“Adult Education Important to Liberia’s Growth”

Madam Allen: “Adult education is important to the growth of Liberia.”

By Jallah Amoson

The Executive Director of the National Adult Education Association of Liberia NAEAL, Madam Desterlyn Allen, has said that adult education is important to the growth of Liberia. Adult literacy programs have been changing the lives of people by taking them from what she called ‘zero level’ to the point where the learners can read and write short sentences and letters.

At the official opening of the NAEAL office on Robertsfield Highway in Margibi County over the weekend, Madam Allen said her organization, founded in 1977 by a group of Liberian educators who were interested in promoting literacy in the country, has been working in partnership with communities  and implementing partners, and coordinating activities with the  Ministry of Education to reduce illiteracy in Liberia.

She said presently NAEAL has programs in fourteen counties and has conducted forestry education programs in Grand Bassa and Nimba counties. The participants were community dwellers who were taught how to manage and preserve their forests.

She emphasized that NAEAL’s programs are intended to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to community dwellers to enable them to do something for themselves, and disclosed that the organization has trained more than 500 literacy facilitators and 13,000 learners across the country.

As a result, she said the beneficiaries have gained self-esteem and additional skills in writing as well as working and improving their communication skills.

NAEAL’s aim, she said, is to empower people through education, literacy, business and life skills, and professional development skills in order to sustain community development.  She added that NAEAL’s main programs are adult literacy, training for capacity building, literacy and educational resources development and professional development.


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