Absence of ANC Officials at Gongloe-Weh’s Endorsement Raises Suspicion

LP Chairperson, Sen. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence; Senatorial aspirant Edith Gongloe Weh and ALP Political Leader, Benoni W. Urey ant the ceremony for the endorsement of Madam Gongloe Weh.

Even though, the occasion at which the Collaborating Political Parties’ (CPP) endorsement of Edith Gongloe-Weh was well attended, with members converging at the Ganta United Methodist Gymnasium from across Nimba on September 28, some have raised concern as to why officials and well-known members of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), one of the four political parties that make up the CPP, were conspicuously absent the endorsement ceremony.

Hundreds of Nimbaians and others from Monrovia had stormed Ganta to see former Nimba Superintendent, Madam Edith Gongloe Weh, receive her certificate of endorsement to contest on the ticket of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) for the upcoming senatorial mid-term election.

While the high momentum of the ceremony cannot be ruled out with the presence of members and sympathizers of the CPP, it was, however, observed that officials and other well-known members of the ANC were not seen, unlike members and officials of the other parties.

Some of those attending the ceremony including, Mr. Benoni Urey of All Liberian Party, Mr. Musa Bility, Senators Steve Zargo, and Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, all stalwarts of the Liberty Party, and Rep. Roger S.W.Y Domah of the Unity Party, representing the CPP caucus, among others.

The absence of officials of the ANC created some uncertainties in the minds of political pundits that the CPP may not be as strong and unified as it was expected.

At the primary in Sanniquellie in September where Taa Wongbe of the ANC and Madam Gongloe-Weh of the Liberty Party had gone with their supporters to decide who runs on the CPP’s ticket in Nimba, the entire process ended in chaos, leaving Wongbe’s vehicle partially damaged. Report from the investigation showed that the primary was marred with fraud and recommended that the primary be repeated. However, recently the Chairman of the CPP and political leader of the ANC, Alexander B. Cummings, came out to disclose that the CPP had endorsed the candidacy of Madam Edith Gongloe-Weh.

Suspicion surrounding the strength and unity of the CPP in Nimba is, in fact, beginning to manifest itself as some disenchanted members have pledged their support to the independent movement of Mr. Taa Wongbe.

Taa Wongbe and his supporters have been touring Nimba, on what they consider as an acquaintance visit, ever since the controversial CPP primary in Sanniquellie and also to re-solidify his senatorial bid.

A day or hours after Wongbe had affixed his signature on the endorsement framework, he received a letter from the National Elections Commission (NEC) declaring him as an independent candidate. Wongbe defended his decision that candidates who could not make it in the CPP’s primaries are all contesting independently, and he was not the first to make such a decision outside the framework of the CPP.

However, in the presence of the huge crowd of supporters on the day of the endorsement, Madam Gongloe Weh pleaded for their votes, giving a parable that “When the shoe is burning your feet nobody can notice it until you bend down and take it off.”

In a highly euphoric mood due to the huge crowd, Madam Gongloe-Weh urged the citizens, especially the women, to make the decision come December to “Save their children’s lives.”

Meanwhile, the political maneuvering to gain popularity and votes continues to intensify among aspirants desiring to contest the upcoming senatorial election, and one of Nimba’s popular sons and businessman, Tomah Sei Floyd, has thrown his support behind Rep. Jeremiah Koung, one of the seemingly formidable aspirants in the impending election.

Speaking to reporters in Sanniquellie on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, Mr. Floyd said he will provide all necessary supports to Rep. Koung, because Koung is his son, and he was the one who made him.

“I made Jeremiah Koung who he is today, and I believe that he is able to deliver good leadership when he is elected,” Floyd said.

Tomah Seh Floyd (left): “Jeremiah Koung (right) … is my son and I made him who he is today; so, I cannot bring him halfway and leave him alone.”

“It will surprise many because normally I don’t take part in politics, but in this case, I am supporting Jeremiah Koung because he is my son and I made him who he is today; so, I cannot bring him halfway and leave him alone,” he said.

In terms of making Jeremiah Koung as claimed, Floyd said he is the godfather to most of the young businessmen in Nimba and, prior to Koung getting into politics, both of them had a close business link.

If the businessman’s support to Koung’s senatorial ambition would mean anything for his victory, it will only be more influential economically because Floyd is economically potent and the money he may provide would influence many voters who are driven by money and other gifts to support a candidate.

Currently, Rep. Koung is touring Nimba District #3, distributing zinc and cement as support to some ongoing community projects.

Critics are concerned about the excessive spending Rep. Koung is carrying out; wondering from where he gets the cash to spend. Koung has been in the House of Representatives for nine years now where lawmakers make huge salaries with other benefits. It has also been widely reported that lawmakers receive extra money (otherwise brown envelopes) for signing concessions and other legislations of interest. It can also be recalled that Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson, who is also a supporter of Koung’s senatorial bid, came out a few months ago to state in an audio recording that “Jeremiah Koung is greedy; he was given nine years to serve as a Representative which he has not completed and yet wants to become a Senator. Senator Johnson also disclosed that Koung is on the House’s Committee on Ways, Means, and Finance where they get money from ministries and agencies for every budget that passes. “Well, he has money, so let him divide some among the people to eat too.”

Meanwhile, supporters of immediate former Superintendent, Dorr Cooper, recently appeared on the local radio to clarify that Mr. Cooper still remains a potential candidate in the pending special senatorial election and has never pledged his support to any of the contenders in the race as it has been speculated.

Supporters are now relying vaguely on his achievements as Ganta City Mayor years back to convince the public about his leadership potential instead of the immediate position of Superintendent, which he left a few months ago.

Mr. Cooper continues to receive support from kinsmen in his home district of Yarwin Mensonnon, where his rival and close relative from the same town and quarter, Edith Gongloe Weh, hails.

Meanwhile, preparation is underway for supporters of incumbent Senator Thomas S. Grupee to welcome him to Ganta on Saturday, October 3, 2020. One of Grupee’s supporters briefed the Daily Observer that they are mobilizing and bringing supporters from across the county to receive the Senator since he arrived from the USA some weeks ago.

Senator Grupee’s membership was suspended in the Unity Party last year following his concession to vote in favor of the impeachment of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh; a decision that the party was strongly against and described it as “Unconstitutional.”

Former District #4 Representative, Atty. Garrison Yealue, continues to pay visits to towns and villages in Nimba, criticizing the present lawmakers for their slowness in pressing on the central government for Nimba’s share of the Social Development Fund.

For Edith Weh, the issue surrounding the usage of the US$800,000 intended for the July 26, 2010 celebration in Nimba still remains an issue, concerning her credibility to handle the county top.


  1. The absence of the ANC should not raise any eyebrows or suspicion, my people!
    The ANC was founded by people of principles who are proposing another way of doing things in Liberia. We (ANC) cannot preach such slogan and then compromise it in the face of the first difficulty.

