Abandoned Superintendent’s Compound Rescued


Residents of Sanniquellie, Nimba County, have given a facelift to the Superintendent Compound which had been lying in ruins for years.

Led by Yar Suah, the residents carried on a massive cleaning exercise on the deserted compound, having the fence whitewashed and giving the compound a decent look.

The compound hosts the President of Liberia and other high profile government officials visiting the county. But it has since been abandoned, leaving the multi-million dollar complex overtaken by grass while the ceilings have been left dangling over the floor.

A highly placed county administrator says there are janitors on payroll receiving salaries every time civil servants are paid. But they have refused to clean the compound and those administrators, who had presided over the county,  are doing little or nothing to get those responsible to clean the compound.

In 2017, the citizens, most of whom are residents of Sanniquellie City, decided to carry out a voluntary clean up exercise of the compound when it was swallowed up by grass.

The Superintendent’s Compound was once a public facility that attracted visitors entering the county’s capital; however since the Liberian Civil War ended and normalcy was restored, the compound has been left abandoned, thereby raising concerns in some quarters.

“We have dozens of people on the government payroll to maintain this compound, but they refuse to do their job, leaving the compound overtaken by grass, as if there is no authority in the county,” said Darius Wheyee, a resident.

View of the Nimba County Superintendent’s compound before the cleaning

In most instances, the Superintendent’s Compound and the one hosting the old Magisterial office are cleaned up only when the President of Liberia is expected to visit to Sanniquellie.

The Nimba County Council in September 2018 allotted US$30,000 to renovate the compound; but the project was not implemented due to budget shortfalls, which led the government not to remit money into the county’s account.

However, Superintendent Nelson Korquoi has praised the residents for their voluntarism, but did not state what strategy he has in order to maintain the compound. Although he did not call any names, Korquoi noted that past administrations were to blame for the poor state of the compound.


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