ACRES Community Clinic Hosts First Health Fair in Millsburg

ACRES staff in the field collecting data from residents that will be treated afterward

The Alfred and Collinette Raynes Everybody Severed (ACRES) Community Clinic in Millsburg, Lower Montserrado County, has called on the residents to take advantage of the ‘free’ healthcare services and information during its debut health fair.

The health fair is to screen and educate the community on common chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etc. The launch of the fair coincided with the observance of the 5th anniversary of the clinic where the residents honored ACRES proprietress.

Over 1000 eager participants from surrounding neighborhoods attended the event.

The ceremony which was held on Saturday, April 28, enabled nurses at ACRES to collect data from the locals to design research studies on disease prevalence and remold their lifestyle.

Mrs. Joyce Kumba Raynes Ogunti, ACRES Founder said the one-day fair allowed the residents to celebrate efforts the clinic staff have made over the years.

“We noticed that before the advent of ACRES, people in Millsburg and nearby communities were dying, sometimes from treatable illnesses, but thank God that many of them have remained alive because of ACRES that offers free medical services.” Ogunti said.

The locals certificated and petitioned Mrs. Ogunti to provide additional services for them, while Commissioner Sisquo makes remarks (R)

Mrs. Ogunti is also a professional nurse, resides in Chicago, USA, and is a daughter of Millsburg.

She praised her husband, Vahplahn Zeegar-Holman and staff that continue to support her dream in providing basic healthcare services to residents of underprivileged communities every year.

Since ACRES was established in 2013, it has rendered free clinical services to over 46,000 patients in Millsburg and its surrounding hamlets.

Gaye Sleah, former president of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), who graced the occasion, lauded Mrs. Kumba and her husband for providing basic health services in that area to locals who are unable to pay for huge cost of the medical services at the various facilities.

Mr. Sleah then called on government to assist the hard work of ACRES through Mrs. Ogunti and her husband to continue serving not just Millsburg’s residents, but those in the nearby neighborhood.

Ms. Gloria G. Stevens, president of the Liberia Nursing Association (LNA), assured the organization’s continuous support to the annual event and other initiatives that would promote quality health deliversy system.

Meanwhile some of the beneficiaries residents have lauded Mrs. Ogunti and her team for the love and commitment they showed to them, and prayed that they would continue with those good gesture.

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