A “Millionaire” at 23, Vivian Lai Extols Lonestar Cell MTN

Ms. Lai: “I am surprised and highly elated to be among the lucky subscribers to be rewarded with L$1 million from Lonestar Cell MTN.”

The headquarters of Liberia’s leading GSM Company, Lonestar Cell MTN, was a scene of joy, when the company announced Vivian Lai as the winner of the L$1 million prize giveaway discount store promotion.

Lai is the third winner of the company’s “One Hundred Reasons to Smile Every Day” promotion from its one million prize giveaway discount store.

The event, which was aired live on several local radio stations, saw the company’s agent calling three other numbers that emerged as winners before Vivian, but they appeared unreachable, until Vivian’s number rang and she answered the call.

Lai, who is 23 years old, on Wednesday joined the stream of millionaires that Lonestar Cell MTN has created since last year.

Unable to control her excitement, Lai told the crowd after she was presented the symbolic check she has been subscribing to Lonestar MTN for over 10 years, since her mother bought her the Sim card at age 10, when she was in grade school.

The lucky Lonestar subscriber said she was en-route to Central Monrovia when she received the company’s call around VAMOMA House in Sinkor, announcing her as the lucky winner.

Lai said she was chauffeured to the grounds of the raffle draw in the company’s premises in a convoy.

According to her, this was her first raffle win through her Lonestar Cell MTN number, and with much excitement in her voice said, “I want to encourage those that don’t have Lonestar numbers to immediately subscribe with the company, because it is in the country to change the lives of Liberians through economic empowerment.”

“I am surprised and highly elated to be among the lucky subscribers to be rewarded with L$1 million from Lonestar Cell MTN,” Lai said. At the current exchange rate between the Liberian and US dollars, she has won almost US$8,000 — something of a good start for her and her family.

Joanna Washington Davies, an official of Lonestar Cell MTN, who spoke earlier, said Lonestar Cell MTN is the only entity that makes millionaires, helping customers through poverty reduction. “We are here again for a third time. In November we were at Broad Street, we made a millionaire there, and today he can attest to that,” she said.

Davies said in December of last year, they made another young millionaire at one of their points of sale (POS) in Barnersville, adding that they are today making another young Liberian a millionaire.

The life changing event was the company’s third million dollar draw since the campaign started last year.

Ibrahim L. Daramie, senior manager, Marketing Services at Lonestar, said the company has continued to show that it cares for each and every Liberian and that the ongoing promotion is part of measures being put in place by the entity to give back to the Liberian people.

He told the crowd that the company launched two promotions including “Giving Liberians 100,000 Reasons to Smile” in which ten thousand persons were given L$1,000 each for 100 days, totaling L$10M. In that campaign, he added, the lives of over 10,000 persons were changed.

In addition to that, Daramie said Lonestar also launched the “Recharge to Win” promotion, and made a millionaire at the end of November, and another in December 2017.

“So today it’s no mistake. We have come here again to make another millionaire,” Daramie said.

MTN has promised that for the next four months, it will give away four million Liberian dollars to customers who subscribe to its raffle draw.

The last raffle draw, according to him, will be held in February, thereby urging those who are Lonestar Cell MTN subscribers to make sure to have their mobile phones charged and monitor it for messages or calls so that they cannot miss their chances of winning the last one million dollars.

Lonestar Cell MTN’s acting managing director, Massa Dennis, told Vivian Lai that the company is always in the position to make its subscribers happy. “So, on behalf of the company, I would like to present this symbolic check to you and we want to say congratulations to you again,” she said to Lai.


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