    The primary system is commendable for Liberia, let’s learn to exercise it in the best interest of our people and country.
    We could have all been at Mama Gongloe’s endorsement ceremony if the electoral process was transparent and free of violence.
    Equally so, we are not going to associate our image to Mr. Wongbe’s campaign because of the same principles.
    We need all Liberians within the ANC, but discipline is the cardinal point for the success of our mission for Liberia. If we can have few but disciplined partisans, we will get the job done.

    Let’s learn to do things differently. If we compromise our principles here, we will NEVER deliver the development model we have for Liberia; we will follow the same Liberian trend of “one is better then nothing” which left Liberia lagging, making it the poorest country in West Africa in terms of human capital development.

    The CPP has just given another beautiful victory to incumbent Grupee, it should surprise no one at the dawn of December 8.

  2. I don’t care how others may slice the ice. But I know deep down inside of me that the “blank party” and its leadership are in trouble. Big, big trouble!

    That man is weak. He is disorganized. He is quickly crumbling before our very eyes. Pretty soon ladies and gentlemen, that guy will be decommissioned by his own people. I am not a clairvoyant person. But I can pretty much speak about human frailties. We all have such failures. But I am sorry. Some people were not born to be leaders. It is being manifested.

  3. That’s your wish and hope; to see him stumble and fall!
    If Alexander B. Cummings had done anything wrong to you in past, please, for my sake, for God’s sake, forgive him! He’s on a vicious battlefront for the poor children of Liberia. Stop wishing him harm and failures.

    Nevertheless, know that he (Cummings) has some of the innocent and poor children of Liberia praying for him daily. We know the terrain he’s toiling; it is tumultuous, and snares are at every twist and turn, but God will watch over his faltering steps.
    Like the children of Israel in Egypt, God will watch over Alexander B. Cummings to lead Liberia to prosperity where every region and child of Liberia will benefit the immense natural resources of the country.

    Peace and success to all who wish failures and disorganization of the ANC!

  4. You’re one of the most ferocious political enemies of George Weah. There’s not a day that goes by without your snide remarks being hurl at Weah. If you slow down on George Weah, I will lessen the heat on that guy’s head.

  5. So, tit for tat?
    Then, let it be directed at me, but I will NEVER leave Weah alone if he doesn’t start the FIXES he promised us.
    I have never ventured on the political arena and I have NEVER been heard in politics, but Weah has really enraged some of us to explosion.

    Let him deliver and stop killing Liberia.
    You saw his reshuffle, right? Does he still mean well for Liberia? Sending that “don” old man called Wilson Tarpeh to EPA, “eh waste my people”, “his chopping mouth is opened big time”.
    Lenn Nagbe to Maritime, wow! Just imagine how Weah wants to steal now.
    Putting his two “don” right-hand men to where they are first NOT qualified but to just pump money into his pocket for future elections, no other explanation to motivate such move.

    Weah is a curse for the children of Liberia. If we are not careful with him, he may even plunge our country into another chaos through his witch hunts and hooliganism against opposition figures.

    We yearn to see our country join the sub regional development train. Weah is a big impediment to regional development aspiration!

    • Petarus, ANY college graduate who is an administrator, lawyer, or journalist, is qualified and suitable to proficiently head the affairs of the EPA or the Maritime Administration of a country.

      This is inter alia why most of such professionals who were able to serve within Liberia’s maritime administration have either been journalists, Public or Business Administration graduates, former heads of the Institute of Public Administration, etc.

      In the case of the EPA, the primary task of the EPA of any country is to erect guidelines, measures, or standards and laws promoting the health of individuals and the environment, while the fundamental tasks of any maritime administration are public administration and public relations.

      Hence, with Professor Tarpeh being a seasoned administrator and a professional lawyer, an astute economist, former Minister of Finance, and Commerce, and former Presidents of leading banks, he is more than qualified to run the affairs of the EPA!

      Accordingly so the same, with a Public Policy scholar and practitioner like Mr. Eugene Nagbe who is a renowned journalist who has administered the affairs of several ministries of government, and is now known in history as one of the longest serving ministers of information of Liberia! He is a blessing to Liberia’s MARITIME ADMINISTRATION!

      Recalling your misperception of the duties and responsibilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for which we had to intervene, it should not be surprising that you may have some misconceptions about the missions, programs, and activities of A STATE’S national agencies, commissions, bureaus, and ministries.

      But never mind…TRUE NATIONALISM is not confined to debunking the hidden agenda, conspiracies and the oligarchic and ochlocratic modus operandi and modus vivendi of THE ELITES AGAINST THE MASSES.

      • False Nationalist,

        I am compelled to make my last comment of the week by clearing the air on your miscomprehension of what I have said.

        You said, “ANY college graduate who is an administrator, lawyer, or journalist, is qualified and suitable to proficiently head the affairs of the EPA or the Maritime Administration of a country.”

        I disagree to this point for a country like Liberia, and I agree with you for developed and some developing countries like Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria

        Mr. Moses gave a good example of Dr. Ben Carson, a renown neurosurgeon who was appointed as Housing Secretary by Trump.
        The United States has solid bedrock in every sector. Politicians, irrespective of professional backgrounds, can occupy SOME (not all) positions as Minister / Secretary based on a given policy carefully drafted by the professionals of such political party. Their presence in such position is purely a political reward or in simple English, the sharing of the cake. But the people who drafted such policy are in the background implementing it to the fullest.

        In the same way, countries like Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, etc. have solidly trained and experienced technicians in various ministries, state-owned corporations and agencies. Such individuals usually join political parties for the sole purpose of being appointed to run a given sector in which they work or may be willing to accompany the political choice of the ruling party for the country’s benefit.
        I live in a country where a medical doctor was appointed minister of higher education, a tax specialist was appointed as minister of foreign affairs, an agronomist was appointed as minister of transport, etc.

        Unlike Liberia, most sectors are still poorly occupied by trained and well-educated technocrats. You are in Liberia, visit every ministry or agency or public corporation, you will agree with me that when CDC comes to power, it gets rid of all the Unity Party people and replaces them with their partisans, regardless of being qualified or not.
        And so, in such a situation, the person to run such departments must be cognizant of such depart, the person must be astute and socially attractive to coerce or entice others to easily accept him to frankly collaborate in the ineptest of the country.
        Do you see what they did to Dr. Fallah recently? They soiled the good and professional reputation of that honorable public health worker, casting doubt on his integrity whereas he was innocent.

        Liberia should not blindly follow examples of countries with solid foundations, this is my point!
        Mr. KEMAYAH could have been a fine guy for Liberia in any economic sector or to revamp any public corporation. It could have been especially interesting were he to form a tandem with the minister of agriculture, given is background in project management and as a first-degree holder in Mathematics, to revamp many economic activities and provide thousands of jobs for Liberians in the shortest time possible provided Weah provided them with an annual budget of at least $50 million.

