AFL to Brasilia for Peacekeeping Conference

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Brazil’s Ambassador to Liberia, Andre Santos, has disclosed that some members of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) will be traveling to his country for a conference on peacekeeping. Ambassador Santos’ announcement comes as the governments of Brazil and Liberia move towards establishing their embassies in each other’s country.

In his speech marking the celebration of Brazil’s 193rd Independence anniversary held at a resort in Monrovia, he said participation of some AFL personnel in the conference yet to be scheduled, will give the soldiers the opportunity to interact and connect with their counterparts for better understanding of their work.

Training of the new AFL has over the years depended heavily on the U.S., Chinese, Nigerian governments and other friendly countries.

The Liberian Government for the first time since the 1960s sent a platoon-size unit of the AFL to assist in a peace keeping mission in the troubled West African State of Mali in 2013.

The promised conference on peacekeeping in Brazil will be a complementing factor to the effectiveness of AFL personnel in peacekeeping missions. It will also be a major contribution of Brazil to Liberia’s socio-economic development since both countries resumed bilateral ties in 2009.

In another development, Ambassador Santos has called on Liberians to accept the proposition of dual citizenship suggested by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to the National Legislature to form part of the Constitution Review Committee (CRC).

He stated that although Brazil has indigenous people, not all that live there are indigenous.

He said most of the people in his country are immigrants who constitute the integral part of the country’s society and economy.

He disclosed that Brazil has a large Japanese community and both immigrants and indigenous people are working together in the interest of the country.

He noted that immigrants in Liberia are providing opportunities for Liberians who need to show gratitude to them.

According to him, immigrants are providing jobs for citizens and paying taxes to meet the economic needs of the country.

He said Liberians should see reason to accept peoples of other nationalities to become citizens when they meet the naturalization laws of the land.

Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan, on behalf of the Liberian Government, extended congratulations to the Brazilian Government and people on their country’s 193rd Independence anniversary and praised Brazil for sponsoring several short-term training programs for Liberians.

Minister Ngafuan, not forgetting to reiterate his gratitude to Brazil and other members of the international community, called on the southern American country to give include commerce, agriculture and tourism among others in the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Brazil is one of the oldest countries in world history. It was occupied by the Portuguese as far back as the 1500s, and after independence in 1822, it was finally recognized on August 29, 1889.

It has attractive geographical features including the world’s largest river and forest, the Amazon.


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