“Adhere to Supreme Court Mandate,” Traditional Council Warns NEC

Chief Zanzan Karwor believes that the NEC will honor the Supreme Court ruling.

Chief Zanzan Karwor, head of the Traditional Chiefs and Elders of Liberia, has warned authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to adhere to the Supreme Court ruling mandating the electoral body to clean up the Final Registration Roll (FRR) and have it published at the various magistrate offices and precincts across the country.

Chief Karwor’s warning came in a statement he made to reporters yesterday at the chiefs’ compound in Monrovia following the end of a program marking the appreciation and honoring of the people and government of China for their outstanding contributions and services to Liberia.

The Supreme Court in its December 7 judgment mandated the NEC to do a full clean up of the FRR and have it available and published, in hard copy, at all election magistrates and polling places across the country prior to the runoff election.

The High Court in its opinion also said that given the fact that the FRR is the only electoral document that speaks to the eligibility of voters, the NEC is prohibited from permitting anyone to vote whose name is not found on it.

Based on that decision, Chief Karwor stressed the need for the FRR to be cleaned up and placed at the various precincts to enable citizens to establish whether or not their names are on it to avoid future electoral crises.

Karwor said the NEC should be prepared for the runoff election, adding that any attempt to change the December 26 date could lead to a serious problem.

He indicated that “this country is not a play toy for the mathematics people. We the indigenous people do not have anywhere to go in the case of any confusion.”

Karwor promised to have his colleagues at every polling area in the country in an effort to encourage citizens to turn out in their numbers and vote.

Gbehzohngar Findley, chairman of the Board of the Roberts International Airport (RIA), applauded the chiefs for recognizing the efforts of the country’s international partners, including the Chinese Government.

Findley added that as Liberia pushes towards development, the citizens look forward to having a continuous relationship with the people of China and other partners.

“We have not only come to witness the honoring of companies that have contributed to the renovation works of the RIA runway, but to embrace them for their contributions, including the speed and quality of work they have done,” Findley said.

On behalf of the honorees, Li Yi, a Chinese national, pledged his country’s commitment to working with the people of Liberia to ensure that Liberia meets its development goals.

Li lauded the traditional leaders for recognizing the works the Chinese have done in contribution to Liberia’s development.



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