        What’s my problem with Prof. Wilson and Mr. Nagbe?
        I am NOT saying Prof. Wilson Tarpeh, a seasoned accountant is not qualified to head the EPA or Mr. Nagbe, a seasoned journalist is not qualified to head the Liberia maritime affairs. They are qualified.
        I am saying they are too “don”, please. You are a Liberian, you know what it means when we say someone is a “don”. These two people are too “don” to oversee these two agencies with plenty money changing hands. I did not comment on the other people because I do not really know them, but I directly and indirectly know these two people. They are qualified but too “don”.

        Please, it’s my opinion as a Liberia, don’t kill me when I come to Liberia to run campaign for Cummings oh!

        • Mr. Hney, don’t’ mind’ Petarus’ hilarity! That is his intellectual technique whenever he has no legitimate or solid counter.

          Okay, Mr. Dolo, next time the Executive Branch will appoint A GBEHLEH, A PHESEE, A TAMLAN, OR A BONUAHN

          And not master crafts, sages, gurus, or czars, since for you, a don lama, or a koubah should go on pension, even if he or she has not reached a retirement age.

          • False Nationalist,

            I will prefer a PHESEE or a GBEHLEH who has an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from a chartered institute of environmental health as Liberia’s EPA director, not a “don” accountant that can behave like a cat.
            Do you know that cats eat “pupu”? When you see a cat, can you tell if it is from eating pupu? No way! Always neat but just turn your back on it.

            Let’s put the right people in the right places to move things in Liberia. Let’s stop compensating people because they were there for us.
            The best place for Prof. Tarpeh in Liberia now is to serve as a consultant or an advisor to Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah, period!

            I don’t know where on planet earth a Grade 9 dropout has earned a doctorate degree, only in Liberia my people!

  6. You haven’t fully understood who I am. Although I am very simpatico, I am not an odd guy! I don’t get personal with people because of their opinions. From time to time, I may disagree with someone, but once the exchange becomes personal, I bow out. The guy who wants to wrestle power from a democratically elected person is the at the epicenter of this debate. I will train my fire on him 24/7. No regrets. I will break no bones.

    Weah’s reshuffling of his cabinet is a good move in the right direction. I don’t care who gets reshuffled where. In the future, I would like to see terminations. I bear no grudges! I feel that fresher ideas from competent people are needed in his government. Example, for thirty odd days now, I have been trying to get my deed of a property I own in Brewerville. I’m getting all the run-around. There are no computers in that department that could be used to update records. If a new competent Liberian is put in that department, I sincerely believe that the concept of computers will be introduced! Besides that, it’s Liberia. Business as usual. I prefer business as of now though.

    I don’t think or believe in a heartbeat that Weah is a curse! Countries in Africa that were imperialized by the Europeans are better off. It’s a fact! Had France not strategically plan the Ivory coast, the Ivory coast wouldn’t have been better than Liberia. By the way, the Ivory coast is still under the influence of France. Example, for a long time, France has had a military air base in the Ivory coast. In the late 1990s, I was there in the Ivory coast. During that time, I saw two French airforce jets flying all over Plateau and nearby places.

    By their very nature, the Ivorians are not smarter than the people of Liberia. You studied in the Ivory coast. Initially, you may have had a language barrier, but when you caught on, learning became easier. Am I wrong? A problem of simultaneous equation in the Ivory coast is the same in Liberia. Right? Because of colonialism, the Ivorians are more privileged than us. Period.

    That guy is weak! It’s beginning to show. In the bitter end, he will be badly disappointed.

  7. I pray and hope he doesn’t get disappointed, as he has given some of us hope in our country. The current Liberia political arena is vicious and treacherous indeed. I had given up on Liberia and was about to take the Ivorian citizenship or file for immigration in Canada with my family when I saw Cummings show up.

    The French did not only colonize the Ivory Coast but countries like Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Niger, Benin, Chad, Cameroun, Burundi, Burkina Faso, etc.
    Look at the list of these countries, have you ever heard me made mention of any of them in terms of human capital or infrastructure development? No!
    I respect all these countries; in fact, they are all far ahead of Liberia in terms of any development sector, but the leadership of the Ivory Coast was very wise, astute and patriotic in channeling it’s development policies with the French.
    By the way, know that the Ivory Coast is the most prosperous (not Nigeria as professed by Buhari) and developed black African country in Africa (according to the CIA report). They (CIA) even described the economy of the Ivory Coast as vibrant; it has unfortunately been stalled by selfish politicians who will soon leave (by hope or by crook).

    There is still a French military base near the airport in Abidjan. To avoid details on this issue, just know that the many crises the country had undergone in recent times all stem from this occupation; the main bone of contention with Laurent Gbagbo (I hope you understand why he is not guilty but still kept under house arrest in Belgium).

    When Ghana became independent, it had many interreferences from the British until it was somehow left alone (a punishment for them then) under Rawlings.
    Unlike all those countries, Liberia is very FREE. What are we doing with our freedom? We spew out nonsense about the USA, yet we invite the Americans in all our domestic affairs.

    If France had strategically planned the Ivory Coast, why couldn’t it do the same for all the other French speaking colonies?
    In every big town and city in the Ivory Coast, there is a presidential palace; from Danane to Korhogo down to Aboisso. It means the president can travel in any part of the country and has a comfortable place to sleep. This is decentralization in disguise. It develops economic activities in every region (sous prefecture et prefecture). It doesn’t exist anywhere in any of the other French colony.

    Liberians are indeed smart people, but we have NEVER allowed qualified and patriotic Liberians to lead the country. The only patriot to have been voted was Tolbert, yet we heartlessly murdered him.
    Give another qualified patriot a chance. Alexander B. Cummings does not want any money from Liberia. He wants to help his country harness its immense natural reserves.

    Weah cynically loves Liberia. He will bring more woes and hardships to the poor children of Liberia than any president in the history of our country. He is clueless in every capacity. He’s there, you will prove me right or wrong one of these days.
    If you want to see how Weah is dangerous to Liberia, go into your neighborhood and find someone who doesn’t have a junior high certificate. Give such person a thousand dollars and ask him how he would use it.
    I bet the first thing he would do is to get to the next boutique and buy the latest jeans, huge chains, flashy watch and anything attractive.
    That’s exactly what Weah did when he was ushered into our presidency; broke down all his four houses and transform them into mansions, bought himself a private jet and was spending all his weekends in Accra until the Ghanaian president forbade him from such as he was not an ordinary citizen.

    If Cummings were weak, he couldn’t have successfully run Cocoa cola in Nigeria!

    • What? Cummings on a mission for the poor children of Liberia?
      What am illusion? This Gay could do more damage to our country than anyone else.

      Build schools? Stop the joke!
      Cummings will be by far worse than the current administration.

