‘Adhere to the Rule Of Law, Respect the Constitution’


ULAA admonishes all parties ahead of the proposed December 30, 2019 demonstration

The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) has called upon both the Council of Patriots (COP), organizers of the planned December 30th protest, and the government to adhere to the rule of law and avoid violence as they exercise their constitutional rights.

In a statement issued Friday, the Union leadership cautioned, “the COP should make every effort to adhere to the rule of law, avoid lawlessness, and encourage all supporters and sympathizers to calm down the overloaded and aggressive rhetoric as Liberians grapple with the harsh reality of life.  It is indeed imperative that every endeavor be made to stop this course of behavior that imperils the right of Liberians to assemble, demonstrate, peacefully express their grievances, and raise their voices and concerns about the future to their elected officials without violence as stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia.”

“To this end, ULAA appeals to President George Weah and his administration to do everything possible to avoid, limit and deescalate the insane level of violence that could possibly result to loss of precious human lives and property damage during the forthcoming proposed mass demonstration.  Equally so, ULAA opposes the proliferation and use of weapons and urges the Government of Liberia to do everything within its power for peace to prevail before, during and after the proposed December 30, 2019 demonstration,” the statement said.

ULAA is also calling upon the Weah Administration to intensify efforts by the government with the sole aim of significantly reducing the current level of economic hardship, rampant corruption, misuse of public resources, refusal of public officials to publicly declare their assets, stigmatization of Liberians living with HIV/AIDS, squandering of resources by government officials, among others.

“The prevailing situation in the country can and must be reversed in the best interest of the Liberian people for genuine peace, social justice, and economic progress. May God bless our beloved Liberia!”


  1. You ULAA fools and hypocrites, you should be able to condemn such a 1 % of the population financed and dictated to by a Benoni Urey known to be a corrupt Maritime head who looted government treasury and is now using that very money to carry out treason. The very fact that Henry Costa can say his political leader is such a criminal as Benoni Urey is enough for you hypocrites to condemn him and his intentions. But whether with or without this nonsense from you, I am certain the government shall teach these hooligans a lesson.

    • I have come to know that Matilda is a fake name, else she would be a bit civil in her untamed strictures. It seems she carries a hefty dose of personal grudge against Benoni Urey and Henry Costa. She is not willing to address the issues her party chairman raised in his recent rantings against their standard bearer. All she is talking about Urey and Costa… Oh, well…

      • Jackson Neal, you are one opportunit, fraud, and coward, who should never think or write such nonsense about I or anyone being “fake”. I have been on this site for years with my photograph and other relevant particulars.

        Now, so according to your warped thinking, the leader of ICoP former Legislator Ambassador Rufus Neufville, and the leaders of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Librarian and even the leader of ANC , all of whom have said that “CoP has been reduced to Urey’s farm and CoP is simply about Costa’s financial gain and Urey’s selfish political fantasy, ” habit a hefty dose of grudge for Urey and Costa” ?

  2. First and foremost, let’s set the record straight from the point of view of the Liberian Constitution, in which it is stated that the Liberian people have the right to freedom of assemblies and expressions by petitioning their incumbent government and the President of Liberia and raise any issues or problems that affect their day today lives and the state of affairs from time to time, within the framework of the laws of Liberia; to call on their government and the incumbent President to make changes from time to time to current policies either political or economic that are inimical to the well being of the people of Liberia and the growth of the country as a whole. In the same vein, the Liberian Constitution does provide a Constitutional Congressional remedies for removing the President of Liberia from office by and through the process of impeachment and conviction by the Liberian House of Senate for high crimes and misdemeanors. Any other means by any group of assemblies of Liberians May being deemed short sighted and illegal constitutionally. All that being said, the bottom line is that our Liberian people are suffering from economic stagnation and the pains are seemingly unbearable, Mr. President. These undue sufferings are the consequences of the lack of employment opportunities and private and direct investments. Mr. President, it’s an undeniably your sole responsibility and “THE GEORGE WEAH’s Administration” to come to term with the Liberian people in an honest fashion by acknowledging that your Administration ‘s economic polices are in the wrong pathway; and it’s about time that you listen to your colleagues from the United Nation and the Organization of West African States(UNOWAS) who advised you recently that you make structural changes to calm the economic and political nerves that have have infested Liberia and the fabric of Liberian economic lives. Remember that the proper functionality of any incumbent Government performance does not lay in the consistency of continuity of its administration composition; rather the capacity of the incumbent government to endeavor to pursue and make changes as they relate to the impoverishments of the lives of its people and their country; as in the case, our country and the Liberian people. Therefore Mr. President, it’s not too late. Off course, better late, then never. Please do the right thing and prove your doubters wrong, Mr. President and save us your longtime backers. God bless us Liberians and our country Liberia.

  3. Can someone tell me how these are not treason offenses by the Liberian President that warrants forceful removal or being impeached.

    Chairman Morlu’s claim that President Weah in recent time diverted the country’s resources for his personal gains including the construction of his personal estates is grave; and it wants the President to directly address the allegation with immediacy.

    CDC Chairman lambasted Mr. Weah for receiving millions of dollars as donations following his election and subsequent inauguration as President which he allegedly converted to his personal use. The CDC party Chairman also, claimed that President Weah has used foreign trips and the office of the Presidency to solicit funding on behalf of the country but that he diverted what were essentially state resources for his personal use as well.

    Chairman Morlu further accused the President of soliciting sexual favor from female appointees in the Liberian government. He made specific reference to the current Deputy Managing Director for administration at the National Port Authority (NPA), who Mr. Weah appointed because of the alleged intimate relationship he has with her.


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