AfDB Approves $53M Grant for COVID-19 Response in Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone


The African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Board of Directors on Friday, July 24, approved a UA 38.15 million ($53.25 million) multi-country grant to The Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone in the form of direct budget support to bolster efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the three West African countries.

According to an AfDB release, the grant from the African Development Fund (ADF), aims to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in the three anglophone West African countries — known collectively as the GLS countries — by providing budget support to help fund each country’s COVID-19 crisis response.

The multi-country grant comprises an ADF grant of UA 5 million and a TSF grant of UA 5 million to the Republic of The Gambia; an ADF grant of UA 10.15 million to the Republic of Liberia; and an ADF grant of UA 18 million to the Republic of Sierra Leone. 

UA is the official currency for the AfDB projects.

According to the AfDB, Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone are countries in “transition,” with similar challenges regarding macroeconomic stability, fragility, competitiveness and growth. Liberia and Sierra Leone were severely impacted by the Ebola pandemic between 2014 and 2016, while The Gambia is undergoing a transition after the departure of President Yahya Jammeh in 2016.

Upon declaration of first cases of COVID-19 in the three countries in March, all three countries took urgent steps to put in place contingency plans to prevent and contain the virus, the AfDB said. However, infection cases have been on the rise. As of 22 July, there were 146 confirmed cases in The Gambia; 1,114 cases in Liberia; and 1,731 cases in Sierra Leone.

The direct beneficiaries of programs financed by the grant will include vulnerable female-headed households, orphans, and school-going children. The business community, and targeted small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, will benefit from economic resilience support, while the population at large will be cushioned against the effects of the pandemic.

The multi-country grant falls under the framework of the Bank’s COVID-19 Response Facility of up to $10 billion, the institution’s main channel to cushion African countries from the economic and health impacts of the crisis.


  1. A question concerning economic and political integration of the African continent. If as according to the Observer, that AU is the official currency of the African Development Bank(AfDB), how solvent is that bank to allow all countries on the continent to adopt or to use it as the official currency of Africa against the mighty US dollar or the euro or yen ? Faster integration and faster economic growth. A new world order is fast approaching , and Africa is far lacking behind in trade , strategy planning, economic growth, health care facilities, debts, technology and dependency and so on so on. Every year the AU is meeting, and nothing happening but debts owed to foreign governments and countries in high interest rates. How possible is the African Development Bank to take control of the banks on the continent ? Well, the idea of the AU passports were forced on countries on the continent, but the the integration of the banks remained off limit. How is that ? Just a common question. How is that ?

  2. James Davis,
    You’re asking the wrong people. The Daily Observer’s readers cannot answer your question. It’s not because of stupidity. You have talent. You have charisma. You probably have wealth. It’s all good. With all the things put together, you can get the right answers by contacting the AFDB or by going to the authorities of the bank. You can do it. You’re a curiosity seeker, although sometimes, you make the wrong prognostication. For instance, in your heart of hearts, you claim that I am a CD-cian. Of course, I am not.

    By the way, what’s wrong with the suggestion that the use of one currency should be considered? From your writing above, you seem to be in opposition to it. With that assumed to be the case, why are you opposed to it?

    • James Davis said more than that. James Davis said you are a CDC pretending not to be one, while standing behind the line drawn in the sand and throwing stones. As in one of your most recent posts concerning the ” July 26, Time for Reflection, Not Celebration “, An Editorial by the Daily Observer. Here you are Mr. Hney thrown stones at Mr. Dolo while standing behind the line of CDC drawn in the sand of New Kru Town. “You( James Davis) sound like a known apologist ( no name) who knows exactly what his half god (Mr. Cummings) thinks, but in reality, the known apologist (Mr. Dolo ) and his master(Mr. Cummings) have never met . Lastly there you are telling your Daily Observer readers (who are probably bored with your accusations) that I Hney stand behind Weah and ” throw stones “. Shame on you comrade James Davis. Do you think I am a coward ” ? Unquote. To that quote, James Davis says yes, you Hney are a coward and a liar, while standing behind George and his CDC throwing stones about ” no name “. And you Hney says you being accused by James Davis about throwing stones and lying about it. READ YOUR OWN WORDS, HNEY. The reference article which has the post is listed. Who cares what you are ? It is an open constitutional choice guaranteed to all Liberians. But may the best man win, that’s what the constitution guaranteed through free and fair elections. So who cares if you are supporter , sympathizer or member of the palm butter and rice party. In an open forum, be truthful and not lied about it, and throwing stones while standing behind the line of defense. Furthermore, James Davis is not opposed to one currency as you have failed to understand. James Davis is advocating for an integrated bank under the African Development Bank which seemed to have its own AU currency that is already accepted by the countries on the continent. Instead of the so-called West African Monetary Union with its own supposedly currency. Which has yet to be organized. But thanks for your well acknowledgements of James Davis. Will accept that. But the above post stands.


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