      • Mr. White,

        Cummings sits on the board of 3 multinational companies. He holds shares in at least 5 companies. His net minimum monthly income oscillates around $20,000.00 US.
        What is he doing with your chicken feed budget which he wants to augment to $2.5 billion?

        And Mr. Smith, have you even gone in bed with Mr. Cummings, or do you know of anyone who has gone in bed with him to call him a gay?
        Stop saying things you don’t know. You may get yourself into foolish trouble.

        I am a Christian, proudly married with 4 children. If Cummings were a gay, I would NEVER have campaigned for him.
        Don’t join other ignorant politicians to spew imbecilities about honorable people who have laid down their lives and let go of their privileges to give you a brighter future in your country.

        A hint to the wise is quite sufficient!

    • Interesting exchanges between two progressive minds, hope to join you some day for this healthy exchange, keep it up, no insults but knowledge and experience at work.

  8. my two favorite uncles, in the person of Uncles Dolo and Hney, are at it again. The meetings of two great minds, intellectually at odds, yet with brilliant and divergent views.

    I, at times, wonder what it would be like if these minds would unite and join forces?



    • Dear Joe,

      My sincere and heartfelt greetings to you, your sibling and your mother. I hope you have overcome your loss and moving on with life.

      Stay wise and focused on virtues in life, always love knowledge and strive to obtain it to the best of your ability, not forgetting to always nurture your spiritual mind through the Holiest Book on planet earth, The Bible.

      May God watch over you and your family, Amen!

  9. In the beginning of your second paragraph, you inform your readers by saying, “the French did not colonize the Ivory Coast”. Are you sure about that or is it a sheer slip of your tongue?
    I will not go any further because I eagerly await your response.

  10. Fellow compatriot Gbada J. Flomo,
    You can join the chatter. Don’t be left out of the game my dear brother. Feel free to join. You will never be rebuffed by me. This media space has been provided in order for us to put forth our best ideas. I expect you to meaningfully participate next time or even now.

    Hang in there!

  11. The name “False Nationalist” is a figment of a critic’s imagination. In other words, there’s no one who could be labeled as “False Nationalist”. There’s a gentleman who is without doubt a genuine prolific commenter whose name is “True Nationalist”. He deserves to be respected whether or not someone opposes him.

    Mr. True Nationalist is blessed with five beautiful sisters! For those of you who refer to him as “False Nationalist”, I urge you to be careful. You never know. Desist from changing the guy’s name which was bestowed upon him.


    • Mr. Hney, it is good you caution these people. For them, in a marketplace of ideas, name, nomenclature or labeling are what are of importance, and not the ideas proffered by the given name, since such technique generally mask their intellectual limitations.

      Take for example James Davis suggesting that his original homeland Liberia is the only unitary state in the world, and the rest of the nearly 200 countries in the world are federal countries, when the truth is is that there are only about 25 federal countries in the world, and the rest are unitary states.

      Consider again for example their dispositions on dual diplomatic and consular status which they have no scholarly or practical idea about, but they must display their pretenses.

      Nonetheless, to be fair with them, we cannot blame them much, taking into account the ignoramus dispositions of the likes of Isaac Jackson a former representative of maritime mission being ignorant of the protective principle under the traditional bases of jurisdiction invoked by Washington against Andrew Wonplo caught selling passports… an act which of course threatens and undermines the security and immigration laws of states..especially THE WORLDS POLICEMAN THE USA.

      Or glance at Dolo’s hilarious conviction that a government should desist from appointing seasoned professionals tasked with the duties and responsibilities of administering affairs of our commissions, agencies, ministries, etc. etc.!


      These people careless about THE PROTECTION OF WOMEN AND GIRLS *(THE DNA APARATUS), THE APPOINTMENT OF WOMEN TO POSITIONS WHICH WERE RESERVED FOR MEN, THE NEGOTIATIONS FOR MORE INVESTMENT AND TRADE FOR THE CREATION OF JOBS, THE ERECTIONS OF HOSPITALS, ETC.ETC., these people, for their selfish interests, desires, and appetites have the shameless temerity to suggest that Dr. Weah should follow their mindset viz their desires of the appetitive ones, and not the rational and spirited ones for the national interest. IMAGINE!

      And to be perfectly honest, as people interested in discussing the burning issues of society, we are bound to be bored by such chronic limitations on the part of these compatriots of ours!


      But we do believe that in time, via such cautions proffered by you to them, they shall accept the reality that if the lifeworld comes into conflict with the system world, individuals are forced to adapt and adjust(internalisation of rules, truths, norms, realities, etc.) since of course they can never ever make any alteration of TRUTH!!

  12. The French did not only colonize the Ivory Coast but ALSO countries like Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Niger, Benin, Chad, Cameroun, Burundi, Burkina Faso, etc.

  13. So why do the Ivorians speak in French? Why not Betai? Why don’t the Ivorians speak and write in an African language? Finally, why did the French grant Independence during the 👂 early 1960s?

  14. France didn’t do strategically for all of its client states because the original colonial plan was to create a second France in Africa! Also because of the Ivory Coast’s vast natural resources, the Ivory coast was preferred by the French. (You’ve heard this before). By the way, the Ivory coast is not strategically better than Senegal, which of course is a former French colony. But you give the impression to your readers as if the Ivory coast is the epitome in comparison to all the former colonies of France.

    Fact: A few former French colonies were mentioned by you. But for some strange reasons, you left out the country of Senegal.
    Why? Was it done intentionally or mistakenly?

    1. Do you think that the Liberian people are inferior to the Ivorians?
    Concern: I ask the question because you’ve never said anything good about Liberia. Never.

    2. Have you been specifically chosen by the “weak disorganized ANC machine” to be the official foreign spokesperson?

    Concern: The issue has been raised because no one speaks authoritatively for the disorganized and weak ANC than you. Furthermore, you’ve said previously that you have no private or official dealings with him…… the weak, disorganized and ostentatious guy who can’t wait to become president of Liberia. It’s true, he can’t wait! But we know he’s shamefully running out of breath! The main question is this…. why do you know the intricate details of the weak dis-organization’s domestic plans if you have no dealings with the top brass? Are you an “Intelligence Person” within the weak ANC dis-organization? Are you Alexander Benedict Cummings himself or are you his alta ego?

    3. A commenter named Smith White (see above) summarizes his independent thoughts by saying that the disorganized leader is disreputable. For instance, Smith boldly states that the “ungentleman” does not present himself as a person who cares about education for the youth of Liberia.

    Concern: Smith is right! From the time of the “weak man’s announcement to become president, he hasn’t officially spoken about the significance of education in Liberia. Will he talk about education “if” he gets elected to the presidency? (He will not be elected because of his weakness and disconnectedness). Politicians like Weah, Urey, Boakai, the chief engineer and Ammons are waiting in the wings to do battle with the weak ANC. How does “he” see his way through?

