Advocacy Group Commends Speaker Nuquay for Stance on Dual Citizenship


The Liberian Advocacy for Change (LAFC), made up of Liberian citizens in the Diaspora and in Liberia, has commended House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay “for his bold stance, foresight, patriotism, farsightedness and support of dual citizenship in Liberia.”

In an open letter of commendation to Speaker Nuquay signed by Comfort Keah Itoka, LAFC quoted him and said, he “supports dual citizenship because it will be in compliance with best practice to meet international standards, and will welcome back onboard Liberians who are already citizens of other countries.”

The LAFC said Speaker Nuquay rightly said, “If other countries are doing it, including our neighbors, and are developed and developing, it would be expedient for our country to accept it.” The LAFC commended Speaker Nuquay for “this bold and patriotic stance taken by our Honorable Speaker,” adding that: “The Liberian Advocacy For Change (LAFC) would like to call on the President of Liberia, the National Legislature, government officials, leaders of political parties, members of the clergy, distinguished citizens and all well-meaning Liberians at home and abroad, to join the Speaker of the House of Representatives in ensuring that Dual Citizenship for Liberians in the Diaspora become the law of Liberia.”

The LAFC said it is not affiliated to any political party, religion, tribal or ethnic organization and its initiative is solely because its members are Liberians who continue to support their friends and families in Liberia by sending millions of dollars every year via Money Gram and Western Union, and thousands of barrels, which significantly help to stimulate the Liberian economy.

The LAFC said besides financial contributions of its members, “We have the burning desire to help in any way we can to contribute to the development of our country. We want to help shape the present and the future of our country by opening businesses, bringing in organizations and friends we have made abroad who can help to make life better for all Liberians.”

The Liberian Advocacy for Change has its headquarters in Rosedale, New York in the United States of America.

It may be recalled that Speaker Nuquay recently said that he would campaign for dual citizenship to be accepted in Liberia, along with eight other propositions out of the original 25 from the Constitution Review Committee (CRC).

He said his campaign message would be the acceptance of dual citizenship because it will be in compliance with best practice to meet international standards, and welcome back onboard Liberians who are already citizens of other countries.

The Liberian Constitution currently does not support dual citizenship and there are campaigns by Liberians in the Diaspora, including the LAFC, seeking for a national referendum to make necessary changes to ensure that dual citizenship is eventually accepted to benefit Liberians holding other citizenships.


  1. Thanks to Speaker Nuguay for his bold stance and the LAFC for this fight.

    Again, I reiterate, the so-called citizenship clause that prevents dual citizenship should be struck down as unconstitutional. Going back to my previous comments in the past, this law simply creates two-tier citizens, which is unconstitutional in of itself.

    Again, I will borrow from one of my previous comments, but this time I will use Nigeria as an example. According to our law, Liberia citizenship is opened to all people of Africa or African descent. So, if a Nigerian, whose country allow dual citizenship, wants to become a naturalize Liberian he can. If this Nigerian takes on Liberian citizenship, does he lose his Nigerian citizenship? The answer is yes, but only in the eye of the Liberian law. But will he lose his citizenship in Nigeria? The answer is no, because the Liberian law has no jurisdiction in Nigeria. This law will only work if our citizenship laws parallel with that of Nigeria’s.

    It seems this law is bias against Liberians born in the country. Giving the forgoing scenarios, if a Liberian who is born in Liberia takes the citizenship of another country, he/she loses the Liberian citizenship right with no redress. So, clearly we see the conflict here and a reason to strike down this law as unconstitutional.

  2. Tarlue just saying that because the day he have the opportunity to travel and get citizenship from another country, he will want that to happen too.


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