Activa Insurance Liberia Launches Med-Evac Service

Cllr. Saye D. Gbalazeh (middle) and his Activa International Insurance Liberia team at their office in Sinkor, Monrovia.

— Scheme covers up to US$350K per event

To help cater to life-threatening situations, resulting either from accident or other health emergencies, Activa International Insurance Company (Liberia) Ltd, has launched an Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation product scheme covering up to US$350,000 per event and not an annual limit.

Emergency medical evacuation transports patients to the nearest facility equipped to handle treatment. This could mean another city, country, or even one’s home country.

The facility where a patient would be transported is generally based on the patient’s overseeing doctor, who would work in collaboration with the insurance company (Activa) to make sure that the patient receives the care needed.

The scheme, which is the brainchild of the managing director and chief executive officer of Activa International Insurance Company Liberia, Cllr. Saye D. Gbalazeh, seeks to provide solutions to the strains and stress people endure in raising money in a timely manner to evacuate relatives and other critically ill persons to a second country for medical attention.

“We introduced this product after receiving many requests for such coverage from our customers who either wanted or needed to travel within or internationally,” said Prof. Gbalazeh who is also a professor of insurance law. “We at Activa Insurance Company are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and enable them to purchase coverage in a simple, fast, and convenient way.”

Managing director and chief executive officer of Activa International Insurance Company Liberia, Cllr. Saye D. Gbalazeh

According to him, the launch of the product is a complement to “our regular health insurance programs that we provide for our clients. So, this is something like adding value to our services.”

“Our ultimate goal is to make this scheme accessible and affordable,” CEO Gbalazeh averred at a news conference on November 18, 2020, marking the launch of the Medical Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation program at the company’s office in Sinkor, Monrovia.

Giving an in-depth explanation of the program, he said a minimum requirement for qualification for the scheme is that aspiring beneficiaries must consist of a group of at least ten persons to subscribe. They are required to pay an amount not exceeding US$500 per applicant.

That will be followed by a copayment of US$250.00 per person per year. “This automatically qualifies you for up to US$350,000 per qualifying event”, Prof. Gbalazeh told journalists.

Cover includes air ambulance or commercial medical escort flight, expenses at receiving hospital and doctor’s expenses, as well as “medication and drugs, hotel accommodation for a travel companion, hotel accommodation post-discharge awaiting home and commercial flight home post”, according to Activa (Liberia Limited) CEO.

Prof. Gbalazeh also used the occasion to further clarify that the scheme should in no way be seen as a search and rescue mission and that clients or patients cannot select their own hospital under any health emergency.

According to him, a prerequisite for successful subscribers in dire medical needs is that they must first be at a medical facility being attended to by doctors.

The Activa Insurance executive explained that any determination on referral to any health post in or out of the country must be made by the client’s doctor(s) in concert with those of Activa.

There is no exact replica of the nature of the health emergency evacuation and repatriation scheme that Activa is rolling out in Liberia owing to its accessibility and affordability. The lower age limit for qualification is from 14 days to 65 years, according to Prof. Gbalazeh.

He also used the occasion to explain that while the essence of any business venture is profit-making; their vision is not limited to accruing money.

The Activa boss added, “We also have a moral responsibility to give back to society” under the corporate social responsibility theory.

It can be recalled that during Liberia’s battle of the EBOLA Scourge, Activa-Liberia made a significant contribution of over US$35,000 to widows and survivors of EBOLA victims, geared towards them re-establishing their independence and social acceptance through the establishment of cooperatives, skills training, and the conduct of a psycho-social program.

Activa also funded a sexual and reproductive health program that catered to vulnerable young women in Grand Cape Mount County, western Liberia.

Activa International Insurance (Liberia) Ltd is a licensed composite company that has been working in Liberia over the past six years, providing quality Insurance Packages for Blue Chip Companies, Multinationals, Small/Medium Enterprises, Non-Profit Organizations (NGO), Liberian institutions, and personalized insurance in the private and public sectors.


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