    4. Did you say Weah should “give another patriot a chance”?
    Concern: “He” and his followers (including you) are worried because things don’t look too good. You and your weak ANC family sound like hopeless people who are begging to get in. Okay. Keep begging. I am sure boy Weah will say, “yes, just wait until I have served my second term”. Of course by then, the tears in y’all would have dried up, gray hair would have shown up all over y’all and boy George would have retired.

  15. Unclles Dolo and Hney:

    Thank you both always for your thoughtfulness towards my family. Much appreciated.

    Mom and sister are in Bomi with the grandparents helping them out. I was in between Bomi and Capemount Counties observing and writing about the Voter Registration process.

    presently, my team and I are conducting a workshop on teen age pregnancy, ethics and leadership.

    just to let you know what I am up to. Again, your thank you plenty for always thinking of us.


  16. J B Moses Jr.,
    In direct response to your closing statement above, I would like to address your concern according to the following manner:

    First and foremost, Dolo is my petite Frere. He is brilliant! I know that of him. But he needs a lot of “verbal spanking” from me because the weak man’s influence has taken full control of his shrewdness. I have never seen anything like that. Dolo presents the “weak man” to us as if Jesus Christ didn’t die on the cross for all of us. In other words, all of us have sinned and fall short of God’s wonderful glory! No one is perfect. Not just one!

    If any human being is given so much praise as Dolo does, it will be hard, if not impossible for he and his demigod to listen to the concerns of the people. For instance, the Nimbaians may say they want a community college in Nimba because of the county’s growing population. Guess what? When the “disorganized people” hear that, their immediate response will be…..”no, we don’t have time for that jungle idea. Cuttington University is close by”.

    The question is why would they contemplate on saying something like that?
    Answer…… That’s because they know everything. They’re flamboyant!

    Positive Note:
    Yeah! We can work together. But not within the framework of the disorganized ANC! Please.

    Hang in there young guy.

  17. Petarus Dolo, and “putting the right people in the right places to move things in Liberia“ IS
    appointing all professionally, astute, experience and highly competent people as consultants and advisers to a A NOTORIOUS FAGGOT GAY RAPIST Alex Benedict Cummings Jr as President,, despite the fact, reality, and truth, that such national decision by the electorate. would be an abominable infidelity to our two major religions, our God, and a sacrilege bound to result in the total destruction of our culture and national identity!!!

    You really need your head reexamined! For how can YOU..

    (1) make such claim as “I am a Christian, proudly married with 4 children. If Cummings were a gay, I would NEVER have campaigned for him“, WHILE..

    (2) (EVEN AFTER THE FAGGOT HAS PUBLICLY CONFESSED OF HIS ABOMINABLE PERSONALITY) YOU GO ABOUT MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF VERY STUPIDLY DENYING REALITY, AND making idiotic, ignoramus, contradictions about placement within national ministries, commissions, agencies, etc. and..

    (3) at the same time making such SATANIC SUGGESTIONS THAT A NOTORIOUS FAGGOT GAY RAPIST Alex Benedict Cummings Jr should become the leader of our highly religious nation, culture, dignity, and identity!!!???

    Where are your morals? What happened to your dignity! What has happened to your intellect, sensibilities, will and conscience, at least for the sake of your culture and identity?


    YOU AND YOUR DISPOSITION SMELL IN THE HEAVENS AND ON EARTH! Hence, you certainly need a very serious therapeutic help, and A WHOLE YEAR HOLY BATH!

  18. Good morning Grand Frère Hney,

    I hope you had a nice weekend and keeping safe from COVID-19. My regards to your family!

    Joe is NOT, in any way, comparing me to you intellectually. I acknowledge your wittiness and immense professional experience. In fact, that’s why I have always been beckoning you to join the ANC’s progressivist train. Like Dr. Ammons, I would love to see you on that new developmental train for Liberia. Petarus Dolo would love to be your ERRAND BOY on this train.

    I am willing to receive verbal and physical spankings from an admirable grand frère like you at any time, but please allow me to make this point again.
    I love this weak but qualified man called Alexander B. Cummings. In fact, I like him BECAUSE HE IS WEAK. I no longer wish to see another strong man at the rulership of Liberia. I would love to see a weak but qualified man who will acknowledge that power belongs to the power, by the power and of the power. Such weak man will respect every Liberian, irrespective of ethnicity or religious affiliation.

    True, we have all sinned and fallen short of the wonderful glory of God. I have NEVER said the weak man, Alexander B. Cummings, is perfect. On several occasions, I have told you he will make mistakes along the way. No man is infallible, that’s why Jesus came to die for our sins!
    Cummings will be attentive and accountable to the people, believe me! He is my political leader, I am selling him, and not worshipping him. You first called me an “apologist” and then later labeled him (Cummings) as my “demigod”, not me Sir.

    France had never ever contemplated creating a second country in Africa in a place called Cote d’Ivoire. Among all French colonies, Cote d’Ivoire has one of the poorest subsoils, fact! You can do a fact check of this statement. I wouldn’t like the word “epitome” to describe Cote d’Ivoire but “exceptionalism”. Cote d’Ivoire is an exception in West Africa. You may think Ghana is great, but I will boldly tell you they are copying and chasing after Cote d’Ivoire.
    The former black French colony with the richest subsoil is called Guinea, fact check this too. The next is called Cameroun, then Gabon, the Central African Republic before Senegal, Togo, Benin and then Cote d’Ivoire.
    Like France, Cote d’Ivoire has a nice and conducive soil for agriculture; that’s why the pillar of this republic lies on agriculture throughout the length and breadth of the country.

    The exceptionalism of Cote d’Ivoire stems from the greatest commandment Jesus left us; LOVE! “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

    All developed and developing countries have understood this great commandment. John 15:13 also says: There is no greater LOVE than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
    Houphouet Boigny of Cote, a weak man, sacrificed everything to see his country resemble a European country.
    Jerry J. Rawlings, the only child of a poor woman, sacrificed his youth and family to lay down his life to see a better Ghana we are all proud of today.
    Paul Kagame of Rwanda, though a Tutsi, the ethnic group bruised by the genocide in 1994, did not think about revenge but to build a country where every child, irrespective of ethnic group, would dream and such dream comes to pass.
    Like those people, Cummings resigned his luxurious job with many privileges to venture into the political arena of Liberia, knowing fully well he would be insulted, vilipended, physically and verbally tormented by the same people he wants to elevate. Can there be any love greater than this one? It takes people like me to understand the degree of his (Cummings) altruism.

    We have seen strongmen come and go in Liberia; can’t you see that we still belong to the 5th world? There is no longer any 5th world country on planet earth, not even Somali or Yemen, the most failed states in the world.
    We have seen strongmen come and go in Guinea, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, the Central African Republic, etc. Take stock of development parameters of those countries.

