Action Aid International Ends SGBV Awareness Campaign at Market Places

Team members from Action Aid International who around marketplaces and in communities aross Monrovia

Action Aid Liberia, an international organization, has climaxed series of activities in observance of the 16 days of activism.

In commemoration of the day, Action Aid Liberia with support from its partners has been engaged in a vigorous awareness campaign on Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV), in communities, market places in Monrovia and other areas.

Speaking to some marketers at a densely populated marketplace in Via Town, Francis B. Moore, Program Officer, informed market women and men that the campaign was intended to call to action leaders around the world to take actions to end SGBV issues.  

Mr. Moore explained that there are women’s rights and human rights, therefore all of these rights must be respected at all levels. He recalled that the issue of rape has become one of the terrible things women, especially girls, have faced in society; which he said, if no action is taken by leaders, would be a nightmare for women.

“As we climax the 16 days of activism, we want to urge all men to join the fight against SGBV in Liberia.”

He argued that women should be given the right to a safe working environment but, they should not be forced or coerced in any form and manner because of their job.

“Women should also have the right to participate in the decision making process of the country, that is democracy,” he added.

He also informed his fellow men that no woman should be abused for any reason; adding that women’s rights are not limited because they are women. On December 10, 2020, Liberia joined other countries around the world to celebrate International Human Rights Day as well as ended the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

On the same occasion, a team member, Quita Martor, also told the gathering that rape is not something to be compromised; as such, anyone who rapes should be taken to the law. “My mothers and fathers, we should never have to compromise the lives of our girl children to any man, no matter how rich the person may be,” she warned.  

She also argued that rape is not a family issue, therefore anyone who commits rape should face the law, as a deterrent from being a repeat offender.

“The issue of rape should be a collective fight,” she said, adding that women should continue to stand against rape because it has caused so much pain, including other damages in the lives of children.

She noted that many times, a 40- to 50-year-old man would rape a 3-month old baby, an act which she frowned on and described as evil to the highest form.

Rape should not be tolerated in any society, she declared. “Nowadays, everywhere you go, rape has become the talk across the country. It will not stop until we women can stand tall because we most often become the victims.”

However, she challenged the communities, churches and mosques not to compromise the issue of rape in their various communities, because it has the ability to undermine the fight against rape.


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