AFL ‘Clean’ Buchanan City


As part of activities marking this year’s Armed Forces Day, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) in collaboration with other Para-military personnel including officers from the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) headed by their Grand Bassa County Chief of Operations, D. Mark Dahn, last Saturday cleaned five different locations in the port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

According to the Ministry of National Defense (MOD),this year’s 58th anniversary of the Armed Forces Day will be celebrated under the theme, “Enhancing the Capabilities of the Armed Forces of Liberia to conduct Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations.”

To fulfill theme, AFL soldiers distributed ‘Back to School’ kits to school-going age students who turned out to grace the clean-up exercise.

The soldiers’ action on Saturday was led by the Chief of Staff, (COS), Brigadier General Daniel Dee Zainkahn, his deputy Col. Eric Dennis and the Commander of the 23rd Infantry Brigade, Colonel Prince C. Johnson, III respectively.

The AFL clean-up campaign exercise, which commenced at the Buchanan-Monrovia junction, took the team to places such as ‘God Bless You Hill,’ Fair Ground Junction, the intersection of Roberts and Tubman Streets, among others and brought together several residents of the city led by Buchanan City Mayor, Julia Bondo.

Being filled with gratitude, Madam Bondo described the soldiers’ action as one that the nation has longed for in decades past.

“This is the kind of soldiers the citizens had wanted the country to produce by being the one that all will be proud of as they go around raising the hope of all to see them as the country’s protectors. We want them to come back here every weekend and help us clean Buchanan City,” elated Madam Bondo told reporters shortly the exercise ended.

The clean-up campaign was followed by a “Thanksgiving Service” yesterday (Sunday), February 8 at Tubman Memorial United Methodist Church, Paynesville, Duport Road, outside Monrovia.

After the “Thanksgiving Service,” the MOD authorities will today Monday, February 9, host a one-day symposium at the Monrovia City Hall at 10:O’clock a.m. under the theme, “Military Support to Civil Authorities: The Way Forward.”

The entire Armed Forces Day activities will be climaxed on Wednesday, February 11, with a “parade ceremony” at the Barclay Training Center (BTC) under the theme, “Enhancing the Capability of the AFL to Conduct Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations.”

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