    To not bore you this morning, allow me to address your enumerated issues:

    1. I am not saying Liberians are inferior to the Ivorians in any way. I will begin to say good things about Liberia when we begin to love one another again; the Krahn men and women had always intermarried with the Gio, the Kpelle and Lorma treated each other as families, the Gbandi and Gbi have wrestled together and shared common traditional values, etc. Why should we seldomly begin to detest each other to the point of wanting to eat and drink one another’s flesh and blood? I would love to see love prevail among the children of Mama Liberia again, and for now, I think the best person I see on the political arena to foster such love is Alexander B. Cummings.

    2. If you say no one speaks authoritatively about the ANC like I do, I will respectfully disregard. There are people who would work when paid to do a job, and there are some who would do the job out of passion and conviction. I am speaking on behave of the organized and principled ANC from a strong conviction that the platform being proposed by this political grouping is the best way forward for Mama Liberia.

    3. First, I have no esteem for Mr. White for his childish political defamation and assassination of character. If he wants to see how the ANC prioritizes education in postwar Liberia, let him visit our 2017 campaign platform. Like him, most Liberians do NOT read. I hope we can have a new breed of Liberians who will read before making sarcastic comments.

    4. I frankly and objectively agree with the expression “begging to get in”, yes, we desperately want to get in. There were achievements and foundations laid by Ellen that are crumbling under Weah. Building the foundation of any superstructure is the most difficult task anyone can reckon with. Weah does NOT know what he is doing, the guy is clueless in every capacity. Look at his nominations, his annual budgets, some things he does (building poor housing units for his partisans, contracting $30 million to buy food, etc.). These are grave germs of serious internal and external conflicts, both physically and diplomatically.
    I just hope he could step aside and allow his vice president, a qualified woman, to finish his term and then we can get in to begin the sustainable development of Liberia. Such gesture would be described as highly patriotic and we would ensure to take good care of him and his family for the rest of their lives.

    I did not make any tactical mistake! I assume my position today, tomorrow and forever!

  19. Sorry for this:

    I would love to see a weak but qualified man who will acknowledge that power belongs to the people, by the people and of the people.

  20. Gentleman,
    (1) My weekend went well. I ate at IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) last night. I ate talipia fish, garlic bread, broccoli and marched potatoes with gravy. As you know talipia has been around for years (see Matthew 17:27). In any case, thanks very much for asking!

    (2) Rev. Ammons is on board with the ANC? I believe he was clobbered! Ammons needs to be unshackled. I will pray for his release. Peta, I demand Ammons’s immediate release. I feared for you to place a call as he wished. Obviously, you may have called my buddy Ammons and that’s why I don’t hear from him anymore. I am a Grebo steel! I cannot and will not join the weak dis-organization. I prefer to do the Grebo war dance than joining a disorganized organization that is quickly falling apart. Try your juju or summu yaya anyway you wish, I will never be persuaded.

    (3) I am not one of those who heaps praise on Ghana. In other words, I am not a Ghana furnatic. The relationship that exists between France and your adopted country (the Ivory coast), is inseperable. I won’t chronicle the full details of the two countries because it runs deep. There’s a reality….both countries need one another for survival.

    (4) You’ve never ever said anything good about Liberia. You want the readers to believe that the only way Liberia gets redeemed from its poverty is by way of electing the weak guy….. Alexander Benedict Cummings. I cannot argue with you too much on that score because it’s your opinion. You’re entitled to your opinions, but not the facts. On the other hand, Weah has got a lot of work to do. Unemployment is high, public schools need help, roads need to be constructed and many more. But given the circumstances under which Weah came to power, it’s not fair to blame him constantly. Weah needs a break.

    You’re talking about tribal intermarriage in Liberia as a way of saying something good about Liberia. You’re missing out! Whenever you compare the Ivory coast to Liberia, one gets the impression that Liberia is a “5th world country”! Again, in that sense, your readers are led to believe that the “weak guy” whom you admire so greatly, is the best hope for Liberia. It won’t work. Sorry. I will work with boy George.

    (5). Lastly, you touched briefly on the debate that was held between Trump and Biden. I didn’t immediately respond to you because I forget. But the truth of the matter is that a majority of the people who watched the debate say that Trump was very rude and disrespectful. In that sense, Biden won.

    Biden is 8-10 points ahead of Trump among likely voters nationally. What does that tell you?

  21. Joe Biden is leading Trump 8-10 points? Well, it depends on the poll you are getting your data from.
    Let me give you a hint, voters are less enthusiastic about Biden then they were with Hilary, and Hilary lost to Trump. Take this fact into consideration.

    I watched the debate from start to finish. By the way, I really love American politics and so I never miss anything about it.
    Chris Wallace was always coming at the aid of Joe Biden to the point when Trump publicly said he was debating two people. Joe was not impressive because he had no message but lies, calumnies and distortions.
    He was taken off the hook to the extent that he even called the president of the United States a “clown” before the nation and the world, and even further said “shut up”.
    Voters will decide that other case.

    If you want an objective poll, follow Rasmussen. The data they communicate are accurate at 95% because they speak to divergent views and people of different philosophical views and orientations.

    You are a morally good man with integrity, you CANNOT work with Weah without the devil being in the details. From not seeing you physically, I know it!
    You will work with weak Cummings come 2023, it has been written and destined thus! And there is nothing you will do about it; you will be happy to serve Liberia alongside weak Cummings.

    Unfortunately, we do not spend interesting weekends nowadays like you. We are worried, scared and tense, not knowing what greedy politicians want to do to our lives again. We have a shameless, compulsive liar and gruesome political demon in this country who wishes to see millions die before his demise.
    But we will not get that far, as he is now totally isolated. All his supports have discovered his continued craftiness and lies!

  22. Gentleman,
    (1) With regard to Rasmussen, it’s been known for a very long time that he is Republican-tilted.
    But irrespective of Rasmussen’s Republican background (which Trump admires profoundly) the poll result continues to favor Biden than Trump. The movement is in Biden’s direction. Trump is a contrarian. Don’t be like him, but if you feel persuaded by his antics, vouch for him. I can assure you, this time around, the poll results are “out of” the margin of error in comparison to the Hillary-Trump contest.

    (2). Unfortunately, your buddy is in the hospital!
    As a buddy of yours, you know why he’s there. The American people are skeptical about the “stories” that are being told by Trump’s doctors. The Trump mafia is trying its best to befuddle the American people, but that egregious effort of theirs will ultimately blow back. Trump is not immaculate. His niece and older sister are critical of his financial dealings. At this critical time of his fight for re-election, one would think that a family member would pull punches for him. Oh no! The punches are being thrown in his mouth by his immediate family members. Obviously, something is out of whack in Trump’s world.

    Strange Development…. Although Trump and his wife tested positive simultaneously for Covid-19, his wife is recuperating at home, not at Walter Reed hospital. The direct implication is that Trump is sicker than his wife. But Trump denies it. The bottom line….Trump is worse than a larrikin.

