AEL Insists on CRC Proposition 24


The Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL) has declared that it supports the Constitution Review Committee’s (CRC) Proposition 24, which calls for Liberia becoming a Christian state.

The faith-based group indicated that it will vote for the proposition in the national referendum, which is scheduled for later this year.

AEL governance board said the proposition does not violate or contravene the spirit of oneness as a nation.

Speaking on behalf of the organization, the board of governance president, Dr. Samuel Monwell, called on Liberians who are against the proposal to demonstrate their disapproval by going to the polls to vote against it during the referendum. He, however, stated that the will of the people is that their nation should be a Christian state.

Dr. Monwell urged AEL member institutions to remain calm and pray fervently and wait for the Liberian people to decide during the referendum.

The Christian group further stated that any attempt to trash the proposition out of the referendum would be a disservice to the people of Liberia.

Since Liberia was declared an independent nation in 1847, the church and the state have had separate functions and jurisdictions, which will remain the same if Liberians vote to make their nation a Christian state, the group said

AEL board vice president Daniel McGee described the Liberia Council of Churches’ (LCC) decision not to support the proposition as disappointing.

Recently, the LCC, through its head, Bishop Jonathan B. B. Hart, announced that the Council of Churches does not and will not support the proposal to make Liberia a Christian state.

Also speaking, the AEL board former president Dr. Nuwoe Kiamu, said it was unfortunate that their collaboration with the LCC failed to materialize.

However, he added that the Council of Churches as a religious organization can decide on what it sees fit, adding that AEL, too, can do likewise.

In 2015, a constitution review conference was held in Gbarnga, Bong County, with selected delegates representing various interest groups from across the country. Among the 25 propositions voted for amendment by the delegates was Proposition 24.

Proposition 24, which has created an impasse between some Muslims and Christian in the country, was the only proposition that received more votes during the conference.

Like the LCC, the Muslims have also condemned Proposition 24. Most of them have alleged that the proposition would further divide the state, and urged that the country remains just as it is.


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