he does not say
    precisely how many jobs he will create in a short while. Although Bloomberg has the money to create jobs, he does not say exactly how many jobs he will create. Only in Liberia can a politician make promises to create jobs without a trained work force and capital. Note well…. the Liberians rejected Cummings because they felt that it was highly unlikely for 100,000 jobs to be created in one hundred days.

    American News…………………
    Trump’s belligerent attitude is filled with amazement. Although Trump stands no chance to serve for another four years, he continues to rant like a little squirrel.

    The Coronavirus pandemic……
    Unfortunately, hundreds of people die everyday in America. According to well-placed sources, a smaller number of people would have died if Trump had dealt his cards professionally. Again, because of his belligerence, the pandemic is out of control.

    Trump’s Cabinet…….
    According to the creme de la creme amongst us, Trump’s cabinet was the whitest in more than a quarter of a century. Whereas he claims not to be a red neck, his belligerence speaks volumes on this sensitive issue. I do not understand how an African like you could support a gentleman who’s got racist tendencies in him.

    Bottom Line…Trump is a clueless rebel.

  17. “Bottom Line…Trump is a clueless rebel.”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Let me laugh the James Davis’ laugh for you first.

    My adorable Grand Frere made an important point in his opening statement on our Liberia politics. He said and I quote,
    “You see, it takes time for a major highway project to be undertaken.”
    Yes, I know this fact, Grand Frere. For any project to succeed, a good planning and preparation must be done. This is a topic under my major; I studied and have undertaken projects in my professional life.
    To call it a project, you must undertake the technical and commercial studies, financial and economic analyses as well as the financial appraisals. In so doing, you also determine the total and quality of workforce required, then the schedule of execution.

    From my academic and professional background, when I heard Weah saying, as a campaign promise/rhetoric, that he was going to build the Buchanan-Harper highway in 2 years, not being a member of the CDC, I made the following presumptions:
    – The feasibility studies’ document is ready and on hand;
    – The different modes of financing have been identified and secured, maybe they are left just with the signing process when he takes the oath of office;
    – The contractor is already recognized and chosen, etc.

    It was indeed ludicrous to have found out that none of the steps above has been a done deal. Based on what, then, was Weah speaking?
    This is the danger of illiteracy, Grand Frere! When you are not educated to something, you think it’s easy to do.

    I have undertaken the feasibility studies of an LPG project with the required financial resources. It took us 13 unbroken months to complete. What’s about a road construction project? Do you see that your Weah had just been speaking from the thin air with no intellectual or professional essence?

    I did not do education, I will NEVER argue with you (Hney), no matter how smart I may be, on anything that has to do with education. In the same way, I do not expect you to argue with me when it comes to Financial Analysis.
    If Weah did not have a project ready, why did he make such bogus promise to the Liberian people? His own people in Grand Kru are sick of him right now.

    If the Buchanan-Harper highway has not been studied, it should take minimum 2 years to do so, maybe another year to find the financing, and then maybe 1 or 2 years to get the contractor. If none of these have been done, Weah should keep quiet, he is making himself to be a liar (Mr. Liar Man). He must have consulted technicians before making such declaration. He has good people like Kemayah, Sulunteh, etc. Why can’t him consult them before making some announcements or declarations?

    100,000 Jobs in first 100 days
    From my comments above, do not underestimated this assertion from Mr. Cummings, it is feasible to create 100,000 jobs in the first 100 days of our presidency.
    Mr. Cummings was bright in school, he is an accomplished manager and investor. He has the expertise and contacts to create jobs for Liberia. This is NO politics, Liberians must respect Cummings! Not many people can climb the ladders he has climbed, NO! We must be happy and grateful for such Liberian to come back home to help his country.

    Bloomberg can NEVER invest somewhere or in a project without him telling you how many jobs he hopes to create in the first, second and subsequent years. Also, he can NEVER invest in a business without knowing how much to generate as return on investment, NO!
    Bloomberg is rich because he knows how to deal with such figures, a dummy can NEVER be rich fairly and academically, like Bloomberg or Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or other tycoons.

    Ellen had the knowledge, contacts and resources to create more decent jobs in Liberia, but I know why she could not.
    Cummings can make Liberians forget about political politics; make people to understand that with peace and stability, the private sector can create better living conditions for the entire country.
    Presently, people think to get rich you must work for government, NO! Fair government jobs don’t enrichen, it is a call to service, but the private sector does.
    Pay our justices decent salaries for justice to be done to all men. Pay our police an attractive wage to objectively enforce the laws. Provide good incentives to our lawmakers to attract the best of our intellectuals from various professional backgrounds.
    In so doing, the private sector becomes attractive and competitive to ensure better living conditions for all.

    US Politics
    Again, you have your reason/s to vote for a president in the USA. You are a resident of the country, you vote, I don’t.
    I too have my own barometers to gauge any US president.
    I don’t care how racist Trump can be to you in the USA, I care of what Trump does to me in Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire.

    During his presidency, I did not see Trump coming to Africa to condition a loan for accepting homosexuality in our African society, OBAMA did. Though black, he is NOT my piece of cake, don’t’ offer him to me.

    Trump did not break down Venezuela, Iran, etc. Up to date, Cote d’Ivoire is undergoing an unprecedented dictatorship, the children of Yemen are starving to death and vulnerable to COVID-19. Syria and other victims of the Arab Springs are yet to enjoy economic recovery.
    God loves Trump! Trump, like Jesus, is being persecuted because of the love of God for him. he is suffering the same fate Laurent GBAGBO of Cote d’Ivoire suffered.
    Everyone will leave him (Trump), but God will hold him in HIS bosom, like Daniel in the lion’s den, like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace and like Jesus on Calvary.

    Trump did not bring COVID-19 to the world, China did. Trump did not carry COVID-19 to the USA, innocent travelers did. Trump had to fight the deadly pandemic while maintaining the livelihoods of millions of his compatriots.
    Biden disagreed with him, called him a racist, when Trump banned travelers from China to the USA. No one speaks of this fact.
    Trump was also described as a third world dictator or emperor, when he banned travelers from Europe, now he gets the blame for the spread of COVID-19 in the USA.

    I pray in my life to never be in the position of Trump or Laurent GBAGBO or Mandela or Patrice Lumumba or Thomas Sankara. These heroes have suffered vain persecution just because they stood up for biblical principles and the golden rule of nature (do unto others as you would like them to do unto you).

    May God continuously dwell with the persecuted and fortify them from their foes!


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