Administration Gives ‘Unregistered Students’ 1-Week Grace Period

UL students demonstrating at Fendell campus.jpg

The Administration of the University of Liberia has succumbed to demand of striking students of the university by extending to the students, who have not registered, an additional week. This is to enable “unregistered students” to complete their process of registration.

A statement released by the UL Administration late Thursday, October 31st, indicated that beginning November 1 to the 9th , students should be able to complete their registration, as there will be no “extension of this process after the deadline.”

Those students who have completed their registration process and instructors were asked to return to classes at the appropriate scheduled times.

The UL Administration stressed that educational institutions everywhere in the world operate by a schedule, and when a system is adopted by an institution, that institution goes by such a system and not by the qualms or dictates of its students.

The administration’s statement read: “Since the war ended, Liberian students have turned to violence as the only means of solving problems;” it continued: “Our students are connected to all political parties in Monrovia: some of these political parties are not interested in the education of the Liberian youth, so they encourage them to prevent the learning process from moving forward, to the detriment of other students.”

The administration recalled that the 2013-2014 academic schedule was released in August of this year, and it set September 2-7 as the registration period for seniors, 9-14 for juniors, 16 -21 for sophomores, and 23-28 for freshman students.

In order to accommodate students, who had procrastinated, said registration was extended from October 3 to 10 with a later registration fee of LD$150.00, the administration said.

Despite these conditions created to get students registered, the administration said students still complained—reason that caused it (administration) to allow students to continue registration while those who had completed, sat in classes for lecture.

The UL Administration also disclosed that first semester for 2013/2014 is expected to end January 22, 2014; with mid-term examination scheduled to begin November 18 to 23, 2013.

“The University cannot meet these deadlines or complete the semester curriculum when we take three months to register students,” the statement stresses.

The Administration condemned the violent protest carried out by students and appealed to their leadership to forward their grievances for redress.

The statement further notified the student populace that the Ministry of Education has offered to defray tuitions of 2,000 of the students that have been affected by the registration process.

Meanwhile, many students, who have completed registration also complained that the Business and Finance Office (BFO) had not given them their receipts, and that as a result instructors have been asking them out of classes.

Many of the students demonstrating and disrupting classes are beneficiaries of the University of Liberia Student Union’s financial aid program, and UL sources have told this paper that ULSU is yet to deposit 80% of the money for the students into the University’s account, as required.

The UL Administration is yet to clarify the conditions that caused students to go on a rampage in protest, while they (students) were being called back to classes.


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