Kanvee Adams Celebrates July 26 with Clean Up Campaign

Adams in long white sleeve shirt along with her team, clean a drainage

Montserrado District #6 representative hopeful, Ambassador Kanvee Gains Adams, on Independence day did something very unusual in Liberia when she gathered a team of supporters and went around cleaning parts of the district she is opting to represent at the 54th National Legislature.

This act carried out by someone seeking public office is yet to be traced in Liberian history, particularly in reference to the nation’s Independence Day when almost every citizen looks forward to eating good food and celebrate in grand style.

Adams, an accomplished and renowned Gospel artist turned politician, told residents in the Kpelle Town Community on the SD Cooper Road that the gesture was her own way of identifying with the residents and said even though there are some gains the country still has a lot more to work for.

“While there may be some gains many people are getting sick on a daily basis because Monrovia and its environs are extremely dirty. Cholera, diarrhea, malaria and many other diseases that are preventable and curable are snatching the lives of our fellow citizens because of poor sanitation. What is there to celebrate? With diseases all around and there are no good health centers in the country which can handle the very diseases we have to direct our celebrations to real life actions such as strengthening the laws of sanitation by setting examples in cleaning up our streets and neighborhoods,” she said.

She added that cleaning the environments is not the sole responsibility of the government but every Liberian. “We all have to take charge of sanitation if malaria and other diseases that come from dirty environments are to be prevented,” she noted.

“My office as a representative of this district will set up a sanitation office in consultation with the Paynesville City Corporation that will go from zone to zone to educate people on keeping the environment,” she noted.

Commenting on Adams’ initiative, a resident of the community, Mr. Valentino Frank said he was amazed when Adams’ step in celebrating the Independence Day. “What she is doing is very significant. This is what we need; I mean leaders with hearts who are prepared to champion the cause of their people through actions. I believe Kanvee will make a great difference when given the opportunity to serve us at the House of Representative,” Frank noted.

For his part, the chairman of the community, Mr. John T. Clarke said Adams is a Christian who sings Gospel songs with real meaning. “I think she is worth trying for our district because she is a woman of virtue prepared to lead,” he said, adding that he is prepared to work with anyone who wants to change the living standards of people through good deeds.”


  1. My friend, Ellen wore a pair of jeans and white t-shirt in 2005. She walked from duport road junction to ELWA Junction. I was in paynesville at that time. Many times she came to the marketers shaking people’s hands and taking all the photos. During elections, you should not be surprise to see an aspirant cleaning in the streets. This is because your vote is very important and every vote counts. I tell you some of them in those black jeeps will soon be sitting in yellow cab. People coming cook big food, put up big parties, and wear tore off jeans and t-shirt just to fool us. Watch my word, white t-shirt and blue jeans will be in demand soon.

  2. These so-called aspirants make me laugh. This one can hardly hold the broom straight. After 26, what then? Clean the city everyday not just for photo opportunity.

    • Comfort
      You are the funny one I believe.
      The lady is committed to revamp this community knowing who she is. I have interacted3 with her overseas for as long she visited.

  3. Let’s make it a habit. “A GOOD HEALTH H A B I T.” Make everyday; a CLEAN UP DAY in Liberia. If every able BODY Liberians only CHIPS in, and CLEAN UP; we will have a cleaned healthy Country. Let start with Monrovia. NOW!

  4. Thank you yah for trying to clean up on 26, I hope on 27, 28, 29 …………….. you will continue to clean, becuz everyday dey pepo will puttin dey dirty der oh. Music woman, I ting you and all dos runnin should try to educate dey pepo and provide dey means to enable dem to clean for demselves instead of once in the blue moon coming to showcase, come election time, dat you care. Anyway, Madam Music Women, I wish you luck as you try to move up to Lawmaker; wen u get der, pleas remember dey pepo you are cleaning for today. God bless.

  5. I wish I have the opportunity to see what tin inside this representative work. When John get up, I wan be representative, Mary get up, I wan be representative. Chey, No body wan be teacher sef, no body wan be agriculture man or woman.

    • There is only one reason that I know about. Our doctors and teachers are not making enough.Bulk of the money are given to senators and representatives.This is the reason one of our surgeons quit the medical field and joined that branch of government.

  6. Give medical doctors the same pay check.This will encourage specialists to come into the country. Seventeen thousand dollars is nothing small to waste it on the legislative branch alone.If I was living in Liberia, I would contest for one those seats because of that salary.

  7. As long as this gospel singer does not preach, she can find her needs or wants. Its her own problem. Women do not preach in my church. If she wins she wins for herself. I am listening to my own music. If you need to or want to, go vote for yourself. The ballot box will tell.
    Do not answer me. Gone in silence.

    They wade in mud and waste water
    They wear clothing of the poor
    They speak colloquially
    They donate food and drinks
    They shake hands and laugh
    They make undeliverable promises
    They go places they never heard of nor been
    Then they become unapproachable after elections. Is this familiar?

  9. Lol!.. how often do they ever sleep their own yard !. Liberian politician think they can fool their own citizen to get power ..

    • J.T; I believe, you mean “SWEEP THEIR OWN YARDS” You are right. Our LAWMAKERS should come out once in a while with mops and brooms in hands; to clean up. That will set a good example. We, the people, will follow our LEADERS…

  10. Politicians are selfish people because they only know the poor when they need their vote, but abandoned them when they get elected. Voters should be educated now and send a clear message to people like this lady. This lady can barely cook her own meal and not mentioning cleaning her own yard. Today, she’s holding the broom like a stranger to her……

    Everyone want to earn that $15,000 USD per month to increase their wealth, but for the selfishness of few community dwellers, they’re used by these politicians with promises that only Jesus can deliver. I’ll do this and that. Ask them how they intent to accomplish all the things they’re campaigning and promising to do….every district has a budget for development programs, but sometimes, elected officials instead of educating the people will act like the money from their pockets to carry out these development programs.

    Ask Kanvee with all her musical talents to write you one policy proposal, not platitudes that she hope to accomplish during her first 100 days. I want her to be the one writing it and not someone she’s going to pay to write that for her. Politics is an art, a subject to be studied and learn how to leverage your skills to initiate policies and market these not only to your government for funding, but donors, other countries and institutions. Is everyone desperate so much for a job that only the legislature is the solution?

    The Liberian people need to raise up and demand that the job of a legislature be a part -time job because unless cabinet ministers, legislature report to work twice a week and why should they be paid full time salaries? A campaign need to be lunched and a referendum initiated to petition the legislature, the judiciary and executive to consider the legislative positions as part time jobs.


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