AFL Begins Lofa Road Repair


The engineering company of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) has begun the rehabilitation of Voinjama to Kolahun and Foya road in Lofa County.

The project is part of the AFL civil-military relations and fulfillment of the soldiers’ mission.

An AFL officer told the Daily Observer that the engineering company was sent to help rehabilitate the road.

“We are bringing equipment to work on the road and this will take us some time, but we will work to help our people by giving this place a good face to encourage our people to move freely,” another soldier said.

The rehabilitation of the Lofa road comes at a time when tremendous harvests of rice are languishing on many farms, partly because the roads have been too bad to transport the produce to markets. The other challenge farmers face is to find buyers for their rice since, traditionally the Government of Liberia has bought much of their produce over the years. This harvest season, the farmers produced more than double what they did the previous year, which created a situation where GOL does not seem to be able to absorb the high productivity of the farmers.

For the road rehabilitation, residents along the route have expressed gratitude to the AFL for its intervention.

“This bad road has been causing serious damage for business people. We have people with the intention of coming to Lofa for business but the road has become an impediment,” Korpo Tarnue, a business woman said.

“Before we used to take 8 to 9 hours from Monrovia to Lofa but its now 12 hours to reach Foya, which is very frustrating because almost all of our goods especially food get damaged in the process,” she explained.

Madam Tarnue said the timely intervention of the AFL would provide better transportation for the people and will encourage local businesses to reach across the county.

“Lofa has lots that business people and investors can benefit from, that will provide job opportunities for residents of the county,” Madam Tarnue said.

Madam Tarnue explained that rehabilitating the road has been a major cry to the Government of Liberia and partners.

“We know that the AFL can’t do all of the work but they will begin the process to encourage others to join and give our county a good face,” she said.

Several other citizens interviewed by the Daily Observer expressed joy and were celebrating the AFL’s timely intervention and thanking the Ministry of Defense.


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