Activa Liberia Announces Life Insurance Package for Health Workers at 14 Military Hospital

Saye D. Gbalazeh, CEO, Activa International Insurance Company

Activa International Insurance Company, Liberia Limited (AIIL), has announced the provision of an innovative life insurance policy package for Liberia’s frontline health workers who are providing vital health services at the 14 military hospital, where COVID-19 patients are currently undergoing treatment.

The Activa Life Insurance Policy Package has a combined sum insured or capital of US$105,000. It is to cover 115 medical and allied employees at the hospital against natural and accidental deaths to include deaths emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic. The protection will directly impact the lives of the families of those health workers who might fall prey to the virus.

The managing director and chief executive officer of Activa International Insurance Company, also professor of insurance law, Mr. Saye D. Gbalazeh, in a press statement issued in Monrovia over the weekend, said that the provision of the insurance package by Activa is a part of ACTIVA Group Foundation’s tradition to allocate funds for corporate social initiatives. Activa Group Foundation is the charity Arm of the Activa Group.

“The funds to support our Life Insurance Package for these COVID-19 Frontline Health Workers and allied Employees at the 14-Military Hospital come from the Activa Foundation and underpins our company’s philosophy of a loyal and purpose-driven corporate citizenship imbued with the culture of giving back to the community in which it operates.  In the context of the pandemic, this gutsy Life Insurance Policy Package from Activa Liberia is the first of such corporate initiatives and represents a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program proposition of acting out of the ordinary” CEO Gbalazeh averred.

“It is a bold and gutsy move on the part of Activa Liberia,” Gbalazeh said. “With this life insurance package, we are taking on a formidable risk that other insurance companies would normally walk away from. But we said we are Liberians and this is our way to supporting those who are in the front line of the fight against this deadly disease.”

According to him, the life insurance policy package is good for six months and renewable for another six months pending evaluation.

As is the case with life insurance, a benefit is only paid out in the event of death of a policy holder. Yet, while it is hoped that there would be no death among those covered by the policy, coverage under Activa Liberia comes at absolutely no cost to the policy holders.

Activa Liberia is expected to formally launch this Life Insurance Policy Package for the Frontline Health Workers and allied Employees on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, at the Ministry of Health in Monrovia.

It can be recalled that during Liberia’s battle against the EBOLA scourge, Activa-Liberia made a significant contribution of over US$35,000 to widows and survivors of EBOLA Victims geared towards them reestablishing their independence and social acceptance through the establishment of cooperatives, skills training, and the conduct of a psycho-social program.

Activa also funded a sexual and reproductive health program that catered to vulnerable young women in Grand Cape Mount County in western Liberia.

Activa International Insurance (Liberia) Ltd is a licensed composite company that has been working in Liberia over the past six years, providing quality Insurance Packages for Blue Chip Companies, Multinationals, Small/Medium Enterprises, Non-Profit Organizations (NGO), Liberian Institutions and personal lines insurance in the private and public sectors.


  1. Waka waka, so where will the money come from to be given to the family members of those heath workers that will fall prey to the coronavirus? While it is hoped that there will be no death for those that are covered, oh please. What kind of Life Insurance you have and don’t pay premiums? I need some answers here so I will know what exactly it is.


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