Acid Water Victim Dies

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Ms. Mercy Gbanjah, 29, the victim of an acid water attack, has died at the JFK Medical Center in Sinkor, Monrovia several hours after her ordeal.

The incident took place recently in Logan Town, on Bushrod Island, Monrovia.

The police are looking for a man identified as Sam Alie Kemokai, a taxi driver, (his facebook identifies him as a ‘mechanic’) who allegedly threw acid water on Mercy, his girlfriend, at 2:45 Sunday morning. Kemokai’s whereabouts are unknown and he is said to be on the run.

Police are searching for Kemokai to tell them what he knows about how Mercy sustained burns from the acid water that led to her death.

Family sources are unable to reveal the reason anyone might want to kill Mercy, but they confirmed that after they rushed the victim to the hospital after the attack, she kept calling Sam’s name, asking why he must harm her.

Fred Wilson, the elder brother of Mercy Gbanjah, told the Daily Observer in a telephone conversation that nearly four months ago, he participated in a meeting involving the lovers during which the family told Sam to end his relationship with Mercy.

“We did not know anything about Sam and therefore we asked him to stay away from her until he brought his family members to us,” Wilson said. He later learned that Sam had been coming to his sister in secret, begging her to restore the relationship.

The Daily Observer learned that Mercy’s family discovered that Sam has a wife in Caldwell, identified as Bendu,.

Reports say Bendu was shocked to hear what her husband had allegedly done to another woman.

Meanwhile, according to Ms. Theresa Wiggins, a nurse who attended the victim before her death, Mercy kept repeating “Sam’s name and blaming him for her injury.”

Family sources could not confirm whether Mercy had restored the relationship, but the fact that she would agree to open her door at 2:25 in the morning suggests that Kemokai, a Mende from Freetown, Sierra Leone, premeditated to harm Mercy.

The Daily Observer investigation revealed that when Sam allegedly entered the house of three rooms, he secured tightly with a rope the two other rooms to prevent the occupants from coming out to see what he was about to do, or apprehend him afterwards.

“Sam then managed to convince Mercy to open her door and he reportedly poured the acid water on her head and every part of her body.

“As Mercy began to scream and call for help, friends in the two rooms could not get out because their doors were securely tied with ropes. The volume of acid water was so much that her skin, hair and parts of her body were peeling off,” a family member recalled.

The victim’s family member who called the suspect’s cell number (0886-757-960) after the attack, reported that Sam told him he was on his way to Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Mercy Gbanjah, the mother of a seven year old son from a previous relationship, was the last of six children, two girls and four boys.

She was expecting to resume her education at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) on Camp Johnson Road in Monrovia.


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