‘Africa Cannot Continue To Do Business As Usual’

VP Taylor in conversation with one of the Russian officials.

VP Taylor tells Russia-Africa Summit; Russia announces US$5 Billion investment package for Africa

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor was among 35 African Heads of States and Government at the First Russia- Africa Summit, held in Sochi, Russian Federation from October 23-24, 2019, a dispatch from the Summit has said.

The Vice President, according to the dispatch, represented President George Weah, and made a strong case at her first major international stage.

In her presentation, she said that Africa remains the last economic frontier zone in the world, and is therefore opened for business, industrialization and international cooperation.

She said that Africa cannot continue to do business as usual, and the need to transform the continent’s natural resources to finished products for the global market.

VP Taylor also applauded the leadership of President Vladimir Putin for his level of international engagements with the African continent, and called for an international cooperation based on mutual interest.

She reiterated President Weah’s pronouncement that Liberia is opened for business, and will continue to create the economic ambiance to engender trade and investment.

She then thanked the Russian government for their support to Liberia in the fight against the Ebola virus disease, and the provision of training for Liberians in the mining sector.

The Russia-Africa Summit is the first of its kind in the history of Russia and Africa relations. It featured the economic and political forums, which centered on Russia’s economic agenda for Africa.

At the economic forum, President Putin announced an investment package of US$5 billion for Africa, which would be managed by the Russian Development Council through the AFREXIM Bank. The development package will be accessed by African Nations for investment, and development purposes to stimulate economic growth.

President Putin also announced a US$20 billion debt waiver for African Nations indebted to Russia as a sign of renewed partnership with the African continent.

He said that there are 17,000 African students studying in Russia and 4,000 of these students are sponsored by the Russian government. The Russian President also recounted the country’s contribution of US$60 million for the fight against the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) in 2014 in which Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea were major beneficiaries.

Russia is the world’s largest country and has 30 percent of the world’s natural resources. The country is among the top 10 exporters of food to African markets. It has significant strength in human resource development, military, science and technology, energy and agriculture.


  1. VP Jewel Taylor’s speech at Sochi, Russia, is impressive. Furthermore, Russia’s investment aid package for Africa is fantastic. Russia’s generosity is highly appreciated.

    For many years, billions of dollars have been donated to black African countries by Western countries and others in order to develop the continent. In the case of Liberia, knowledgeable people tell us that during EJS’s 12-year presidency, approximately 10 billion dollars was pumped in the Liberian economy. But, there’s no change in Liberia at all. Liberia is as poor and undeveloped as it was 50 years ago. Sadly, the situation is getting worse. The country’s population is explosive. The economy is at a stand still.

    In some African countries, national leaders are undemocratic. Once these leaders get hold of the bully pulpit, that’s it! Usually, family members are enriched, tribal groups are politically empowered while the people suffer and while the country is left to decay.

    Will Russia make the mistake of giving their investment aid package for Africa to African leaders? It is hoped that no penny will be put in the hands of any African leader. What should be done is for Russan technicians to carry out the projects that will be identified. Example, if the question of roads comes up in Liberia, it would be advisable for the construction of roads to be done by the Russians. No one else!

    What is wrong with African leaders? Or what’s really wrong with black people? Are we really stupid? Does a black leader become a moron after being elected? The richest person who ever lived was a black Malian, named Musa. During his time on earth, Musa traveled with a caravan of over 20,000 men and women to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. But what happened to his wealth? All squandered because of blackness?

    Then the issue of slavery arises. During the Transatlantic slave trade, thousands or perhaps millions of black people were captured, chained and forced on ships by countries like Portugal, the weakest European country that has never won a battle. But remarkably, no Islamic country in North Africa was touched during the slave trade. Did imperialist Europe make a pact with the North African countries? Where were those black bozos when the blacks were forceably captured and shipped like dogs and sardines to the New World?

    What’s really wrong with the black race? Russia’s 5-billion dollar aid package may disappear in thin air if their technicians do not undertake the projects that the aid package is meant to address.

  2. African Continent is not connected to international market under 20th century world international order of the fallen Anglo-America. That’s why African countries could not utilize their capacity for their developmental needs etc. That’s why we fought for 21st century world of Multipolar international order in which African Continent exist under Southern Countries Union- SCU in which African countries will utilize their capacity to the full within the Union connected market and compete based on Mutual Principles. Russia is not another Washington in this 21st century world of Multipolar international order, is not another Washington within the Union of Southern Countries. If Russia do not respect principles of the Union, they’ll be excluded in the Union. 21st century African Continent is not a care-child to any country in this 21st century world of Multipolar international order. God Is With Us!!!

