Africare’s Darius Mans Resigns


The latest edition of Africare’s newsletter has disclosed that earlier this week, after nearly five years as the organization’s president, Dr. Darius Mans, has tendered his resignation.
Africare’s Board of Directors thanked Dr. Mans for his leadership and service and wished him and his family the best in years to come.

Meanwhile the Board of Directors, chaired by Stephen D. Cashin, immediately began implementing the entity’s transition plan to ensure the continuity of Africare’s services and programs across Africa.
The search for an interim leader is already underway, and Mr. Cashin and the Board have tasked the Senior Leadership Team to manage Africare’s day-to-day operations until an interim leader is identified.

According to Africare’s May 22 news letter, an international search for a new president will begin soon, and Africare is excited for what the future can bring.
“Dr. Mans came to Africare after a distinguished career at the World Bank and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

Africare is now in its 45th year of operation. Founded in 1970, it has grown into the largest African American led development organization working exclusively in Africa with strong support from the African American Community across the United States.

The entity currently operates in 17 African nations, including Liberia, in the areas of health and agriculture with more programs currently under development.
It is a leading non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to addressing African development and policy issues by working in partnership with African people to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities. It prioritizes the cross-cutting themes of economic development, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, and women and youth empowerment.


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