Accountability, Transparency Vital to Development, Says Vice President Boakai

Vice President Boakai flanked by some members of the Liberian Legislature_web.jpg

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has told the 5th Annual General Meeting and Convention of the West African Association of Public Accounts Committees convening in the Burkinabe Capital, Ouagadougou that accountability and transparency are vital tolls in fostering national development, harmony and cohesion.

Vice President Boakai said for too long the West Africa Region has found itself saddled in intractable turmoil and despair, saying issues over the abuse and mismanagement of public resources, coupled with the relegation of interests of the tax payers, have fanned civil strife.

Vice President Boakai was speaking yesterday in Ouagadougou when he addressed the fifth Annual General Meeting and Convention of the West Africa Association of Public Accounts Committees.

He went on to say that these developments have stifled national development and that it is this ugly image that West Africa must strive to cast off.

The Vice President stressed that he is of the firm conviction that the formation of the WAAPAC sprang out of a lofty and conscious belief that the only way to develop any country is by instituting accountability and transparency in public financial management.

This is the second time that Vice President Boakai has addressed this body the first was in Paynesville on April 30, 2012 at WAAPAC 3rd Annual Meeting and Convention.

He spoke on the theme Accountability and Transparency: Vital tools for national development and in 2012 he addressed the WAAPAC on the theme Parliamentary Oversight: Strengthening the powers and practices of Public Account Committees.

Vice President Boakai has vast knowledge in Public Finance having served as head of Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation, (LPMC) and Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation (LPRC) in the 80s respectively.


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