“Abandon Lawsuit,” UP Executive Dunah Advises His Party


Nimba County District #7 Representative and executive member of the ruling Unity Party (UP), Worlea-Saywah Dunah, seems not to be happy with the political collaboration between the UP and the Liberty Party (LP) of Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine, and therefore wants UP to abandon the lawsuit.

The UP is serving as an intervening collaborator in the case between the Liberty Party and the NEC on alleged gross irregularities and fraud that the LP believes marred the October 10 presidential and representative elections. But according to the Nimba County lawmaker, the UP’s decision to join the LP in the legal case did not meet the consensus of all members of its executives.

It is no secret that Dunah has neither been a fan nor a friend of the LP or its political leader, and once indicated that the party has lost relevance in Liberian politics.

Dunah, who has always been loyal to the UP, said the LP finished third in 2005 and fourth in 2011, adding that the party was not progressing, proving that it has lost relevance in Liberian politics.

Dunah said he was forced to use the media to tell the UP to withdraw the case from the court on grounds that since the first round of the elections, UP executives have failed to meet and take a decision as a party, alleging that a few executive members are making decisions for the party.

“We have applied every effort to talk with the party chair, but he has failed to respond to our request and the only means now is to use the media,” Dunah said.

He said as an executive member of the UP, he heard about the party’s decision to go to court in the media without meeting all members of the executive committee, the youth league and other elected officials.

Dunah said it is necessary that UP withdraws the lawsuit from both the Supreme Court and the National Elections Commission in the shortest possible time to bring the electoral crisis to an end, adding that the court action does not reflect the views of the party.


  1. With all due respect for Rep Dunah, I would like him to move beyond the interest of political party to the interest of the Liberian people. Does Dunah care about ritualistic killings and Liberia’s deadly, corrupt and broken system of governance designed to make politicians rich and keep the citizens in poverty, illiteracy and misery forever? Liberia is a poor country with a lower cost of living and an annual budget of US$550 million dollars. The highest paid Liberian lawmaker earns over US$440,000.00 and the lowest paid Liberian lawmaker earns over US$190,000.00. (Source: Attached Budget of Liberian Legislature). On the other hand, California with fy-2017 budget of US$270.9 billion dollars (Source: http://www.goo.gl/NDfF8T ) pay lawmakers only US$104,118.00 annually. New Hampshire with a budget of US$5.7 billion dollars pay its lawmakers only US$100.00 annually with no cars, no Per Diem. ( Source: http://www.goo.gl/FxQC8e ) According to the American Social Security Administration report, 51% of working Americans earn US$30,000.00 or less annually and 38% of working Americans earn US$20,000.00 or less annually. Does it make sense to Rep Dunah that struggling American taxpayers provide foreign aid to Liberia when corrupt politicians have one month salary and benefits greater than taxpayers?

  2. Mr. Dunah Statement is politically motivated because he backs McIntosh during the UP Convention in Gbarnga and he didn’t favored VP Boakai winning elections during the convention to be the standard bearer. His statement is to create confusion within the party so that others can say the Unity Party is divided. If he has a grievance and he’s not given attention, no reason to be going to the media houses to propound lies. The Unity Party is united behind this law suite and majority with the exception of the Representative supports the legal process to ensure the Final Registration Roll (FRR) is recreated and it is credible.

    The Unity Party along with the Liberty and collaborating political parties initiated the law suite to ensure that our elections are credible, free and fair. Dunah can take his case to the Supreme Court to get redress.

  3. It is the Unity Party that brought this Mess( war) on the Liberian people. Mr. Dunah Is trying to severe ties With the Radical wing. Something that you cannot blame him for. He is smart to know that history will not be on the side of “obstructionists”. Case in point: Ellen Sirleaf, Charles Taylor, the late brigadier gen. Thomas G. Kwiuonkpa, were UP party members. Mr.Dunah knows that he is a patriotic true son of the people. What ever affects them, affects him. Mr. Dunah knows the history of Liberia since the rice riot of April 14, 1979, 38 years ago. Trouble makers stay at the back and incite violent and ” duck”, the average Liberian go and died. They emerge and take the credit .

    To all Liberians, we are tired of being :raped, murdered, mutilated destitute and going at each others for some cowards and selfish, greedy crooks. All their children are away, out of Liberia, going to schools. Watch out for them, they claim to be the most educated.


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