Afrostyle to Hold Maiden Edition of Fashion Runway

Alpha M. Kamara (Right), Creative Director and producer of Afrostyle Fashion Runway and partner addressed the media.

-Targets 10 local fashion designers

Lovers of fashion and Arts in Liberia should now brace themselves for the maiden fashion runway and arts fair to hit the capital as part of efforts of creating awareness, and encourage community involvement; and to provide a platform for young models to be engaged in showcasing their creative skills in Liberia’s fashion industry.

The event, which promises to be thrilling, will see budding fashion and art designers across the country to showcase their brands and put their business in the forefront of a fashion loving audience of celebrities, respectively.

Addressing newsmen at a recent press briefing in Monrovia, Alpha M. Kamara, Creative Director and producers of Afrostyle Fashion Runway (AFR), told newsmen that the objective behind the formulation of such event is to ensure that local market gets the necessary opportunity to reach their target market, through showcasing their fashion design brand to their customers, whom are the Liberian people.

Mr. Kamara said the AFR’s main goal is to see “our rich and cultured fashion brand reaching beyond Africa. That’s why the theme for the event is “Africa’s Fashion Beyond.”

“The Fashion industry is very broad and enterprising; it is not only about clothes designing; you can do shoes, bags and all sorts of other accessories. So, the market is really wide and there’s absolutely no reason why we should be afraid of going into the business,” the AFR CEO noted.

The event, according to Mr. Kamara, is scheduled to take place on March 23, 2019 in Monrovia.

Speaking more about the event, Kamara said Liberia’s drive towards embracing local fashion does not only come as a means to complete in the massive movement in Africans appetite to dress, but as a means to look beautiful and comfortable in “our skin and the fabric that represent our Africa roots, which is rich in diversity.”

Mr. Kamara further added the event is also intended to support Africa’s growth in her fashion industry, through “our shows while increasing our nation’s economic growth and employment and that of Africa.”

He added that the runway shows does not work for the benefit of the fashion designers or the industry alone, but also serves as a bridge to connect local business brands to consumers, models to designers and businesses.

AFR Creative Director and Producers further explained that the show will create opportunities for most of “our young designers and youths who aspire to join the industry. Give them a sense of hope that there is a career beyond being a fashion designer or runway model.”

He stated that AFR is set to revitalize Liberia’s fashion and textile industry through the creation and innovation of rich local content and a people-driven economy. “We will donate 10 percent of the program proceeds to young women and men who are working within entrepreneur programs for youths in the fashion industry.”

Mr. Kamara disclosed that AFR is open to partnership and support in whatever form. “Let’s grow Liberia through fashion, culture, tourism and art.”

He said those expected to attend the event will include members of the business community associated with Liberia’s fashion industry, buyers, media, bloggers, influencers and supporters, along with fashion-minded consumers.

AFR was founded by a local Fashion Industry Professional with four missions in mind: to provide an opportunity for local fashion industry professionals; to showcase their creative talents; Promote networking between Industry Professionals with Retail Buyers; Marketing, and Public Relations.


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