Activista-Liberia Provides Grants to 30 Youth-Led Organizations

“Each organization will be receiving US$100.00 and will also provide COVID-19 information/banners to our beneficiaries. Beneficiaries will use various platforms available to carryout Coronavirus messages,” Mr. Gargainah said.

As part of efforts in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus in the country, Activista-Liberia has provided grants for 30 youth-led organizations to carry out awareness in containing the pandemic.

At the official program held Thursday, July 23, 2020, in Congo Town, Activista-Liberia Coordinator Mark Gargainah said the 30 beneficiaries of the grants will engage in serious campaigns in their various communities.

Activista-Liberia is a global organization that engages young people in education and empowerment. Project title: “Activista Liberia Youth COVID-19 Humanitarian and Community Resilience Project” focuses on two counties, including Montserrado and Margibi counties.

Mr. Gargainah said the funding is made possible through ActionAid Liberia, while calling on beneficiaries to consider accountability and transparency doing their implementation of the project/program.

“Each organization will be receiving US$100.00 and will also provide COVID-19 information/banners to our beneficiaries. Beneficiaries will use various platforms available to carryout Coronavirus messages,” Mr. Gargainah said.

He said beneficiaries remain basically grassroots organizations and Activista-Liberia has been working with beneficiaries over the years on different programs, stating that “these organizations make up the strength of Activista-Liberia.”

According to Mr. Gargainah, the goal is to create a community resilience in fighting or containing the pandemic in Liberia. He said the Activista-Liberia through ActionAid Liberia has been working with the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL).

“Because of social distancing, Activitista-Liberia does series of trainings through zoom to train our people on how to carry out the campaign or awareness in various communities with a focus on building resilience,” Gargainah said. The program, he added, will be monitored by a special team of Activista-Liberia, which will help to achieve the desired goal of the project. Mr. Gargainah said the reporting of the project by beneficiaries will be done through a specially designed program.

Nancy T. Dennise, PATH-Liberia representative, expressed gratitude for Activista-Liberia’s support to youth-led organizations in the fight against Coronavirus in Liberia.

Ms. Dennis called on beneficiaries to be accountable during the implementation of the project, stating “this would help to increase funding to everyone.”

“We all need to network more and make this project a success. We are receiving the funds today, and should be able to implement the project and ensure that the funds are used for the purpose intended,” she said.

Bishop D. Woloh, Director of Young Africans Gender-Equality, End Stereotypes Initiative, lauded ActionAid Liberia and Activista-Liberia for supporting grassroots organizations to create more awareness about COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has negatively impacted Liberia and left women and girls [and other] children vulnerable. We see this funding to be a great help for our various organizations. We will reach out to our people in various communities to stop the pandemic and also educate them ending violence,” Woloh said.

Mr. Woloh called on various organizations to ensure that reports on the expenditure are credible, and acceptable to those providing the funding.

Khulekani Sibani, ActionAid Liberia Communications Director, called on beneficiaries to take accountability and transparency seriously. Mr. Sibani expressed gratitude to beneficiaries for taking advantage of the program and also helping to create awareness in containing COVID-19.

He said also called on various organizations to increase access to opportunities for girls, which is one of the ActionAid Liberia’s core values.

Some of the beneficiaries included Child Care, Bird Liberia, Visionary Youth Empowerment, Humanity Development, Urban Youth Initiative, Liberia Youth Foundation, Potential Leaders for Sustainable, Health for All, Liberia Incorporated, Youth Alliance Against COVID-19, Innovation Youth Association among others.


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