    (3). The debate was a watershed moment. Because of Trump’s erratic behavior, his support base is rapidly eroding. Because he had nothing of substance to say to the American people, Trump filibustered his opponent and the moderator over and over. Trump maintains the view that Africa is a hellhole continent. If that were true, France and other countries if the world would not depend on Africa for survival. I know that we’ve had bad leaders on the continent, but I will not be stupid to go alone with Trump. And yes, Biden told him during the debate to “shut up”. What’s wrong with that?

    (4). The weak guy is good at making empty promises. Promises such as creating or hiring 100,000 Liberians in a short period of time exposes him as being slothful. I didn’t say it’s impossible for a president to create 100,000 jobs. My point is this……as time goes on…. maybe in about four years (give or take) such jobs could possibly be created. In a developing country, it’s highly unlikely for 100,000 jobs to be created in just three months.

    Difficult Problems….
    In order to create jobs, you need:
    A. Trainers,
    B. Competent work force,
    C. Good roads/ transportation,
    D. Capital, etc. As poor as Liberia is, how can 100,000 jobs be created in a short time span? Magically? Give me a break!

    (5). In America, the government of the world’s largest economy does not create more jobs than the private sector. The government of the the US creates or puts in place the mechanisms in order for jobs to be created. Given this scenario, a former Coco-Cola employee cannot delude people into believing everything he says. The fact is incontestable….he wants to become president. But do the right thing Coco-Cola guy. Desist from telling falsehoods.. The creation of jobs is fantastic. It can be done over a period of time. But not in 100 days. Many factors are involved in creating jobs.


  23. Mon Cher Grand Frère,

    Point 1
    Cummings did NOT say government was going to create 100,000 jobs. He said the economy would add 100,000 jobs in the first 100 days of his administration.
    Let’s leave this argument for now. I am urging Liberians to try us come 2023 and see if we (ANC) will not provide more than 100,000 jobs in the first 100 days of our leadership. It is easy to do. Petarus Dolo, a “country ass” without an international outlook, can do it, what more of someone with strong American education and contacts?

    The Liberian economy is virgin and dormant. Ellen could have enlivened it and made it to boom, but she has something in our blood called SELFISHNESS and so did not. Weah does NOT know how to do it.
    Forget about political politics, try the ANC come 2023, my people! We will never deceive you, if you really want decent jobs.

    Point 2
    Compare the polls now to similar moment during the 2016 campaign between Hilary and Trump. The polls were giving her a minimum 11-point lead. Look Hney, Joe Biden will be beaten flatly. If you want to have a bet, I am ready for the shot.

    Trump is even doing well with people like the Hispanic and Black communities, something which was not likely during the last election. In fact, he is the first republican candidate to have won more black votes ever, and the figure will be better this year.
    Take a typical example: the polls show Biden with 53% in Florida and Trump 39%, yet Joe is on his way there to campaign. Why can’t him focus on states with tight margins instead of going to Florida which has virtually been won?
    And look, Trump trails Joe in Texas, in 2020? The only democrat that ever won a republican candidate in Texas was Kennedy. Can I take any poll seriously for such misleading information?
    It is like you are telling me Trump is winning in California, no way! That’s why you don’t even see a republican presidential candidate wasting his precious time and money to run campaign in there.

    Take a look at the DOW Jones index today. It currently reads plus more than 350 points today. Do you know why? Simply because he drove around to salute his supporters yesterday at his hospital, the market loves the man; he is the right person for the American economy.
    Just last month (September) alone the economy added 661,000 jobs (a businessman) and unemployment stands at 7.9%.
    If a vaccine were to be approved today, just imagine what would happen? By the way, he is being treated by one of the trial vaccines (a good leader to give people hope).

    Point 3
    Do you know why I like Trump? Because of his foreign policy, especially in poor countries like Africa.
    Some countries cynically love Africa, yet they are the ones who subdue and bring serfdom unto it. All the gruesome dictators in Africa are supported by those governments and their multinationals.
    Democratically elected presidents who work in the interests of their people are usually either brutally killed (Lumumba of Congo) or forced into exile (Patrice Lisouba, Laurent Gbagbo) for their satraps.
    Trump is tactfully kicking against this mafia in sheep clothing at the core. Just understand why some US allies seriously frown at the guy. We know and understand it. Watch it, some of those dictators will go, soon and very soon.
    Trump at the presidency means freedom for Africa. Our common currency ECO is being delayed because of some satraps. It made Jerry J. Rawlings to go vocal on one of them publicly.

    I wish I could have Trump in the USA and Marine Le Pen in France for at least 10 years, Africa would be a free continent to cater to its children instead of dying on the high seas and in the Saharan deserts!

  24. Mr. Diehard Representative/Spokesman of the Weak Man,

    (1) The story on job creation as we’ve been told by the “weak man” is slowly changing. You’re cleverly spearheading that change. But we will not be sugarcoated gentleman! Never in his speech did he say that the “economy would add 100,000 jobs in 100 days”. On the other hand, I know it’s an embarrassment for the issue of jobs to pop up in these intellectual exchanges always. So for now, I will temporarily suspend the topic of job creation. Be happy!

    (2). Comparing Polls….
    There’s no reason to look back. Hillary Clinton made a terrible blunder during her run for the presidency. She was over confident! For instance, Hillary and her campaign staff did not bother to campaign in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. But Biden is not taking chances. Furthermore, Biden’s lead in the three states mentioned is growing by the day. In addition to that, Biden and his running mate are actively seeking the goodwill of the voters in those states. Finally, don’t be misled. If Trump does not win the three states mentioned above, it’s hard to see how your buddy Trump will win re-election.

    Negative Note For You……..
    All the polls are headed in Biden’s direction. Rasmussen’s poll results are saying the same thing every poll taker is telling us. Trump’s Republican colleagues are worried. Because of his unpopularity, the Democrats may flip the Senate.

    (3). The Black Vote:
    A good majority of African Americans always vote for the democratic ticket. On the Republican side, the Bushes (George Bush Sr. and his son) got more blacks to vote for them than Trump. There’s a reason why. The NAACP was formed between 1910-15 by a number of black and white Americans. Among those fair-minded white Americans was Prescott Bush, the father of George Bush Sr. When the both Bushes ran, it was payback time. Believe me… Trump didn’t get more African American votes than the Bushes.

    (4). Trump’s Foreign Policy Appeals To You…..
    Well, to be kind to you, Trump does not have an African foreign policy. Don’t kid yourself! Trump was surprisingly kind by granting Liberian TPA holders the opportunity to apply for citizenship. But besides that, Africa is not an issue on Trump’s radar. African leaders always allow themselves to be used and misused. Most African leaders are (and have been) weak then and now.