  3. During the past 50 years, western governments have poured over three quarters of TRILLION dollars in “aid” and “investments” to Africa, but ordinary Africans, including Liberians are not better off. The reason is that “aid” promotes dependency, subsidizes corruption, and encourages tyranny!

    So, there is absolutely NO reason for us believe that the US$5 billion “investment package” for Africa would make the life of ordinary Liberians any better. The only people who will be better off are the political cronies and the damn rogues who are running our government!

    Africa (Liberia) don’t need any more damn handouts from anybody! What Liberia need are things that Comrade Putin cannot give: The rule of law, minimal corruption and most of all, respect for other people’s PRIVATE property (private property rights)!

  4. The Vice President believes that “Africa (Liberia) cannot continue to do business as usual, and the need to transform the continent’s natural resources to finished products for the global market”,

    But whatever the case is, transforming the continent’s natural resources into finished products is a business decision and NOT a political decision. So, why can’t she and her friends (like minded people) start their own business (company) that will transform raw materials into finished products?? Who’s stopping her!!

    • Martin – A trillion dollars given to African governments will never improve the lives of Africans because government officials will steal that money for themselves. It’s a vicious cycle that will never end because corruption is a disease in Liberia and other African countries that can’t be cured with money.

  5. Mentality Vs. Goal

    Most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa lacked developmental goal. Developmental goal comes with long term investments in human capital. I lived in Asia, the Far East and Australia. I read extensively about other Asian countries government and development projects. The China today, was nothing but peasants, agricultural and farmers, just from World War II. You can, and could call them communists, socialists or dictatorships, or what ever you decide. However, they are the one building our roads, bridges airports, seaport etc, and giving us loans. These achievements did not fall from the sky.

    When the Chinese open their doors to the rest of the world in 1976, after the Cultural Revolution, one important name came out; Deng Xio Ping. He introduced free market economy. Students that were taught agricultural, electronics, mechanics etc, during the Cultural Revolution, were encouraged to open factories, schools, industrial plants, automotive shops to market their knowledge.
    Singapore, a city state transformed her tourism industry to real estate market and industrial plants in the mid 1970s. India, as a third world country, has one of the highest IT workers applying for visas around the world. The Indian state of Gujara, is the home of many Silicon Valley IT employees. Those of you living in America, Canada and other Western Nation, when ever you call to check the balance of your credit card, the voice of a Gujarati will welcome you.

    Most of us in Sub -Saharan Africa have ‘borrowed mentality’. An individual with borrowed mentality cannot adequately set goals for himself. He follows others who tell him what is wrong or right, base on that individual perception of events. Most of these countries I mentioned had gone through the same imperial and colonialism struggle like us, or even worst. They have managed to ‘shake it off’, and transformed themselves into global economic giants.

    Our solution should starts with ourselves, investing in quality educating to meet the demand of industrialized nations, pushing for advancement science and technology. Most Asian nations don’t have transparent democracy. However, the majority of them have advanced science and technological capabilities than we Liberian (African), therefore, we keep running to them for solutions, as we preach for ‘democracy’.
    I m not comparing us with Europe, America or any western nation, but with those that had been in the same struggle with us. Let’s see and learn how they got out, or are getting out of it. Not those that are ten thousand miles ahead of us. If we can study their philosophy, and practice what they are doing, pretty soon we be out too. Some of us are trying to chase those that are ten thousands miles ahead of us, which is impossible. They were not receiving handouts to make it to that level, but are encouraging you to receive hand out.
    That’s not the solution people.

  6. Reasons:
    We have constantly had leaders who academic capabilities were very low. With such, one is massively limited in having big dreams.
    A leader should always be very educated with big dreams in order to compete in this world.
    Russia has constantly said Africa is not practicing what they learned; which is true.
    In Liberia our population said “da book we le ea ?t”
    It means we do not need education, KnowHows, Skills, etc.

  7. Honorable Peter Curran,
    You haven’t been able to respond to my question. You may have forgotten. I hope you are not ignoring me.

    Question: When was the Bible written?

    In an earlier piece of yours, you said that the Sande Culture predates the Bible. I would like to know if you could tell me and your readers where you obtained your information.



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