Aachen: Liberia’s New Elderly Home Care Service

Rev. Samuel B. Reeves, head pastor of Providence Baptist Church and President-elect, LBMEC

Liberia’s new home care for the elderly, Aachen Home Care Liberia, says its services are available for more elderly persons in the country who do not have the needed care at their various places of stay now.

Although a mission still strange in Liberia, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Aachen Home Care Liberia, Rev. Samuel Reeves, said with the ongoing urbanization of many towns in Liberia, several young people who are expected to take care of their elderly can no longer give them the attention they need, due to their engagements at work and market places.

“I grew up with my late grandmother and, as such, I experienced the care of the elderly for the young ones. I loved my grandmother but I could not save her life during the civil war due to my absence from the country. She died not from gunshot but lack of care,” Rev. Reeves told the Daily Observer recently in an interview at his office in Monrovia.

Rev. Reeves is the Senior Pastor of the historic Providence Baptist Church, Liberia’s oldest church, in which the Declaration of Liberia’s Independence was signed on July 26, 1847.

He said his love for his deceased grandmother is still in his heart for other elders who today live in the country but lack the necessary care for them to live a happy in life.

“Many would think our service is not needed since there are many young people around a number of old folks, but we know that our elderly people need just more than a “hello” or “how are you”. They need special therapeutic (helpful) care from special professional people,” he said.

Reeves added that Aachen Home Care Liberia has trained and experienced nurses and other professional caregivers who go to clients and offer the needed services at a very low cost.

“Our caregivers are nurses who have received training and have, for some time, practiced in clinics and other healthcare facilities. They know about vital health signs. They provide first aid to those they take care of their medication and food,” he explained.

He said having healthy and strong elderly people around affords young people the opportunity to listen to great stories about their country and about great people who served the country in the past, which current generations might not know.

He added that Aachen’s home care services for the elderly are affordable, in spite of the current economic situation in Liberia.

Reeves said his management sits with people who express interest in receiving the special care for their elderly and discuss, on a frank note, the realities about the elderly person seriously considered.

“It depends on a case-by-case situation. Some could be sickly and their care won’t be the same as the case with an elderly person who still looks healthy,” he said.

The Baptist prelate said while Aachen is still exploring means to open its own physical home care center in Monrovia to be known as ‘senior daycare,’ his staffers go from home to home where there are elderly persons registered for the organization’s care services.

He said health experts and other professionals trained in counseling and other important aspects that keep people healthy, happy and safe.

“We are catering to elderly people in their late 70s, 80s and even others in their 90s,” Reeves said, calling on well-meaning Liberians, the government and international organizations to extend their support to Aachen.

On how interested persons may know more about Aachen, Reeves said the organization can be reached via phone and email and people should feel free to visit it and get more information. Aachen may be reached by calling 0881007842 or 0775346843 and via email: on [email protected]


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