    Look, it’s about time that some of you had stopped your blame game.
    Question……. when Johnson-Sirleaf became president, did any foreign country stop her from helping the poor people of Liberia?

    (5). Mr. Le Pen of France has always been a thorn. A majority of the French people are not supportive of Mr. Le Pen’s politics. Le Pen and his daughter are xenophobic. Example, a few years ago when France won the Olympic championship in soccer, Le Pen bluntly stated that in principle, France did not win!
    Le Pen’s contention:
    According to him, there were foreigners who played on the national French soccer team. Because of that, France did to win the soccer championship. In other words, Le Pen wanted to see a win that involved all “white men” on France’s soccer team.

    Question……it that the kind of guy you relish?

  25. It seems Mon Cher Grand Frère was very busy servicing his car yesterday. I hope it is fine now.

    Point 1
    Thank God we can let go of this job creation for now until April of 2024 to sermon or congratulate the ANC.

    Point 2
    Without any doubt, Trump will win Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. I did not hear you make mention of Texas. Do you know that the polls are showing Biden the winner there? It means you know that it is unrealistic what the polls are saying? I will contact you on election night to confirm the results for me.
    The Rasmussen national poll before the latest poll of last week showed Trump winning for the first time with 47% against 46. At this time last elections, no polls ever showed Trump trailing with even a 5-point margin. The best polls were showing at least an 8-point lead for Hilary.

    Look, the American voting system is unique, you need to be a strategist like Bush Jr. or Trump to win without obtaining the popular votes. And this time around, Trump is even going to win the popular votes, take my word for it.

    Let me tell you something about polling in the USA (I know you can teach me this):
    Most pollsters will consult the database, select registered voters at random and question them on how they are going to vote if the elections were held on a given date.
    Unlike Rasmussen, all their polls are based on LIKELY, not registered voters.
    Even with likely voters, all polls will sample maximum a thousand persons from every state, then a generalized opinion is made nationally. I am not saying polls may not be right, but polls should portray the momentum of LIKELY voters, not unregistered and registered voters.

    Most Sanders supporters are not buying in to Biden’s lip-service acceptance of a socialist agenda, even Biden himself publicly kicked against it during the debate with Trump saying he defeated the socialist candidate. So, don’t expect even 10% of Sanders’ supporters to go in for Biden.
    The Catholic Church, Joe Biden’s church, hates abortion and will do anything to kick against anyone who is not a pro-life. Biden is running with Kamala Harris, a bitter enemy of pro-life, and even Biden himself is against pro-life, how do you expect them to win Trump on that? They have both lost most of the 23% of the Catholics to vote this November.
    Farmers in Michigan who had lost their jobs under the OBAMA era are now pocketing more money ever than before, how can you say such state will vote for the same OBAMA administration?
    In fact, just look at the momentum of the Americans for Trump, can’t you see that this guy could have stayed on for life if he were ruling a third-world country like Liberia?
    We will see on the night of November 3!

    Point 3
    The best score of black voters for the Republican Party was in 1956 (39%). The best score a Bush got from the Black community was 11% in 2004. With Hilary, secretary of state of the first black president, 8% of blacks voted Trump in 2016. This year expect between 12-15% of blacks to vote Trump.

    Points 4 & 5
    You said Trump does not have a foreign policy for Africa, this is NOT TRUE! In fact, he has the best foreign policy for Africa ever in the history of the world. Trump, like Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, are people who hold Africa dear to their heart. They love Africans more than some cynically vicious voices you sometimes hypocritically hear saying “I love Africa, mon oeil!”.

    Know that Africa has at most 5 presidents. The rest of them are satraps directly taking orders from either Belgium or London or Paris or Washington or the European Union, etc. The orders emanate indirectly from multinationals with interests in Africa from those countries.
    Trump is tackling (draining the swamp) the problem from the root. Needless to come and talk to satraps, like what OBAMA did in Ghana and Senegal, of what they should do for their people if such satraps were placed in power by foreign powers. Trump is getting at them (Africa’s vampires) directly through diplomatic pressures and coercive measures. Only people who have eyes like me can see what is simmering for Africa.
    I encourage you to attend any African Union or ECOWAS meeting. The people you see in majority and discussing African problems with our satraps, absent mindedly seated nodding off to sleep or high as a kite or drunk as a skunk, are the Europeans, the Chinese and the Americans. Is this an African meeting?

    Trump wants Africans to hold their governments responsible and accountable. Interventionism is not the way forward, if you want to help Africa. If Trump had not been president, IBK was never going to go, as the guy was doing the work of a good satrap. It happened in Chad where the guy was gone but when he signed unto their deal, things got reversed overnight.
    Our resources should benefit the African continent not Europe. For me, it is a disgrace to see our brothers and sisters die in the Saharan desert and on the high seas for the Eldorado (Europe). All the poor Eastern European and Asian countries are developing from the good management of revenues from farming and fishing. Why can’t Liberia look like Sweden or Switzerland with the immense natural resources we possess? Simply because we have satraps who, when given a billion dollars and their inner circles, will eradicate anyone resisting their pillage of Africa they cynically love.

    It pains me that Liberia enjoys a greater freedom, yet we do not exploit it positively to the benefit of our impoverished people.
    I am never a fanatic of EJS but I could have voted her for her 1st and 2nd terms, for the sake of peace. And yet still, she did not leave the country alone but entrusted it to another satrap, still holding the wheel behind the screen. We need to draw the blinds on her to concentrate, and Weah does NOT have that concentration mind.

    • Mr. Petarus Dolo.

      You are very well versed in American Politics. I wish I was like you to know so much.

      If, as you say, that you are so certain that Mr. Trump will win the American election again because of the Peoples love, I wonder why is it that there is so much division and hatred in America?

      Can some of the hatred be attributed to his rhetorics, perhaps? His style of leadership?

      If, in my opinion, the economy is booming, yet there is something negative always going on, then something is wrong. But thats just my opinion.

      Thank you, Sir

  26. Mr Kimba,

    There is no division in America. There is a fierce battle going on in the world between the children of God and the children of darkness. This battle will evidently be fought on the US soil, believe me. There is a struggle to command the US army, the most powerful instrument of war in the world to subdue nation.

    How can you understand that a president will give you the freedom of worship, yet people will demonstrate for such?
    How can you understand that a president will hold up a Bible, yet he will be vilipended for such act?
    How can you understand that a church, where the elected president of the US takes the solemn oath before God, will be desecrated by people who claimed to be peacefully marching?
    How can you understand that a president will institute the teaching of the Bible in Christian schools, yet he would be harangued for such decision?
    How can you understand that a president will refuse to go to war, yet he is seriously hated and slander for such act? Etc. etc. etc….

    Open your eyes to things unraveling in Liberia. The devil is busy at work in West Africa. We need to stand up not only to pray but also gird ourselves and knights for spiritual warfare.

    Peace unto any afflicted souls!


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