African Leadership Magazine Nominates NPA Acting MD

Madam Brown

Madam Cecilia Cuffy Brown, Acting National Port Authority (NPA) managing director, has been nominated for this year’s African Female Business Leader Meritorious Award, NPA has said in a release.

Already, preparations are underway for the International Forum on African Leadership (IFAL), which is set to be held in New York on September 25, under the theme, “Peace, Security and Sustainable Development in Africa – Our Home-grown Solutions.”

In light of this, the International Advisory Board of African Leadership Magazine has nominated Madam Brown, as an honoree of the African Female Business Leadership Award.

According to the release, Madam Brown is also to be conferred with the African Leadership Medal of Honor in Business for her outstanding posture as one of Africa’s most impactful female leaders, with an impeccable track record and consistency in championing ethical business practices, thereby equipping a new generation of emerging African leaders.

This award recognizes exceptional leadership and managerial skills in a female business leader, who in spite of stiff competition in a male-dominated world has shown resilience, courage and sagacity in building a worthy brand.

“Her leadership at NPA, Liberia has brought about notable gains in areas of blocking leakages and financial recovery to the organization which is the gateway to the Liberian economy,” an official invite from the Magazine’s Board has said.

The Board also recognizes Madam Brown’s exceptional leadership, impact on the lives of both the internal and external communities, and her unalloyed commitment in advancing the entrepreneurial passion at Liberia’s Sea Port.

The Group said Madam Brown’s contribution in terms of strategic thinking has also added value to the socioeconomic growth and development of the country.

To this, they have  applauded President George Weah, and his informed decision to appoint Madam Brown, as this is a great step towards recovering the great nation’s economy.

International Forum on African Leadership is a one-day strategic high-level summit that is designed to build consensus on responses towards pressing regional and international challenges guided by a shared vision, principles, aspirations, and an innovative values-based approach.

The summit is convened as part of African Leadership magazine’s mandate of evolving solutions to some of Africa’s peculiar challenges. Thus, key takeaways from this summit will help towards improving African economies, education, security, leadership at all levels of society, youth productivity, and women empowerment as well as address community development needs.


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