‘Advancing Cause of God’s Kingdom, A Priority for Called Servants’

(Front) Apostle and Mrs. Samuel M. Kollie, immediately following consecration, being congratulated by the congregation. (At rear, from left) The Council of Consecrators: Bishop Charles Okafor, Bishop John Kun Kun, Archbishop Isaac S. Winker, Bishop George D. Harris, Apostle Samuel B. Carr, Bishop M. Wolo Belleh and the Reverend Dr. Francis O. S. Tabla, Sr.

Archbishop Isaac S. Winker Sr, presiding bishop of the Dominion Christian Fellowship, says advancing the cause of God’s Kingdom should be a top priority of a good servant of God.

Speaking over the weekend at a program marking the sacred service of the apostolic consecration and silver jubilee of Rev. Samuel Mulbah Kollie of the Gates Agapé Ministries, Archbishop Winker told the congregation that it is not the title that is going to do the work, but the heart and willingness, which God already sees in those He has called.

His sermon theme was the question: “Why does God raise people?”, using the scriptural references Acts 1:24-26 and Ephesians 4:11-12) to support his point.

He said there are three reasons why God can call people; “He calls so that you can provide leadership to his people, to serve his people and to provide the kind of leadership that will advance the cause of his kingdom.

“Kollie, your preferment as an apostle comes when there are a lot of errors in the church that are being practiced in many churches today. You don’t have to go outside of the Scriptures to have your needs met,” Archbishop Winker said.

He challenged Apostle Kollie to be a leader who must lead by example, “because nowadays many leaders are no longer examples to their flocks. He said the church today has fallen prey deceit because many people are using their own methods to get money.

“As you take up the mantle of authority in this journey you don’t have to fake it,” he said.

He said the Bible remains the same since the foundation of the world and there is nothing that was called wrong yesterday, that is not wrong today. Archbishop Winker said anyone who is kingdom-minded will never lack anything because God will always provide their needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. He quoted Philippians 4:19 to caution the new apostle to focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He said if the church must fulfill its purpose on earth, God’s servants must be committed to advance the kingdom of God. “It is God that called you as apostles so don’t let titles, positions, staff and eloquence, create a barricade to the people. Let your office be open without charge and don’t fake it, as you join the battle to correct the errors in the church today,” he warned.

Shortly after the consecration rites, Rev. Kollie, he extended special thanks to Archbishop Winker and the Council of Consecrators visiting clergymen from Senegal, the United States and Liberia for the honor. “It is God’s grace that has brought us thus far and I must acknowledge this great honor,” he said.

Rev. Kollie has been in the ministry for 25 years. In 1993 became a founding member of the Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministries, which is part of the great revival that spans Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana Senegal, and The Gambia.

The event was held in the new edifice of the Gates Agapé Ministries in Congo Town and was graced by a high powered delegation which included Bishop Charles Okafor (Bethel World Outreach Church of Senegal), Rev. Dr. Francis O.S. Tabla (Ebenezer Baptist Church, Minnesota, United States), Bishop George D. Harris (Philadelphia Central Church Monrovia), Bishop M. Wolo Belleh, (1st Diocese, Bethel World Outreach Ministries International, Monrovia), Bishop John Kun Kun (City of Light Church of God, Barnesville Estate), and Rev. Mother Davidetta G. A Tarnue (National Overseer, Gates Agapé Ministries, Liberia).



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