“Adequate Investment Needed in Teachers’ Education”


The National Coordinator of Standard Teacher Training Institute, Andrew S. Fayiah, says the educational sector is doomed for collapse with the lack of adequate investment in teachers’ education.

Rev. Fayiah believes the growing wave of untrained teachers who are said to be mentoring students is troubling for the country. He said if not urgently addressed, the situation would terribly undermine the already struggling educational sector.

“There are categories of teachers in the classrooms. We have trained and untrained teachers. Because we have a proliferation of untrained teachers in our school system in Liberia, we are having a mass failure of students in public exams,” Rev. Fayiah disclosed.

He said there is a need to increase support to teachers’ education as a means of promoting best teaching practices that will adequately prepare students for future challenges and better conditions.

Rev. Fayiah, however, urged the government to see the tuition-free Standard Teacher Training Institute as a “partner in progress.”

“We are running this program in an apparent move to buttress the government’s efforts in the teachers’ qualification framework; as such, we solicit the support of the government and partners. Rev. Fayiah said.

Though there are other challenges, he decried the institution’s inability to currently meet up with payment of trainers as a major challenge with a call for help.

Rev. Fayiah said the institution is finding it extremely difficult to pay people with masters and doctorate degrees for services they are rendering to the institution.

He made the assertions in a recently when Standard Teacher Training institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Education recently ended exit exams for about 400-Teachers in Montserrado County.

At the end of the exit exams, Zangar Budyoa, a classroom teacher who is also one of the trainees said the training is an eye-opener.

“I went to the classroom without any experience in teaching. But since I enrolled at the STTI, my eyes are opened. I have a broader knowledge of teaching”. Budyoa stated.

He also explained that “If Liberia is to be a great country, the citizens must be educated and if the citizens must be educated, the government must focus on teachers’ education.

Mr. Budyoa furthered that, “if those who are mentoring students are not properly educated, they wouldn’t be able to present lessons well, which would undermine the educational sector.”

Another trainee, Mrs. Adama Bah Jawandoh, “I didn’t plan it but when I came to this training with no idea in teaching, my time here is not wasted. I don’t regret coming to such training.

She explained that she was taught child psychology, classroom management, instructional planning among several other areas in teaching.

Mrs. Jawandoh also joined her colleagues to urge the government and partners to revive the educational sector by investing more resources in teachers’ education.


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