Advocacy Group to Celebrate July 26’s True Meaning


A locally-based advocacy group, Leading Change Incorporated, says it will introduce a different way of celebrating the country’s July 26 Independence Day.

This will be apart from the traditional pomp and pageantry, which includes reading of speeches and merry-making.

At a press conference Tuesday, July 8, at Marketplace on Carey Street, the executive director of the group, Daniel Charles, Jr. said for the first time in the history of Liberia, the nation will witness children between the ages of eight and 13 performing dramatizations of major historic events that took place between 1822 and 1847.

According to Mr. Charles, the celebration will involve Liberians from all the 15 counties with their designated representatives,  providing a special message for the new  celebration, rather than government’s way of celebration.

The Executive Director also disclosed that they will take a different path for the Independence Day celebration that seeks to identify the true meaning of the July 26.  

“To make it even better for the people of Liberia,”  said Mr. Charles, “there will be both historical and modern cultural dance performances and we want to promise a very peculiar and incredibly fascinating feature as we get the future to dramatize the past.”

He further explained that the day will be climaxed  by a keynote lecture on a  highly competitive topic, which the citizens themselves have developed for this year’s  Independence Day Celebration.  It will be entitled: Has Independence Met Its Promise?  

According to the Executive Director, the significance of the occasion is intended to give each and every Liberian a chance to put the national values and founding ideals into pivotal perspectives while asking ourselves this hard question: Has Our Independence Met Its Promise.?

“We will use this year’s Independence Day celebration to launch the “Treasures of Our History Project.”  This project will seek to get the future deeply connected with the past, while using the current to relook at the past in order to guide the future, Mr. Charles stated.

The executive director noted that the Independence Day program was gradually losing its momentum.  “If you walk down the streets of Monrovia, you  will soon realize that majority of Liberians are more consciously involved with November 29 as opposed to July ‘26’.  This is also true of other parts of Liberia.”

He further stressed that this kind of feeling is so persistent, to the point that during the Independence Day celebrations, not many Liberians can consciously engage each other with passion regarding the founding ideals of the beloved country, Liberia.

We are taking the Independence Day program away from the government and giving it to the Liberian people by moving to create a form of celebration that is centered around citizens’ realistic reflections on how far the country has come and what we can do to achieve even better.

He called on the general public to attend this life-changing event, which promises to present viewers with profound and unforgettable memories and moments that will cause them to cherish their country and people.

This event, said Mr. Charles, will take place at the Stephen A. Tolbert Estate. “We are inviting all to the occasion, so that together we may make this year’s independence unconditionally irreplaceable,” the executive director stated.


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