Accident Claims Four Lives in Korkoyah

At the scene of the tragic accident, expressions of grief and anger. (Photo Credit: Stephen Sayween and Jerome Tuakolon)

Saye-Weh Town in Kokoyah District of Bong County was a scene of sorrow around 4 p.m. on Monday, November 5, as a vehicle belonging to a Chinese company hired by the Turkish Mining Company (MNG-Gold) allegedly killed four persons, according to a report from the scene of the accident.

The report confirmed by Daily Observer’s Bong County correspondent Marcus Malayea, was posted by one D. Alexson Barpeen, who quoted eyewitnesses that the victims included a girl and two lads.

The driver of the company’s vehicle reportedly escaped the scene for fear of being killed by an angry mob that allegedly set the Toyota land cruiser four-door pickup ablaze.

The company’s Toyota Land Crusier set ablaze allegedly by an angry mob.
(Photo Credit: Stephen Sayween and Jerome Tuakolon)

Of recent, residents in the area of Kokoyah Statutory District, where MNG Gold operates, have expressed much frustration with the company’s handling of chemical waste from its gold mining operations, which allegedly spilled into nearby waterways. The company later admitted that cyanide from its plant affected creeks that serve as sources of water for locals in Sayewheh Town.

Lately there were reports of school-going kids vomiting blood as a result of the company’s waste site constructed near the school campus. The vomiting incident led to the school administration immediately closing the school to the public until the situation could be addressed.

A woman grieves over one of the boys killed in the accident.
(Photo Credit: Stephen Sayween and Jerome Tuakolon)


  1. A very sad tragedy is even made sadder by the mind boggling editorial decision to abandon discretion. What informational value is added in desecrating the dead by posting the raw images of carnage at an accident scene?

    Shame on the one who captured these images on camera! What happened to your humanity, I wonder?


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